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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[101130] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

 Annyeonghaseyo! We're coming for musics and the latest K-pop news, and this is Fake Pops in Seoul!
And... meeting us, Fake U-KISS!!, and this is ...

Eli : Allright guys, it's good to be back here...
Kevin : Yeah, yesterday you just comin' when this segment was ended! What actually you did yesterday?
Eli : You've left me alone! Yeah, I was in a place... not really far actually, but there was someone between us, so it was so hard to chat with you guys. I had gotta prepare a lot of things for our coming up debut!
Kevin : You and Alexander, actually.
Eli : Yeah... Allright so, I'm the main MC today, and today's topic is ... TRIPLE R!!
Alexander : Whats? Triple S is better..
Eli : No! Its a fansgroup of SS501, triple R are Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse!
Alexander : Great! I, Isak, and Kevin would have a presentation about that!
Kevin : Okay, let me tell you about this. We have to control our trash with this system. To save our earth actually...
Isak : Yeah, and we also can make a lot of creative things for this...
Alexander : It will good for our earth if... we can control our trash. First, we have to reduce for using the energy, all of them... let me give some examples. Turn your TV off while you're not watching it, or others electronics, or lamps as well.
Isak : Right, the second one is Recycle. Every household will have a lot of trash, most of them are plastics, bottles, and so on that really hard to decomposed by nature. So, the best action is recycle them  to be another thing.
Kevin : Then, we also can do Reuse! Glass bottle, it will be decomposed by nature, so we can use for others aim.
Eli : Em, so, what do you think about.. you know, these days, there are some companies that also doing Recycle and Reuse. And they produce a lot of things from trash, and get money from it. If, we also doing this 2R, what about them? It will be decrease their production because we got their raw materials and will decrease the salary of the workers as well. So, what about this, guys?
Kevin : Well, actually most of the companies are using machine to do this (using much of energy), and we just something like help, trash are really in a huge amount, I think they will not deficient for the raw materials. We are helping the earth and we try to give a beautiful future for our children and grandchildren, so, I think this one cannot be a problem
Eli : Okay, all right, that's all about Triple R, and we're gonna have some musics, check this out guys! Don't change the channel!

Today's music :  T-ara - Why Are You Being Like This

Eli : Yey, and this is the end our segment today in ALL ABOUT YOU! We're gonna meet again next week, or maybe saturday this week, because we're gonna have the final test starts from tomorrow, so guys please support us for this, so we can do all the tests well, and get the best mark! Thanks for watching! (reading actually), See you next time! Take care everyone!
Kevin, Isak, Alexander : Good bye!!!


[November 30th, 2010] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Leaving Eli

Welcome to a happy happy music program “FAKE POPs in SEOUL”
"It's good to be back, guys! WE ARE... U-KISS! and WE're FAKE"

Kevin: “Hello, I’m Kevin. Welcome back to Fake Pops in Seoul! Yaaay!!!
             Today, my companions are Alexander-hyung and Vj Isak!
Isak: “Where’s Eli?” (Everyone said IHHIIIIY!! But Alexander stared)
Kevin: “Eli-hyung has his own schedule today so that he can’t be here.
Okay…. Our topic today is the ineffectiveness of home work. First, we must ask   to someone elder from me and have greater score. Alexander-hyung. What do you think about Home work?”
Xander: “First I’ll say hello to the viewer!!(Smiled with his special adorable  smile) I think it’s kind of useless stuff since it doesn’t really affect the understanding toward what students have been learned at school. So, there’s no much difference in understanding subject if students get their homework or not.”
Kevin: “WOW!! I absolutely agree with you, hyumg! Hmmm…. Wait a minute….. we have a mail from the viewer!!! ( Everyone cheer up) let’s see…..( Giggle…) here it is …. Because Isak has a cold, why don’t you guys try to speak while  closing your nose! (quickly do the instructure) Whhot do you think abbout home wok? (look at Isak)”
Isak: “I have dthe ssome idea with Xander. Itt is usseless. Itt wasting thime.”
Kevin:” Okay. Xander-hyung, whhot iss music four today?”
Xander:” Kattun, ‘Change the World’ from Japan”
U-kiss & brave sound …you know…it br(Kevin pick it up)
Kevin:” Oh… there is a call from Eli-hyung. “
Eli: “yoeboseo”
Kevin: “ Hello, what’s up hyung?”
Eli: “Xander-hyung, what is the movie for today?”
Xander:” the movie for today is……OHHH ….”
Kevin & Isak: “ELI-HYUNG…..!!!” (SHOUTING)
Eli:” Hi guys!”
Kevin:” It’s sureprising!” (with lovely smile)
Eli:” Actually I have finished my schedule several  minutes ago but I wanna make a surprise for you all  bla…..bla…..bla..”( the next statement aren’t heard by anyone)
Kevin, Xander, & Isak: ” THANKS FOR WATCHING. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT EPISODE. DON’T CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!” (Quickly going away, leaving Eli with his monologue)
Kevin:” Now, you can change the channel.” (Whispering and then going away)
Eli:”what? It is already finished…. We are U-kiss we are Fake (murmured)
Crew:” what’s going on?”
Kring…..kring….kring…. buk prang pring bak… (Chaos)
Viewer:” what is the movie for today?”
Crew:” I dunno. Hey…… call back the MCs!!! We aren’t finished yet!!!”

While the crews fight the chaos, Kevin and Isak have heir lunch…. ( really peaceful)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Alexander's Chemistry Poem

Hi guys, reported by Eli LIVE!
Right now, I was surfing in the internet and finding a poem! Such a crazy poem! I realized that the poem was made by ALEXANDER CHOI! Do you remember about 'Minho's kissing scene?' that really choped Alexander's heart, he dedicated to make a poem for Minho.
Allright, check this out!
We're sorry because the poem is using Bahasa Indonesia, it might be have some different meaning if translated.

Uproar Feels `Chem-version`
Written by Erusanderu Choi
(Alexander Choi ; Souriredelune ; Jovathha ; Sonyeohater)
Specially dedicated to the person who hurt my heart into pieces, Choi Minho (SHINee’s Minho)

Laksana Asam kau kikis hatiku
Memamerkan dengan angkuh sifat korosifmu
Tersenyum dalam seringai kau remukkan aku
Ubah keheningan dalam relungku
Mememerahkan ketenangan hati biruku
Biru yang tenang berubah merah
                Laksana Basa kau ubah rasaku
                Manisnya bayang-bayang indah senyummu
                Tak terecap lagi kala kau khianati ketulusanku
                Hanya pahit dalam rasaku
                Pahit mengecap kenyataan karena sikapmu
                Pahit menahan sakitnya terbodohi topengmu
Mungkin reaksi mengubah rasa ini menjadi netral
Kala asam dan basa yang kau tuang
Tercampur menjadi garam
Tapi sadarkah kau?
Garam asin yang kau tebarkan
Perlahan mengikis kebahagiaan
Tawar yang kubutuhkan, sekejap kau hapus dengan racun garam
Tak kan ada lagi penawar tersisa!
                Aku muak dengan reaksi-reaksi ini
                Tak ingin ku berlama terlarut dalam amarah
                Jerit dan tangisan kehilangan hidup
                Karena kau yang bercumbu dengannya
                Memaksa oksigen cemburu dalam benakku
                Membakar segala kesabaranku
Aku tak sudi lagi menjadi garam natrium
Yang mudah larut dalam lautan air mata
Ingin kukonversikan diriku menjadi Emas klorida
Atau Plumbum Klorida atau raksa Klorida
Yang mampu mengendap
Bersembunyi di dasar lautan air mata
Berlindung dari senyumanmu yang mungkin akan kembali membuatku gila
Ketika kau reasikan garam-garam racunmu yang mengikisku
Aku ingin terus mengendap di dasar
Hingga endogen perlahan-lahan menyeretku
Menepi berlabuh di dermaga-dermaga tampan yang penuh kenikmatan
Dan itu bukan dermagamu
N/b : This is so freaking LOL. Stupid I am. LOL. What was wrong with me when I write these all? It’s really not showing my own self. Oh Damn! LOL. ROFL. (cry)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, our Fake Isak!

Today's Fake Isak birthday! You're turning 17 today! 2010, 28th November
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.
Not just a year older, but a year better.

Remember to treat us tommorow! kekekekeke!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

[101127] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Poops in Seoul in a Raining Day

Welcome back guys! Metting us again, your energetic MCs, Alexander, Kevin, Eli, and Isak!
We're U-Kiss and We're Fake!
Today's main MC is Isak (applause)
and our main topic for today is... Poops in Seoul in a Raining Day

Eli: "What's the meaning?"

Well, before we discuss more about the topic today, Eli wanna give a report on the spot!
We have a bad news from uri Alexander who wanna kill himself because of... something...
You know, while opening allkpop during Graphic Design lesson, Alexander suddenly screamed! He hugged my arm, and said, "I was betrayed by my boy! Listen to my heartbeat!"
He started to sing 2PM's song, only you and wouldn't stop. As far I know, Xander hates 2PM, this isn't a common condition!

Those all are because of SHINee's Minho who did a kissing scene, but this scene is really destroying Xander's heart :))
"Xander, we must finish our stopmotion project! Don't cry!" Eli said. Kekeekkeke
Alexander became calm, then we sang a song from Beast, Beautiful... kekekeke It was fun, xander!

Next, back to the topic...
Poops... Alexander and Eli are working in a stopmotion project which using "poops" as their main topic. Today, they already started to make...
All about poops, yeah, disgusting, right?
So, what about "raining" ?
In the second break time, U-Kiss trio and Isak had a lunch time together...

Eli : "Yes, today we had lunch together, sat in the field, under the trees, and suddenly, a heavy rain was coming! We ran, and found a right place. Alexander was the one who took a really long time for eating, while the rain was coming, he suddenly took away his food and ran away... hahahahaha...."

After all was finished, we had to come back to the class, but it was heavy raining! Finally, we decided to run under the heavy rain! We're finally save, "Yay! It was just FUN!"

Today's music : Beast's Beautiful
Today's video : U-Kiss Singapore Interview for Click Network

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, KEVIN!

Today is Kevin's Birthday! Saengil Chukka Hamnida!
You are 19 right now, 20 in Korean age...
Wish you all the best Kevin! God Bless You!

Seems like Kevin just got a great birthday party from his U-Kiss family! Eli and Isak also tweet for Kevin's Birthday!
Kevin says thanks for all wishes in many times (take a look at his twitter)...hohoho
These some photos:

Today's Arirang Pops in Seoul is airing without Eli

As usual I always do at 3 a.m. (West Indonesian Time +7) -actually at 10 p.m., but today I overslept, so I woke up at 3 p.m.-, watching Pops in Seoul and because this day is Wednesday, It's time for U-Kiss!!! But, someone is missing today, yeah, Eli...
Actually, this episode was taken about 2 weeks ago, while Eli just got injured because he slip while practicing. So, for this episode, Eli is replaced by Isak! And... yeah, Isak and 2 U-Kiss' members are something like... reunion??
Well, this episode also reveals that become an MC at this segment is really hard!
They always have some missions, games, and also punishment, right? (and always uncommon) I think Isak worries about this, hehehe... But, fortunately, because Eli is replaced, so they have change the mission!
But I think today's mission is really fun. They try to act based on a drama I'm Sorry, I Love You. Isak, you should gets an awards for your acting today!
Congrats Isak! But, it isn't just end, in the end of the program, they always worry about who the best MC is, the loser will get a punishment!
Isak! You save! How it can be! She gets 6 votes, while Xander and Kevin just 2!
Because Xander lose (playing Rock, Paper, Scissor), he gets the punishment! Kevin and Isak can hit Xander's forehead! kekekeke!!! Really fun!

Check the photos below:

U-Kiss Interview in Singapore for Click Network

Whoa, U-Kiss were in Singapore last Saturday, right? They were specially invited by Singapore Ambassador to perform at Kingdom of Freedom Concert. They also did interview, I got this from -U-Kiss' International Forum- so please, if you are not a member yet, join us right now! Support U-Kiss!
Yeah, as U-Kiss' fans, we're really lucky, because we don't have to wait to long for english sub! They speak English fluently! We can watch their interview video without any sub!!! However, you have to understand English.
In this video, Alexander is revealing a fans-group of Alexander...hahaha... also, U-Kiss are revealing their opinion for dating a girl. Also, Dongho is chosen as the messiest, kekekeke... Okay, check this video out! Ouh! Don't forget to join

DOWNLOAD via MF (join first, then download it)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

U-Kiss talks about each other

Dongho talks about Kevin
First impression of Kevin?
I thought that he was younger than me since he has a baby face and looks fresh.
What color represents Kevin’s personality?

Pure white
You woke up one morning and realize that you’ve become Kevin, what is the first thing that you will do?
Cross-dressing and takes selcas.
What is Kevin’s role if U-KISS was a family?
The daughter.
If Kevin were to have another occupation?
A mother’s child.
What is Kevin’s best charm?
The coexistence of his cuteness and charisma.
The style of girl that you’ll introduce to Kevin?
A nice girl.
One word that Kevin has said to you that you remember the most?
Idiot. (The meanest thing that he has said to me so far)
Kevin’s secret that only Dongho knows?
But it’s a secret.
Anything to say to Kevin?

Please continue to be innocent in the future.

Kevin talks about Eli
First impression of Eli?
Really handsome and Eli gave out the feeling of friend since he’s from America too.
What color represents Eli’s personality?
Red! He’s sexy and passionate.
You woke up one morning and realize that you’ve become Eli, what is the first thing that you will do?
What is Eli’s role if U-KISS was a family?
Big brother.
If Eli were to have another occupation?
A Taekwondo athlete.
What is Eli’s best charm?

His glare and his thighs
The style of girl that you’ll introduce to Eli?
Cute and sexy style, like Yoon Eun Hye!
One word that Eli has said to you that you remember the most?
Eli’s secret that only Kevin knows?
Eli sleeps without his clothes.
Anything to say to Kevin?
Always work hard.

Eli talks about Kiseop
First impression of Kiseop?
A nice person and a kid who always work hard.
What color represents Kiseop’s personality?
The color of a timid fox?
You woke up one morning and realize that you’ve become Kiseop, what is the first thing that you will do?
Call Eli and tell him that I love him.
What is Kiseop’s role if U-KISS was a family?
1. Korean book
2. Girlfriend
3. Cheeks
The place where you want to go for a vacation with Kiseop?
What is Kiseop’s best charm?
His body figure!
The style of girl that you’ll introduce to Kiseop?
A girl that Kiseop likes, Goo Hye Sun.
One word that Kiseop has said to you that you remember the most?
Whoa! Daebak!
Kiseop’s secret that only Eli knows?
He has lots of money, but he doesn’t buy food for the members.
Anything to say to Kevin?
Work hard… and I love you!

Kiseop talks about Soohyun
First impression of Soohyun?
What color represents Soohyun’s personality?
Lively and bright blue?
You woke up one morning and realize that you’ve become Soohyun, what is the first thing that you will do?
Warming up my voice and singing.
When was the time you feel like erasing Soohyun’s happiest expression?
While eating!
3 things that you want to give to Soohyun as a present?
Health supplements for his throat.
The place where you want to go for a vacation with Soohyun?
The current item that Soohyun is lacking of?
What is Soohyun’s best charm?
His power vocal and heavenly voice! His expression and emotion while singing.
One word that Soohyun has said to you that you remember the most?
“It’s hard, we have to divide our money because of you.” I won’t forget this!
Anything to say to Soohyun?
Hyung! I always thankful to you. So, be nicer to our members! Love you.

Soohyun talks about Alexander

First impression of Alexander?
Xander hyung was watching me when I auditioned, he was really a pretty boy and really handsome.
What color represents Alexander’s personality?
Blue. He has a big heart!
You woke up one morning and realize that you’ve become Alexander, what is the first thing that you will do?
Speaking in 7 languages crazily.
3 things that you want to give to Alexander as a present?
Vitamin, glasses and bread (Xander hyung needs these the most)
The current item that Alexander is lacking of?
Hmm…Not an item but, but he’s lacking of Hyori nuna!
What is Alexander’s best charm?
Big eyes.
The style of girl that you’ll introduce to Alexander?
A girl like Hyori nuna.
One word that Alexander has said to you that you remember the most?
“Our communication is not working.” We couldn’t converse when we first met.
Alexander’s secret that only Soohyun knows?
Apparently, he’s very weak in running.
Anything to say to Alexander?
U-KISS’s eldest brother, Xander hyung! Thank you for always care about the members and lets become a big hit! Fighting!

Alexander talks about Kibum
First impression of Kibum?
Shining and fair-looking young boy.
What color represents Kibum’s personality?
Black + white! Black = He’s scary sometimes, white = He’s really funny and a fun boy!
You woke up one morning and realize that you’ve become Kibum, what is the first thing that you will do?
The current item that Kibum is lacking of?
iPhone. A multi-purpose handphone!
The place where you want to go for a vacation with Kibum?
Hong Kong and Macau.
What is Kibum’s best charm?
He’s a good talker. He’s very good with words.
The style of girl that you’ll introduce to Kibum?

A good-hearted girl!
One word that Kibum has said to you that you remember the most?
“If ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ didn’t get any response, I’d probably be at home and eating orange now.”
Kibum’s secret that only Alexander knows?
I can’t say it since I’m the only one who knows. I’m sorry! Kibum! I love you. Kkyak!
Anything to say to Alexander?
Thank you for always be understanding towards me lately. Don’t ever change! “Be the SAME!!! Don’t CHANGE!”

Kibum talks about Dongho
First impression of Dongho?
Exactly like a middle school student.
What color represents Dongho’s personality?
A gloomy… black?
You woke up one morning and realize that you’ve become Dongho, what is the first thing that you will do?
Transfer money to Kibum hyung.
When was the time you feel like erasing Dongho’s happiest expression?
When meeting female artists in front of the waiting room.
3 things that you want to give to Dongho as a present?
Book, Book, book!
What is Dongho’s best charm?
His smiling eyes.
The style of girl that you’ll introduce to Dongho?
A charismatic girl who can really controls Dongho.
One word that Dongho has said to you that you remember the most?
“It’s mine, don’t eat it”
Dongho’s secret that only Kibum knows?
Dongho is 17 years old! Shocking isn’t it?
Anything to say to Dongho?
Live correctly.

Credits: KISSHOLIC (Source) + Su Gyeong (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng Trans) + Mimi@contiukiss (Eng trans for Alexander’s part) + CherylWoo@UkissmeAsia

U-Kiss' Members are Love their parents

Well, just a post reveal about what u-kiss' members will do for their parents in a "Parents' Day". Check this out, guys!

“I want to go to Macau and buy them delicious food” – Alexander
“A house! In the future, wouldn’t they be happy if I buy them a nice house as a present?” – Kevin
“I want buy them a house as a present too” – Eli
“Money! It might be too realistic, but wouldn’t it be better that they can buy whatever they want?” – Kibum
“I’m a realistic person so I want to give them money as a present” – Soohyun
“Eating delicious meal with my parents on Parent’s Day, and give them the money that I’ve earned. I think that they’ll be proud” – Dongho
“My saving book and card! It contains all my efforts and very precious” – Kiseop

Credits: KISSHOLIC (Source) + Su Gyeong (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng Trans) + Mimi@contiukiss (Eng trans for Alexander’s part) + CherylWoo@UkissmeAsia


Welcome back to the happy happy happy music station!!!
Meeting us again, your energetic U-Kiss' trio, Alexander, Kevin, and Eli!
We are... U-Kiss and we're FAKE...!

Today's main MC is... ALEXANDER-hyung! yay! (applause for about 5 minutes)
and our topic for today is... ALAY!
Okay, let us tell you what 'alay' is...
According to the experts:

Koentjara Ningrat:
"Alay adalah gejala yang dialami pemuda-pemudi Indonesia, yang ingin diakui statusnya diantara teman-temannya. Gejala ini akan mengubah gaya tulisan, dan gaya berpakain, sekaligus meningkatkan kenarsisan, yang cukup mengganggu masyarakat dunia maya (baca: Pengguna internet sejati, kayak blogger dan kaskuser). Diharapkan Sifat ini segera hilang, jika tidak akan mengganggu masyarakat sekitar"

"Alay is a symptom experienced by Indonesian youth, who want to be recognized among his friends. This phenomenon will change the writing style, and style of dress, while enhancing "kenarsisan" -love to take picture by him/herself with his/her own style- sometimes it will be look disgusting if it's excessive), which is quite disturbing public cyberspace (read: True Internet Users, Kaskuser bloggers and kaskuser). This character is expected soon disappear, because it can disturb the surrounding community "

Selo Soemaridjan:
"Alay adalah perilaku remaja Indonesia, yang membuat dirinya merasa keren, cantik, hebat diantara yang lain. Hal ini bertentangan dengan sifat Rakyat Indonesia yang sopan, santun, dan ramah. Faktor yang menyebabkan bisa melalui media TV (sinetron), dan musisi dengan dandanan
seperti itu."

"Alay is Indonesian teens behavior, which makes them feel cool, beautiful, and also great among others. This character is contrary to the character of the Indonesian which are polite, courteous, and friendly. Factors that cause through the medium of TV (soap operas), and musicians".


Eli : "Euh, little bit hard if we talk about 'alay' in english, guys. But you know, I think we have an example, an alay people, yes, exactly, Alexander-hyung! kekekekeke!"

Today, Isak and Alexander were sit in same desk, again. During the lesson today, they made something like... poll? Right, that's all about 'alay'. Even they asked Eli about this, "Is Alay is one of creativity?"
Such a hard question. Not all 'alay' is creativity. But sometimes, it can be creativity. Well, as long as not excessive, it will be creativity.

Hoho, then... I heard this from Isak. After school, Eli had to join a meeting of school organization, and... what did Xander, Isak, and Kevin + Jokwon do???
Actually they were in 211, and did something crazy (w/ some screams) without didn't know that a lot people were standing near 211. While Isak left for home, she said that she was really shy because all people stared at her! HAHAHAHAHA! You're really crazy, guys!

Today's music : U-Kiss' Be Quiet!
Today's videos : Kevin as San Fransisco's Jessica at Star King, U-Kiss' Be Quiet at Singapore King of Freedom Concert.

pic's source: ikkikata

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

U-Kiss' Chef - Episode 10 [EngSub]

Finally the 10th episode of U-Kiss' Chef with English Subtitle is released by ukissrocket via youtube.
Check these out! Hope you enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

New Tweets from Isak!!!

Have a look at the first tweet, upper one. The Korean are read as "Changmin and Yunho", it might be... TVXQ? Is that means, in no longer time, they will release a MV?

The second tweet, it seems like she just met trio U-Kiss and saw something wrong with their food? hohoho

Jokwon looks like a girl?

2AM Jo Kwon’s feminine photo has excited his fans’ attention.
The 2AM leader uploaded a cute selca with the caption, ‘While filming is paused… on standby… Tired and cold… ㅠㅠ!!! Is it cold even at 6..?
Jo Kwon is seen wearing a coloful beanie and exhibiting a cute expression. On top of that, his milky-white skin and cherry-red lips could easily be mistaken for a female’s.
The fans left messages, saying, ‘So cute. If you were a girl I would believe it’ and ‘It’s a shame that you’re cold. Put on more clothes.’

Source: Sports Chosun
Photo: Jo Kwon’s Twitter

taken w/ full credits: allkpop

I think Jokwon is a flamboyant boy, you know, he always acts like a girl, but in We Got Married, finally he sometimes useful as man for Gain hehehe... But he is really really crazy!!! Never feel bored watching WGM's Adam Couple...kekekeke!!! Jokwon-hyung, fighting!

[101123] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Exchange Couple

Welcome back to happy happy happy music station!
With 3 princes, Charismatic Alexander, Cute Kevin, and Handsome Eli!!!
But, today, we also have Isak !!!

Main MC for today is KEVIN!
What did appear in your mind while you reading the today's topic?
KEKEKEKE... well, in the real Pops in Seoul, we are seeing Eli and Isak as a couple, but sometimes Eli and Kevin as well.
Check these pictures out:

In this Fake Pops in Seoul, actually Isak has a special relationship with Alexander while Eli and Kevin as well.
Alexander and Isak are really romantic everyday since they were met. But, special for today, Kevin came earlier than Isak, so Kevin stole Isak's chair which is next to Alexander.
Because of that, Isak chose to sit next to Eli. Kekeke...
In the afternoon, Alexander shouted, "Kevin was touching me!"
Kevin said that today he and Alexander become closer and closer...
Looking for that act, Isak also said, "I'm also become closer with Eli" and all laughed!
But Kevin promised that he will give back the chair to Isak, so she can meet her beloved Alexander... again.

Well, actually what is the thing that made Isak and Eli looked closer?
The answer is A GAME which every people have to write one of word to make a sentence. Sitting next to Isak is Mr.Silicon, he also joined in this game. We're really bored with the teachers, because of this game, we can solve our problem in sleepy... we're laugh during the lessons because of the sentences we made... really...really...FUNNY!

Today's song is : U-Kiss' MAN MAN HA NI

Monday, November 22, 2010

[101122] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - The Date Palm Tree

[November 22nd, 2010] Grand Opening of Teladan’s ANT Official Blog and THE DATE PALM TREE

Hello, we are Cookies Alexander, Chocolate Kevin, and Cheese Eli!
We are... U-KISS!!! We are... FAKE!!!

Our today's topic is... THE DATE PALM TREE!!!

Eli : "Hi guys, today's main MC is me!! yay! So, what's happened with THE DATE PALM TREE??!!"

Kevin : "Hmmmm...... I think it's delicious when you it the fruit with ice cream!"

Alexander : "There's no any relation between the sun gives energy to living things and the date tree is called teh queen of trees because of its many uses"

Eli : "Wait, guys. I think our viewers don't understand what we just chat! Well, today we have an English class w/ our lovely teacher, Mrs. Nanik. She just gave us some sentences and a thesis. We have to make a paragraph with the thesis and all the sentences using analytical words as well. But, there is a problem, the thesis and the reasons don't have any relation at all. It will be awkward! We think we have to make some new sentences to make this paragraph better! Anyways, the topic of the paragraph is DATE PALM TREE. So guys, please continue your argument".

To be continued...

Fake Pops in Seoul

Fake Pops in Seoul as known as Pops in School is a music program in Teladan's ANT. This program is imitated from Arirang's Pops in Seoul which stared by VJ Isak, U-Kiss' Alexander, Kevin and Eli. If Pops in Seoul has four idols, Fake Pops in Seoul either. This program has ‘fake’ Eli_kim, Alexander_choi, Kevin_Woo, and Visak as MCs. It also has some added idols, such as Jokwon_koe, 2am_changmin., and Nickkun. Fake Pops in Seoul is aired everyday except school holiday.
The story were made in Fake Pops in Seoul is not FanFics, it was happened and experienced by all our Fake VJs.

What we have in Fake Pops in Seoul?
We are giving information about Kpop and Jpop, Korean and Japanese movies as well. We are also doing interview. Moreover, we are giving comment for Kpop and Jpop idols about their clothes, performances, make up, and many more.
In “I Feel Like” or “All about You” session, you can share your story and feeling. We will give you some suggestions to help you out of your problems, no matter where you are from, Indonesian and overseas viewers.

We don't care ... who you are...where you're from... what you did... as long as you join us!

Stay tune @ Fake Pops in Seoul! Don’t change the channel!

What’s coming up:
LiSanGu (Eli-Alexander featuring Jowkon) Hot Debut is coming soon.

Latest Update:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

All Nations Teenagers Subgroup

Something like ... boyband which have some subgroups...kekekeke...
Okay, All Nations Teenagers actually a group for learning ubiquitous languages around the world, but... because these days we only have three main languages that have a lot of chooser, so we just open three classes, includes Japanese, Korean, and English. We will open another class for sure if over than ten people request it.

Well, with this three classes, we wanna be a door which linking Teladan and World.
You guys wanna know more about ANT's subgroups? Click the subgroups you want below:



#U-Kiss is trending!!!

Today's news comes from U-Kiss!
Without any special event, "#ukiss" is trending in twitter today. Even Eli and Kevin tweet about this today. They say thanks and love to all people who make it happen.

Congrats for U-kiss, do your best for your japan concert!

Keys to Infinite Success in Life

Often when people reach the pinnacles of success it is because of a special gift or talent -- such as the ability to lead and inspire, or the capacity to develop a breakthrough product, or because they are driven to succeed. Other times, people reach the top simply because they make a steady, plodding effort in the course of their careers. In research on what enables achievement in life, we can identify them, into three levels of determining factors. The first contains the foundation -- i.e. the essentials for success. The second contains the more subtle, psychological factors that bring it about. And the third are the inner spiritual-like determinants of achievement. Let's examine each of these more closely.

The first level contains the foundation and essential determining factors for success in life. They include our ability to target specific goals we aim to accomplish; our intense desire and will that they come about; our level of personal organization; the talent and skill we bring to bear; and the psychological strength we demonstrate in the face of life's challenges. Aspiration, focus, will, organization, skill, and strength are thus the basic building blocks of success. Together they release enormous physical, vital, and mental energy that tends to attract vast success for that individual. Let's examine several theoretical examples. Consider the case of Eliza Gonzales, who currently demonstrates these capacities in spades. She has a keen interest in becoming a project portfolio manager; has the intense drive to make it happen; is fully organized in all aspects of her life; has all the necessary skills to accomplish; and has an innate ability to persevere in the face of life's challenges. As a result, she has reached the very top of her field.

The second group of factors that engender success are even more subjective and psychological. They take shape as our attitudes and personal values. In fact, if we examine Eliza's great success, we see that she excelled in both areas. E.g., colleagues often described how positive her attitudes were -- in particular, how she always looked on the bright side of things; how full of self-confidence she was; how she always took responsibility for problems rather than blaming others; and how she always happily accepted what life had put before her. In this way, her attitudes -- about herself, about others, and about life -- will exemplary.
Finally, the third group of factors that determine our success level consists of spiritual-like behaviors and values that tend to attract ultimate achievement. Among them are; Our capacity to consciously seek out and embrace all sides of an issue, rather than just the one we are attached to. Our ability to respond calmly and with equal poise to the difficulties and challenges that come our way. To see negatives as positives in disguise, and adjust our behavior accordingly. To be selfless and self-giving towards others, instead of acting out of ego and selfishness. Our ability to express our gratitude to others and towards life for all they have given us. Our faith that all will turn out well; that in fact a Higher Power is working on our behalf. To  open to the spiritual Force before engaging in any act, which has the effect of bringing life under our control. To think for ourselves, instead of being influenced by the herd. Our capacity for self-scrutiny; i.e. our aspiration for personal growth and improvement. Our desire to seek out life in full, and live a life of adventure and challenge.
If we can attract such powerful results by making these changes, then it only makes sense to take up the challenge. Therefore, why not review the success factors listed above, and come up with several areas where you are deficient. Then make the concerted effort to implement that change in your life. If you do, life will immediately start working on your behalf. That's precisely what happened to Eliza when she made the decision to both improve her level of cleanliness and orderliness, as well as reverse her negative attitude toward her boss. From that day on, her career began to really take off. You can do the same thing in your life, and you too will be taken to the stars!

taken from:

[Anime] Code Geass: Lelouch The Rebellion


copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

Two boys had been playing together one day when they had seen something in the distance. It was on this August 10, 2010 that the Holy Britannia Empire had declared war on Japan. It was a fight between the neutral Japan and the super-power Britannia, but the latter had used their “Knightmare Frames” to overwhelm Japanese self-defense forces. Japan became a possession of the Empire, meaning that freedom, rights, and even its name was taken away. Area 11 was the new name of the defeated Japan. Back then, one of the boys had vowed that he would smash Britannia. It is now seven years after the war, in the year 2017. With news reports of terrorist bombings on the TV, a student named Lelouch faces off against a noble in a game of chess, which Lelouch is confident he can finish in 9 minutes. In fact, he pulls it off in just 8 minutes and 32 seconds. As Lelouch and his friend Rival are exiting the building, they see the third prince of Britannia, Clovis, on a nearby TV screen. Addressing the empire’s citizens and the people of Area 11, the prince makes an impassioned speech about terrorism and fighting for justice. He has the people pray for the lives sacrificed for justice, but Lelouch and Rival just ignore it.
After the speech, the prince receives word about some medical equipment and orders out a Knightmare squad in response. Around this time, Lelouch and Rival are on the road when they get almost run over by a large truck. The truck veers off the road and crashes into a building. Lelouch goes to investigate and briefly sees a figure made up of light particles floating above the truck trailer. With more and more people gathering to see what’s going on, Lelouch runs in to help the drivers, but they don’t respond to his calls. When he climbs on top of the truck, he suddenly hears a female voice say that she’s found him. Lelouch isn’t given much more time to think because the drivers of the truck put it in reverse and pull backing out onto the road, causing Lelouch to fall into the trailer. As the truck speeds down the highway, it comes under attack by military helicopters, so the female driver Kallen goes to the back and boards her own Knightmare Frame. With it, she easily brings down a pair of the helicopters, but then a Britannia Knightmare gets air-dropped to challenge her. To compound their problems, another Knightmare appears and shoots at the truck, forcing it to escape down a different road.
Outmatched, Kallen manages to fire her Knightmare’s arm and escapes in the smoke.
The military believes that what the terrorists stole in that truck is a chemical weapon – poisonous gas. The terrorists are of course Kallen and the other truck driver, who is bleeding as now he drives down a subway passage. Unfortunately, the truck gets stuck in a large hole in the ground. The noise alerts a nearby Britannia soldier, who spots Lelouch in the trailer and assumes he’s a terrorist after the poisonous gas. After getting attacked, Lelouch wants to know from the solider why Britannia created the gas. It’s when Lelouch says that he wants to crush Britannia that the soldier realizes Lelouch identify.
The soldier is actually Suzaku, Lelouch’s friend from before the war seven years ago. As the two are trying to figure out how it ended up like this, the container that supposedly houses the poisonous gas suddenly starts to open up. Suzaku tackles Lelouch onto the floor and covers his mouth, but no gas comes out. Instead, a green-haired girl emerges. Soon after, the two of them and the girl are discovered by another Britannia force. The commanding officer wants Suzaku to shoot the terrorist Lelouch, but he refuses, so the officer shoots Suzaku in the back instead. However, before they can do anything to Lelouch or the girl, the dying truck driver activates the self destruct and blows up the truck.
Upon receiving word that the terrorists ran away, Clovis decides to order the destruction of the Shinjuku Ghetto. Various squads of the military set out and start slaughtering the population and shelling the city. Still underground, Lelouch is blaming the girl for what’s happened as he reacts to Suzaku’s apparent death. As the two emerge above ground into a warehouse, Lelouch sees several civilians, including children, getting shot by the military. Unfortunately, Lelouch’s friend Shirley calls him right then, causing his cell phone to ring and alerting the Britannia men. The officer in charge shoots Lelouch, but the girl gets in the way and takes a bullet to the head for him. After she falls and starts bleeding all over the ground, Lelouch are angsting about not being able to do anything when the girl’s hand springs up and touches him.
She wonders if he doesn’t want it to end since she can see that he has a reason to live. She asks if he can live if he has power, and says that this is a contract. In exchange for giving him power, she wants her wish to be granted. If they contract, he will live in the human world but live for a different reason than everyone else a different providence, a different time, and a different life. The power of the king will make him isolated.
Lelouch agrees to the contract and stands back up in front of the soldiers. With the new power of his left eye, Lelouch commands the soldiers to die, so they point their guns to their necks and commit suicide. By the time Lelouch realizes what’s happened, there are dead bodies lying everywhere. In retrospect, he recalls that from that day on, he had been telling lies – lies about his name, lies about his background, nothing but lies. He’s sick of this world that doesn’t change, but he can’t give up the lies because of despair. However, he obtained power.
by: Layct C

Azayaka Description Poster

Azayaka Japan community adalah komunitas pecinta Jepang yang berdiri sejak tahun 2008 di SMAN 1 Yogyakarta. Azayaka merupakan komunitas internal SMAN 1 Yogyakarta yang beranggotakan murid-murid dari sekolah itu sendiri. Nama Azayaka diambil dari bahasa Jepang yang berarti bersinar. Kami merupakan komunitas yang memiliki ketertarikan akan hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan Negeri Sakura. Mulai dari anime, manga, tokusatsu, music, film, budaya, bahasa, dll. Kegiatan kami adalah mengikuti event-event yang berhubungan dengan Jepang dan mengembangakan pengetahuan dan kecintaan kami yang berhubungan dengan Jepang.

Kami mendirikan Azayaka sebagai wadah untuk para pecinta Jepang untuk saling sharing, mengembangkan hobi, meningkatkan hubungan persahabatan antar anggota dengan harapan tetap bersatu dan menjadi eksis di Jogja dan Indonesia bahkan dunia.


All information and pictures in this page are taken from :

U-Kiss, (Korean: 유키스) an acronym for Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star, is a 7-member South Korean boy band under NH Media. They debuted in 2008 with their single entitled “어리지 않아” (“Not Young“) The group is composed of 7 boys, two of whom were former members of group, Xing.

The group was formed as a six-member boy band. Their first original concept was to be a pretty boy-group. Kim Ki Bum and Kevin Woo were original members of the boy band Xing. Ki Bum left the group on 2007 while Kevin left the group four months before the debut of U-Kiss. The pre U-KISS activities of the two members helped the group draw attention among Korean fans. Three of their members also came from other countries, such as USA and Hong Kong.

2008: Debut and members
U-KISS debuted in Japan on August 15, 2008 at the Power of Atamix alongside SS501 & Paran. The group released their first mini album, N-Generation with its title song Not Young, on September 3, 2008. Later on, the group debuted on South Korean television, with a performance of "Not Young" at M! Countdown on August 28, 2008.

As many of the members came from overseas or had studied abroad, many of them were fluent in other languages. Alexander can speak 7 languages at varying levels. He can speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean fluently. Other languages he can speak include Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese. Kibum can speak Japanese fluently. Dongho can speak Chinese fluently as he had studied in China before. He is currently learning English. Both Kevin and Eli were born and raised in the United States so both of them are fluent in English. Eli is also fluent in Mandarin as he lived in China before. They came to South Korea to fulfill their dreams of becoming idols. As a result of the groups' fluency in many languages, they have no problems communicating with their fans from different parts of the world.

Shortly after their debut, U-KISS also starred in the variety shows: "All about U-KISS" , "You know U-KISS."

2009: New member and mini-albums
In early 2009, U-KISS made a comeback and released their second mini-album on February 11, 2009, titled Bring It Back 2 Old School with its title song I Like You. They did not gain much popularity from this album though.

Kevin joined Arirang's radio show Pops in Seoul hosting the 'All About You' segment alongside co-host Isak. Shortly after, Alexander joined the duo in hosting the 'All About You' TV program. In April that same year, Eli became an MC of MBC's show, Fusion.

Later that year, U-KISS made another comeback with a whole new, more "manly" look with their third mini-album titled ContiUkiss on November 5, 2009. Thisorean music industry. Their new member, Lee Kiseop, also joined them in the promotion of this new mini-album.

At first, some fans were unwilling to accept Kiseop as a part of U-KISS. But that has now changed and Kiseop is now a member album helped them to gain a lot of popularity, especially their hit song, Man Man Hani (Am I That Easy). The dance for this song was named 'Kangan Namja' (Strong Man) or Kangnam dance for short. It became a popular dance in the South Kof the group, just like any of the other members.

Kiseop is an ulzzang and appeared in a variety show known as "Uljjang Shi Dae 2" or "Ulzzang Generation 2" (Pretty Boys and Girls Season 2), the ultimate survival show that seeks to find Korea's best-looking boys and girls! His U-KISS co-member and friend Soo Hyun also appeared on the show as a guest.

Dongho appeared on many variety shows, helping to promote U-Kiss and thus gaining U-KISS much popularity. He appeared in variety shows such as Idol Maknae Rebellion and Invincible Baseball among many others.

Kevin and Alexander were also featured in Brave Brother's new music video, "Finally."

Eli and Kibum also starred in the Thai drama "Autumn's Destiny".

2010: First album and other activities
On the January 18, 2010, 2 years after debut, U-KISS opened their official fanclub, KissMe.

Before the release of the first full length album, MBC revealed that U-KISS will star in a variety show. The show was titled U-KISS' Vampire. It was premiered on January 22, 2010. For the filming of the show, the members moved in together into a dormitory. They stayed together in the dormitory for the whole duration of the filming of the show. In the show, they were sorted into groups according to their blood types.

On February 3, 2010, their highly anticipated full length album, Only One, was finally released. At first, it was announced that their song, "Without You", which is a track from the album, would be the main track. However, it was later changed to "Round and Round" (Bingeul Bingeul). The song Bingeul Bingeul later became a huge hit, gaining U-KISS the most popularity and attention that they have ever received since their debut. In this new full length album, they also changed their hairstyles, but it still similar to their "Man Man Hani" concept. Dongho bleached his hair while Kevin dyed his hair a sandy brown. The album consisted of five new songs and remixes of songs from their previous mini albums. The dance for Bingeul Bingeul was given the name "Tornado" or "Whirlwind" dance.

On May 5, 2010, back from the Philippines, U-KISS started promotions for their follow up song for their Only One album, titled Mworago (What). This song too, helped them to gain more popularity. They named the dance for this song the "Outcry" dance. In an interview where their prominent dances from past songs were showcased, the members decided that Soohyun was the best at this dance as he was rather good at crying out loud.

On June 16, 2010, it was announced that Soohyun would be starring a popular musical called "A Chorus Line". He had been practicing diligently for the musical but he had to later drop out as he was too busy, having to prepare for U-KISS' comeback and for the recording of U-KISS' new album.

After their promotions for their album, Onl.They appeared for the first and second episode only).

They also starred in a new reality show that finished aired its last episode on July 30, 2010, called Chef's Kiss. It is a reality-variety show in which the seveny One, ended, U-KISS appeared on various variety shows as a group. Such as Shin JungHwan PD Variety Show on June 8, 2010, Idol League, Heroes Challenge, and Idol United (they had to drop out of Idol United as their schedules were too busy members were split into teams and they opened a real restaurant, which they named U-KISS Steak House. Each week, they held cooking challenges among themselves to decide which team would be chosen to cook in the restaurant that week, Each time, they had a single item on their menu, however, the single menu item would be changed every week. By the end of the show, all the members had improved in cooking tremendously. Eli was also chosen as the best chef by their chef mentor, Chef Kim.

Kevin and Alexander continued their role as hosts on Arirang's All About You show, and Eli joined them as a new co-host. Kevin and Alexander also became MCs for Arirang's music programme, "The M Wave" in August 2010.

2010: U-KISS Promotional Activities Overseas in 2010
Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. (PEP) brought U-KISS to Manila for the very first time for a series of special mall shows last March 26, 27 and 28. This was in line with the promotion of the band's full-length solo concert in the Philippines in June.

U-KISS later had their very first concert in Manila, Philippines in June 14, 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum. The show was originally scheduled for May 29, 2010 but it was postponed to a later date. This disappointed many fans who were anticipating the concert, however, U-KISS came still, as promised and did a wonderful concert.

Just after, returning from their promotional tours in the Asian region, that included countries like Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia, U-KISS announced that they were to guest star at RAIN's INTENSITY concert in the Philippines at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on September 11, 2010. The concert went off without a hitch and was very successful.

2010: EP Break Time & other events
U-KISS had filmed the music video for their single Mworago from their full-length album around June, 2010. The music video had been set to be released on August 24, 2010 but it was pushed back to early September. The music video was never released by NH Media.

The mini-album was released on October 4, 2010 in South Korea. It included 5 new songs and instrumental versions of two of the new songs in the album. The album contained a 50-page Photo Book and a Poster. Just three days after the release of the album, it topped the Hanteo charts and had been going strong at first place for more than a week. The teaser for the Shut Up!! Music Video was scheduled to be released afternoon of October 3, 2010. But it was later pushed back to be released on October 4, 2010, at 0100 hours as there were some technical problems. The teaser was finally released at 0500 hours. It was released on their official YouTube page, ukiss2008 and on their official website.

U-KISS had their comeback performance of Shut Up!!, their title track of their mini-album, Break Time, on Mnet's M! Countdown on October 7, 2010. Their distinct and unique choreography for their new song, Shut Up!!, was soon named the 'Warrior Dance' because of the warrior-like poses by the members during the chorus. U-KISS gained many more fans with the release of this song. The music video was released on October 7, 2010. As soon as it was released on their YouTube channel, it was flagged for being inappropriate for minors below the age of eighteen. NH Media released a statement saying,"As soon as the music video was revealed, it was flagged down. There are some scenes where the members are topless and appear with another woman but we don’t believe that it’s anything minors can’t see. We’re not sure what part of the music video is the problem. We are currently inquiring with Youtube.” With many fans endlessly requesting to view the music video, NH Media then released a "clean" version. The members even joked in an interview that because youngest member Dongho was only 16, when the music video was released, they were not going to let him watch the full version. From their channel, ukiss2008, NH Media has released a total of three versions of the music video, the full version, which was flagged, and a clean version, both on October 7, 2010, and a high definition version, on October 29, 2010. 

Alexander (알렉산더)

* Full Name: Alexander Lee Eusebio
* Date of birth: July 29, 1988 (1988-07-29) (age 21)
Alexander speaks 7 different languages at varying degrees, which he has showcased on many occasions: Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese), Korean and English. He was born and raised in Macau, Hong Kong and later did his studies in Las Vegas, USA.

Soo Hyun (수현)

* Full Name: Shin Soo Hyun (신수현)
* Date of birth: March 11, 1989 (age 21)
Soo Hyun was formerly a member of Good Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. He is known as U-Kiss’ lead vocalist.

Kim Ki Bum (김기범)

* Date of birth: December 29, 1990 (1990-12-29) (age 19)
He is the younger brother of SS501′s Kim Hyung Joon, and a former member of Xing.

Lee Ki Seop (이기섭)

* Date of birth: January 17, 1991 (1991-01-17) (age 19)
Lee Ki Seob joined the group in 2009. He is a former ulzzang, appearing on the second season of Uljjang Shidae.

Eli (일라이)

* Korean Name: Kim Kyoung Jae (김경재)
* Date of birth: March 13, 1991 (1991-03-13) (age 18)
Eli was born in Los Angeles, and moved to Washington DC at a young age. He also moved to Beijing at the age of 15 to study for 3 years, hence his fluency in both Mandarin & English.

Kevin (케빈)

* Korean Name: Woo Sung Hyun (우성현)
* Date of birth: November 25, 1991 (1991-11-25) (age 18)
Lived in San Francisco, Danville and is fluent in English. Along with Kibum, he is also a former member of Xing.

Dong Ho (동호)

* Full name: Shin Dong Ho (신동호)
* Date of birth: June 29, 1994 (1994-06-29) (age 15)
Spent most of his childhood in China, and is fluent in Mandarin.

English Debate


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Azayaka Cosplay - Vampire Knights Part 2

Akari Akarui as Ruka

Vanyolla as Rima

Andika as Kaname-sama
Andika as Kaname-sama

Andika as Kaname-sama

Aldy as Zero

Shika as Seiren
Shika as Seiren

Aldy as Zero

Aldy as ZERO

Puspa as Yuuki

Puspa as Yuuki

Puspa as Yuuki

Azayaka Cosplay - Vampire Knights Part 1

  1. Aldi-kun [Tenno] as ZERO
  2. Andika as Kaname-sama
  3. Akari as Ruka
  4. Vanyola Yoon as Rima
  5. Shika as Seiren
  6. Karin [coolest guy YEAH!] as Sayori [uncoolest girl, WTH?!]
  7. Puspa as Yuuki
  8. Deetbum as Director
  9. Then… Layct Chruno… WHAT THE HEAL of HIM?! Nope. We have to know about Layct’s role. Well, Layct is an editor of the dubbing system with a minimal property and what a pity! -___-”’


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"Get your shining future"

Latest update all about BLOCK B

Current Members

  1. Aditya Bayu Pratama
  2. Afiani Muslikhah
  3. Akari Akarui
  4. Alexander_Choi
  5. Anggi Laksmita Dewi
  6. Anis nuzulan Safitri
  7. Anisa Krisna Murti
  8. Annisa Laksmi Wardhani
  9. Annisa Primadani
  10. Annisa Rahmah
  11. Aprilia Kartika Yoga R
  12. Ardiyanti YS
  13. Aruminar Rosari
  14. Aryaningtyas Widya Pamungkas
  15. Atika Safitri
  16. Avina Alawya
  17. Beta Krisnanovita
  18. Dania Eka Putri
  19. Dedy Kurniawan
  20. Devi Anggita S
  21. Dina Aulia
  22. Dita Deetbum
  23. Eli_Kim
  24. Faadhilah Kurnia
  25. Fahmi Nurulbaiti
  26. Firman Indra Andika
  27. Gabriella Rosita Dei
  28. Galuh Octavia
  29. Ganang Rizky Darmawan
  30. Hannifah pradipta
  31. Harimurti Yogatama Hadipurnomo
  32. Hemas Malia Pangestika
  33. Ibnu Hudaya Panggrahita
  34. Indriani Vega Tyassanto
  35. Jokwon_Koe
  36. Kanon Dimas Valdy
  37. Karinopux
  38. Kevin_Woo
  39. Laurensia Nita K
  40. Lisa Almira
  41. lungit Fika Fauzia
  42. Marini
  43. Miftakh Fadhil Hanifan
  44. MM Hobbiburahman
  45. Muh Aliya
  46. Nabila Puspakesuma
  47. Nanda Putri P
  48. Nawangwulan Vennia
  49. Nia Kurniawati
  50. Nizar Caraka
  51. Nourma RD
  52. Novianda Aditya
  53. Nur Rista Kurniawati
  54. Prastiwi
  55. Putri Anjaweni
  56. Putri Early Anggari
  57. Raihan Irsyadi
  58. Rakka Affa Arasya
  59. Ranny Paunisa
  60. Ratu Pandan Wangi
  61. Rengganis Ridwan Heru S
  62. Reni Permanasari
  63. Riana Desi Putri R
  64. Ruhmaning Ma'rufiana
  65. Salsha Amalia
  66. Sandira Ultra Utami
  67. Sayekti Kurniati
  68. Septiana Rizki Fauziyah
  69. Shofa Khoirun Nida
  70. Sunnaina Jihan Mutia
  71. Tessa Noviri Eka S
  72. Ulinna'ma Hayati W
  73. Vanianiska Yulianny
  74. Victa Ryza Catartika
  75. Vidiah Vebrinasari
  76. Wibisono Sulistyo
  77. Widyastuti Lintang Sari

Azayaka [Teladan's Japan Korea Community]

Azayaka Japan Korea Community is dedicated to Japan-Korea lovers in Teladan High School. Azayaka is built in 2008 as an internal community. All of the members are students of Teladan's High School.
The name of Azayaka was taken from Japanese means "shine". We have interest in Japanese and Korean, anime, manga, manhwa, J-Kpop, J-Kdrama, cultures, languages, and many more. We also join some Japanese or Korean events held in Yogyakarta, includes the festival, singing and dancing contests, and Japanese quiz as well. we had brought home a lot of chalices, not only from the quizes, but also the singing and dancing contests.
We hope Azayaka can be become a place where people can learn languages enjoyable. "Learning and sharing" is our motto, we wanna become a light that illuminating world.

Weekly Practice
For practicing Japanese and Korean, we are opening a class every Tuesday and Thursday at 207 (History Room), start at 2.30 p.m. till 4.00 p.m.
Sometimes, we also have field study program (incidental).
This program's purpose are to make our member's Japanese or Korean better, so we can win in every competition.

Asian Day Festival
We will held a festival which shows various cultures. There will be bazaar, competitions, and performances. We will cooperate with some external communities in Yogyakarta, but we also cooperate with our internal communities such as Kerawitan (Javanese Tradition Music). This event will be held in around February 2011.

What did Azayaka do in the past?
Two years after debuting, Azayaka has took a lot of awards and achievements in Japanese competition, singing and dancing competition as well.
Our biggest project so far was join a Cosplay Competition. Our first generation, they did cosplay in a Japan Festival held in 2009 as Vampire Knights. Although we did not win yet, we were not disappointed because that was our first experience. We hope the next generation will get that success in the future.

Members' hope for Azayaka's future are...
Azayaka will become a community that really helping people to learn languages, also to get knowledge about world and nations.
Azayaka will not stop, there will be the next and next...generations...

Contact Us

All Nations Teenagers is a open group. We'll glad if you also join us. "Learning and sharing"

Contact Us:
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President Director : Eli_Kim []
Finance Director : Alexander_Choi []
External Adviser : Jokwon_Koe []
Internal Adviser : Prima-sensei
Head of English Dept. : Atika Safitri []
Head of Korean Dept. : Alexander_Choi []
Head of Japan Dept. : Kevin_Woo
External Japanese Adviser : VIsak
General Secretary :  Hatsune Rin Humphrey []

About Us

ANT [All Nations Teenagers] is a multi-languages club in Yogyakarta Teladan High School. We learn about other languages, cultures, life-styles, and many more. ANT was debuted under Sekbid V of OSIS BTB. In this new generation, we have two sub-groups, they are English Debate Club and Azayaka which playing around Japan and Korea.
ANT has three main programs and four weekly programs.

Our main purpose is not just having fun, but to get achievements. In fact, during our operation time, we had took some awards and chalices in Japanese and English. Also we have some achievement in K-pop singing and dancing.

These days, ANT has already have about 70 members. We will work harder in this year, so please support us!

Send your heart and chat w/ us:

  1. Study Outside
    • Members are going to practice their English, Japanese, or Korean during their task to interview some foreign tourists in public places (Malioboro, Borobudur, etc).
  2. Film Festival
    • ANT will open a small cinema in school. This program is opened for public. We hope Teladan's students can improve their speaking skill and also get more knowledge.
  3. Asian Day Festival
    • Japan, Korea, China festival. There will be any stands for bazaar and also some performances from Azayaka and external groups.
  1. English Debate Meeting
    • Routine meeting for practice.
  2. Japan-Korea Meeting
    • Routine meeting for practice.
  3. Joining English Debate Competition
  4. Joining Japan-Korea Competition 

We also have a mascot idol, U-KISS!
We chose U-Kiss for our mascot idol because they are a Ubiquitous Idol. They speak in over than 6 languages! They can communicate with their overseas fans easily. Our staff also learn a lot from them. We watch their variety shows (which a lot English there) also try to imitate them.


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