Saturday, November 20, 2010

Azayaka Cosplay - Vampire Knights Part 1

  1. Aldi-kun [Tenno] as ZERO
  2. Andika as Kaname-sama
  3. Akari as Ruka
  4. Vanyola Yoon as Rima
  5. Shika as Seiren
  6. Karin [coolest guy YEAH!] as Sayori [uncoolest girl, WTH?!]
  7. Puspa as Yuuki
  8. Deetbum as Director
  9. Then… Layct Chruno… WHAT THE HEAL of HIM?! Nope. We have to know about Layct’s role. Well, Layct is an editor of the dubbing system with a minimal property and what a pity! -___-”’


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