Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[101123] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Exchange Couple

Welcome back to happy happy happy music station!
With 3 princes, Charismatic Alexander, Cute Kevin, and Handsome Eli!!!
But, today, we also have Isak !!!

Main MC for today is KEVIN!
What did appear in your mind while you reading the today's topic?
KEKEKEKE... well, in the real Pops in Seoul, we are seeing Eli and Isak as a couple, but sometimes Eli and Kevin as well.
Check these pictures out:

In this Fake Pops in Seoul, actually Isak has a special relationship with Alexander while Eli and Kevin as well.
Alexander and Isak are really romantic everyday since they were met. But, special for today, Kevin came earlier than Isak, so Kevin stole Isak's chair which is next to Alexander.
Because of that, Isak chose to sit next to Eli. Kekeke...
In the afternoon, Alexander shouted, "Kevin was touching me!"
Kevin said that today he and Alexander become closer and closer...
Looking for that act, Isak also said, "I'm also become closer with Eli" and all laughed!
But Kevin promised that he will give back the chair to Isak, so she can meet her beloved Alexander... again.

Well, actually what is the thing that made Isak and Eli looked closer?
The answer is A GAME which every people have to write one of word to make a sentence. Sitting next to Isak is Mr.Silicon, he also joined in this game. We're really bored with the teachers, because of this game, we can solve our problem in sleepy... we're laugh during the lessons because of the sentences we made... really...really...FUNNY!

Today's song is : U-Kiss' MAN MAN HA NI


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