Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[November 30th, 2010] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Leaving Eli

Welcome to a happy happy music program “FAKE POPs in SEOUL”
"It's good to be back, guys! WE ARE... U-KISS! and WE're FAKE"

Kevin: “Hello, I’m Kevin. Welcome back to Fake Pops in Seoul! Yaaay!!!
             Today, my companions are Alexander-hyung and Vj Isak!
Isak: “Where’s Eli?” (Everyone said IHHIIIIY!! But Alexander stared)
Kevin: “Eli-hyung has his own schedule today so that he can’t be here.
Okay…. Our topic today is the ineffectiveness of home work. First, we must ask   to someone elder from me and have greater score. Alexander-hyung. What do you think about Home work?”
Xander: “First I’ll say hello to the viewer!!(Smiled with his special adorable  smile) I think it’s kind of useless stuff since it doesn’t really affect the understanding toward what students have been learned at school. So, there’s no much difference in understanding subject if students get their homework or not.”
Kevin: “WOW!! I absolutely agree with you, hyumg! Hmmm…. Wait a minute….. we have a mail from the viewer!!! ( Everyone cheer up) let’s see…..( Giggle…) here it is …. Because Isak has a cold, why don’t you guys try to speak while  closing your nose! (quickly do the instructure) Whhot do you think abbout home wok? (look at Isak)”
Isak: “I have dthe ssome idea with Xander. Itt is usseless. Itt wasting thime.”
Kevin:” Okay. Xander-hyung, whhot iss music four today?”
Xander:” Kattun, ‘Change the World’ from Japan”
U-kiss & brave sound …you know…it br(Kevin pick it up)
Kevin:” Oh… there is a call from Eli-hyung. “
Eli: “yoeboseo”
Kevin: “ Hello, what’s up hyung?”
Eli: “Xander-hyung, what is the movie for today?”
Xander:” the movie for today is……OHHH ….”
Kevin & Isak: “ELI-HYUNG…..!!!” (SHOUTING)
Eli:” Hi guys!”
Kevin:” It’s sureprising!” (with lovely smile)
Eli:” Actually I have finished my schedule several  minutes ago but I wanna make a surprise for you all  bla…..bla…..bla..”( the next statement aren’t heard by anyone)
Kevin, Xander, & Isak: ” THANKS FOR WATCHING. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT EPISODE. DON’T CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!” (Quickly going away, leaving Eli with his monologue)
Kevin:” Now, you can change the channel.” (Whispering and then going away)
Eli:”what? It is already finished…. We are U-kiss we are Fake (murmured)
Crew:” what’s going on?”
Kring…..kring….kring…. buk prang pring bak… (Chaos)
Viewer:” what is the movie for today?”
Crew:” I dunno. Hey…… call back the MCs!!! We aren’t finished yet!!!”

While the crews fight the chaos, Kevin and Isak have heir lunch…. ( really peaceful)


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