Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today's Arirang Pops in Seoul is airing without Eli

As usual I always do at 3 a.m. (West Indonesian Time +7) -actually at 10 p.m., but today I overslept, so I woke up at 3 p.m.-, watching Pops in Seoul and because this day is Wednesday, It's time for U-Kiss!!! But, someone is missing today, yeah, Eli...
Actually, this episode was taken about 2 weeks ago, while Eli just got injured because he slip while practicing. So, for this episode, Eli is replaced by Isak! And... yeah, Isak and 2 U-Kiss' members are something like... reunion??
Well, this episode also reveals that become an MC at this segment is really hard!
They always have some missions, games, and also punishment, right? (and always uncommon) I think Isak worries about this, hehehe... But, fortunately, because Eli is replaced, so they have change the mission!
But I think today's mission is really fun. They try to act based on a drama I'm Sorry, I Love You. Isak, you should gets an awards for your acting today!
Congrats Isak! But, it isn't just end, in the end of the program, they always worry about who the best MC is, the loser will get a punishment!
Isak! You save! How it can be! She gets 6 votes, while Xander and Kevin just 2!
Because Xander lose (playing Rock, Paper, Scissor), he gets the punishment! Kevin and Isak can hit Xander's forehead! kekekeke!!! Really fun!

Check the photos below:


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