Saturday, November 20, 2010

Azayaka [Teladan's Japan Korea Community]

Azayaka Japan Korea Community is dedicated to Japan-Korea lovers in Teladan High School. Azayaka is built in 2008 as an internal community. All of the members are students of Teladan's High School.
The name of Azayaka was taken from Japanese means "shine". We have interest in Japanese and Korean, anime, manga, manhwa, J-Kpop, J-Kdrama, cultures, languages, and many more. We also join some Japanese or Korean events held in Yogyakarta, includes the festival, singing and dancing contests, and Japanese quiz as well. we had brought home a lot of chalices, not only from the quizes, but also the singing and dancing contests.
We hope Azayaka can be become a place where people can learn languages enjoyable. "Learning and sharing" is our motto, we wanna become a light that illuminating world.

Weekly Practice
For practicing Japanese and Korean, we are opening a class every Tuesday and Thursday at 207 (History Room), start at 2.30 p.m. till 4.00 p.m.
Sometimes, we also have field study program (incidental).
This program's purpose are to make our member's Japanese or Korean better, so we can win in every competition.

Asian Day Festival
We will held a festival which shows various cultures. There will be bazaar, competitions, and performances. We will cooperate with some external communities in Yogyakarta, but we also cooperate with our internal communities such as Kerawitan (Javanese Tradition Music). This event will be held in around February 2011.

What did Azayaka do in the past?
Two years after debuting, Azayaka has took a lot of awards and achievements in Japanese competition, singing and dancing competition as well.
Our biggest project so far was join a Cosplay Competition. Our first generation, they did cosplay in a Japan Festival held in 2009 as Vampire Knights. Although we did not win yet, we were not disappointed because that was our first experience. We hope the next generation will get that success in the future.

Members' hope for Azayaka's future are...
Azayaka will become a community that really helping people to learn languages, also to get knowledge about world and nations.
Azayaka will not stop, there will be the next and next...generations...


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