Saturday, November 27, 2010

[101127] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Poops in Seoul in a Raining Day

Welcome back guys! Metting us again, your energetic MCs, Alexander, Kevin, Eli, and Isak!
We're U-Kiss and We're Fake!
Today's main MC is Isak (applause)
and our main topic for today is... Poops in Seoul in a Raining Day

Eli: "What's the meaning?"

Well, before we discuss more about the topic today, Eli wanna give a report on the spot!
We have a bad news from uri Alexander who wanna kill himself because of... something...
You know, while opening allkpop during Graphic Design lesson, Alexander suddenly screamed! He hugged my arm, and said, "I was betrayed by my boy! Listen to my heartbeat!"
He started to sing 2PM's song, only you and wouldn't stop. As far I know, Xander hates 2PM, this isn't a common condition!

Those all are because of SHINee's Minho who did a kissing scene, but this scene is really destroying Xander's heart :))
"Xander, we must finish our stopmotion project! Don't cry!" Eli said. Kekeekkeke
Alexander became calm, then we sang a song from Beast, Beautiful... kekekeke It was fun, xander!

Next, back to the topic...
Poops... Alexander and Eli are working in a stopmotion project which using "poops" as their main topic. Today, they already started to make...
All about poops, yeah, disgusting, right?
So, what about "raining" ?
In the second break time, U-Kiss trio and Isak had a lunch time together...

Eli : "Yes, today we had lunch together, sat in the field, under the trees, and suddenly, a heavy rain was coming! We ran, and found a right place. Alexander was the one who took a really long time for eating, while the rain was coming, he suddenly took away his food and ran away... hahahahaha...."

After all was finished, we had to come back to the class, but it was heavy raining! Finally, we decided to run under the heavy rain! We're finally save, "Yay! It was just FUN!"

Today's music : Beast's Beautiful
Today's video : U-Kiss Singapore Interview for Click Network


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