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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 31, 2010

ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 02

Second day, in the morning…
After waking up, they have breakfast in hotel…

Kevin : So, what kind of place we’re gonna go today?
Eli : Em… wait, this is my list… em… first we’re gonna go to China Town, then Little India. Tonight we’re gonna have some fun at River Point!
Alexander : Ou!! River Point! Is that a Late Night Life?
Eli : Right! Hehe…just sightseeing, don’t buy any drink! Hahahaha…
Kevin : Hoho…so… we ride taxi again?
Eli : Nope. You guys have to try Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)!
Alexander : Okay! In Hongkong it’s known as MTR…
Kevin : Really? In Malaysia, it’s subway…wekekeke…

MRT, pics: google
The Mass Rapid Transit or MRT is a rapid transit system that forms the backbone of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. The initial section of the MRT, between Yio Chu Kang Station and Toa Payoh Station, opened in 1987 establishing itself as the second-oldest metro system in Southeast Asia, after Manila's LRT System. The network has since grown rapidly as a result of Singapore's aim of developing a comprehensive rail network as the main backbone of the public transport system in Singapore with an average daily ridership of 1.952 million in 2009, just over 63% of the bus network's 3.085 million in the same period. (Taken from:
Eli : YAY! China Town! Hem…it’s little bit different with Pecinan…
Alexander : Yeah! Wah… that cake! Egg tart? We can find this cake also in Macao’s downtown, I wanna try them!
Kevin : Buy me some, hyung!
Alexander : Okay! –using mandarin- Gěi wǒ zhège yī, èr, Xièxiè…
Kevin : Hem! Delicious!
Eli : The price is lower than Orchard Road has…
Alexander : Yeah… It’s China! Yeah!
Kevin : Hem! I wanna buy something for my mom…
Alexander : Em, guys, I want to numb 1, wait me here okay?
Eli : Okay!

Alexander : Hi, I’m back! Euh, the toilet isn’t good! Disgusting!
Eli : Ei? Really? Singapore is a clean country… how it can be?
Alexander : Don’t know! So dirty you know…
Kevin : Hwa… It’s China Town! Hahahhaha…

ChinaTown, pics: google
Chinatown is a part of Singapore. Actually 70% Singaporean are Chinese but special Chinese zone is ChinaTown. You will feel like you’re in China while visiting Chinatown. The price is also cheaper than in city. They sell a lot of things you need, includes food, equipments, tools, clothes, bags, and many more. But you’ve to be careful while choosing the things you’ll buy. Not all the things are in good quality. Also, you have to think about the price while you bid. Chinatown is really unique! While visiting Singapore, don’t forget to visit ChinaTown!

Eli : Okay, c’mon, we’re gonna go to Little India! I think there is a MRT station there… so we’ll ride MRT!
Alexander : Okay! Ehm… this egg tart is so delicious!

Egg Tart

They are going to Little India by MRT from ChinaTown station…

Little India, pics: google
Little India is a part of Singapore as well. Little India makes you feel like you’re in India. The buildings, citizens, cultures, languages, and all of things are same as India one! There is a shopping centre known as Mustofa. You can find a lot of things you need in the really good price! But you’ve still be careful about the quality and also while bidding.

Eli : Yay! Little India! Whaaa!
Alexander : A lot of Indian!
Kevin : Hwa…the atmosphere also so… unique!
Eli : I’m little bit afraid of Indian…
Alexander : Anyway, little bit dirty here, right?
Kevin : Yeah! Let’s go to Mustofa!
Alexander : What’s Mustofa?
Kevin : The main shopping centre here, I heard that it has a really good price!
Eli : Yeah, you’re right. C’mon!

They spend a lot their times for shopping at ChinaTown and Little India. The sky has become darker, so they decide to continue their journey…

Kevin : Euh, I think we have to go to River Point right now!
Alexander : Yeah, Eli, can we ride MRT?
Eli : Yeah, we can, Let’s go!

River Point, pics: Anteladan_FakeEli
River Point is an icon of Singapore’s Night Life! It’s a really beautiful place! A lot of people come to River Point. There are markets, you can do shopping there. The price is also great! You can also find various cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malay, and many more! You will see a lot of amazing lampions in various forms! Walking to the other side, you’ll find a real Night Life! A lot of pubs and restaurant! But, be careful, you need a lot of money to buy a bottle of drink! If you are not adult, do not expect to enter the pub! Just taking photos and doing some sightseeing!

Kevin : Wuah! Is this River Point??
Eli : Yeah! A lot of people here!
Alexander : Wuah…it’s almost midnight but they still staying here! HUAA!! Lampions! What a beautiful! Whua… a big river! Is there any ship here?
Eli : Yeah! If you wanna ride ship, you have to go to that point, but a lot of people are queue for the ship, I don’t think so I will join them…
Kevin : Whua! Look, this green tea is cheaper than usual!
Eli : Yes! The price is better, but after going to that side, you’ll get heart attack! Hahahaha
Alexander : I wanna try that food! Whuaaa!!~

Kevin : Hey guys, c’mon! Go to that side! I wanna see what actually that place is…
Alexander : Okay Kevin, wait… I wanna eat this mee up…

Eli : Euy! What an amazing! It’s a night life!
Alexander : WHUA guys! I…I ..just… oh… please! I haven’t found a place like this before!
Kevin : HUA! Look! That price!!
Eli : Well, those are drinks, we are not allowed to drink that. Guys, follow me! I’ll show you an interesting restaurant!
Alexander :
Well, yeah! What restaurant, Eli?

Kevin : OHH!! Is that a restaurant?
Alexander : Hey! They drink from that IV? The chair… is that a wheel chair?
Kevin : Look at the lamps! Is that operating lamps? We should find them all in hospital!
Eli : Yeah! This is Clinic. Actually this is pub, so we cannot enter, so sad but we can take some pictures here!

After walking around River Point, they’re going to hotel and take a sleep for their next journey tomorrow…

DAY : 01 02 03 04 05 06  

ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 01

Kevin : Hello everyone! This is a new segment in ANTeladan TV! It’s “ANTRAVEL” !!!
Alexander : So guys, what we gonna do in this segment?
Eli : Well, we’ll bring you a lot of experience!
Kevin : Not only about languages!
Alexander : But also cultures, entertainment, lifestyle, and many many more!
Eli : Yes, we’re gonna take you around the world! And it’s glad to meet you again, we are…
All : U…U…U……Fake Sound…Fake Sound!!
Kevin : Well, viewers, right now we’re standing in front of Adisucipto International Airport of Yogyakarta! Guys, where we gonna go?
Alexander : Today, we’re gonna go to SINGAPORE!
Eli : YAY! Anyway, Alexander, do real Alexander have cousin there?
Alexander : Yes, you’re right. He also has some cousins in Jakarta actually, he said that his family is more multi-international than U-Kiss, hahaha
Kevin : Wekeke…great! So, we have no any tour guide?
Eli : Nope. No problem guys, Singapore is very safe and it’s so easy to find a way home while we lost, hehe
Alexander : Are you sure, Eli? You’ll take responsible! Poor of my mom if she lose me..
Eli : Hey, I don’t think so she will remember you, hyung!
Kevin : C’mon guys, we’ve to check in! Boarding call will be heard soon!

They are entering the gate and doing some check in. Right now, there are sitting sweet in the waiting room…

Alexander : Euh, International waiting room is so small…
Eli : Well yeah, also we just have two countries to go…I think there isn’t too many people wanna go abroad
Kevin : How long, I mean the time we will spend in plane?
Eli : About 2 hours, I will take a sleep. We’re using AirAsia, there is no any free food… but you know, I like this flight, because it’s so cheap and not too bad. Is there anyone know about Singapore’s history?
Alexander : I know! I’ve read that! I’ll explain to you, listen me well! 

Merlion at Esplanade
Singapore is a small country in the center of South East Asia. Even though it is a small country, it has a big role as a transit place for International Markets, especially Asia. Cities in Singapore have millions colors with an amazing dynamic, includes various cultures, races, and also languages. And they live peacefully with that all pluralism in their modern city which is growing every time!
Pu-Luo-Chung is a word of Chinese, means Island in the top of Penisula. This is a word of the initial formation of the name of Singapore.
In the 14th century, Singapore is a part of Sriwijaya Kingdom which was so big and ruling. Those times, Singapore was known as Temasek. A prince of Sriwijaya visited Temasek and saw an animal similar of lion and since that time, people known Temasek as Singa Pura, means The City of Lions.
In the 18th century, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles from England built a modern city named Singapore as an international market station which is rapidly growing till these days.
While in the World War II, Singapore was under-powered of Japan. After the war, Singapore became a commonwealth country of England, but finally Singapore got its independent on August 9th, 1965.

“Passengers who are gonna leave for Singapore…”

Alexander : Hey, that’s our flight! Let’s go!

They spend about 2 hours in the plane and finally! SINGAPORE!

Alexander : Euh! This airport is so big! So beautiful!
Kevin : So different, right?
Eli : Hhaha..What you mean Kevin?
Alexander : Amazing! Wonderful! Fabulous!  What’s the name? This airport?
Eli : Chang-Ie International Airport. Well, actually we can use subway to reach the city, but our luggage are too much, we’re gonna ride a taxi
Kevin : What hotel we’re gonna stay?
Eli : Em…Orchard Parade Hotel, in Orchard Road
Alexander : WOW! Aha! I know, Orchard Road is really famous than!
Kevin : Yes! Exactly. If you go to Singapore and you have not make any step in this road, which means you haven’t go to Singapore yet! 

Orchard Road
Orchard Road
 Orchard Road is a road in Singapore that is the retail and entertainment hub of the city-state. It is regularly frequented by the local population as well as being a major tourist attraction. Often the surrounding area is known simply as Orchard.
The immediate vicinity of Orchard Road, Orchard Planning Area is one of 55 urban planning areas as specified by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and is a commercial district. It is part of the Central Region, and Singapore's central business district, the Central Area.
During the National Day Rally Speech 2005, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that he would create more landmark buildings to create more fun in the district, partly to keep up with vibrant cities around the region. Orchard Road underwent a $40 million revamp in 2009, with the addition of new street lamps, planter boxes, urban green rooms, street tiling, and flower totem poles. (Taken from:, pics : Anteladan_FakeEli)

They ride a taxi and put their entire luggage in the room and then go out of the hotel for taking some walk…

Eli : Yay! Today’s plan is… observing all malls in Orchard Road!
Alexander : Are you crazy??!! So many malls here!
Eli : Yeah, I’m crazy! Hahaha… okay, just some of them…
Kevin : Guys, how if we go to ION MALL ?
Eli : Great Idea, Kevin! That’s a new mall, although older that Marina Sands Bay
Alexander : What is Marina Sands Bay?
Eli : I think a new huge Mall, I don’t know either, we should go there tomorrow! 

ION Orchard
ION Orchard
ION Orchard has become the "center of gravity" in the retail scene, with spectacular frontage and cutting edge designs and concepts. It brings together the world’s best loved brands for their flagship; concept and lifestyle stores within one development, with over eight levels of intelligently designed shopping space – four levels above ground and four levels below – totaling 66,000 square meters of retail space at the prime site of Singapore’s commercial and shopping artery. 
Inimitable Shopping Experience
Visitors are treated to a unique shopping experience at over 300 retail, F&B and entertainment stores, which will include six of the world’s top luxury brands building their signature flagships in duplex units fronting Orchard Road, international brands and popular high street fashion and lifestyle stores carefully selected for their strong branding and innovative retailing concepts. In addition to the extensive stable of brands, an extensive food hall will offer visitors a myriad of food choices ranging from local favorites to international cuisine. (Taken from:, pics : ANTeladan_FakeEli)

Eli : Yeah! It was great! Amazing! Such as great architecture!
Alexander : Yeah! I think I’ll become a mall-boy! Hahahaha
Kevin : WOW! It was so great! But also expensive!
Eli : Because we’re from Indonesia and using Rupiah!
Alexander : Actually the prices are similar in Jakarta
Kevin : I think so, you mean like… Plaza Indonesia? Or another part of Grand Indonesia?
Alexander : Yeah…
Eli : Well guys, what mall after this?
Alexander : What about… Plaza Singapura? There are some anime, game, manga, and Korean shop! I heard that is a major shopping center in Orchard Road.
Kevin : Great! C’mon! 

Plaza Singapura
Plaza Singapura is a popular contemporary one-stop urban mall with emphasis on fashion, entertainment and food for families and young adults. Located in the heart of Orchard Road, its retail outlets are spread over nine floors with each floor having its own theme.
Plaza Singapura enjoys tremendous traffic with its direct linkage to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT interchange and the North-East MRT line, as well as the proposed LRT line to the downtown Civic and Business District. (Taken from:,pics: wiki)

Alexander : Wuhaa!! I bought SIMS3 orginal version, also some SHINee’s posters!
Eli : I bought Code Geass’ action figure and some mangas!
Kevin : I bought some Kuroshitsuji’s posters! And you know, I saw some posters of us!
Alexander : Yeah! Also some merchandises!
Eli : Ehem…real U-Kiss you guys mean!
Kevin : Ah..yaya…sorry, I mean the real one, not us!
Alexander : Hahaha…yeah! Look likes U-Kiss has become a star in Singapore!
Eli : Well yeah, a month ago, they were specially invited here. I think they have a lot of fans here…
Kevin : Hem…then…right now… I recommended visiting Ngee Ann City!
Eli : Great Kevin! There is a big book store, Takashimaya! I always wanna go there!
Alexander : All right! Okay! Let’s go! 

NGEE ANN CITY is a shopping and commercial centre located on Orchard Road, Singapore. The S$520 million building was officially opened on 21 September 1993 by then Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong. Many Singaporeans refer to Ngee Ann City as "Taka", a slang-abbreviation of the anchor tenant's name, Takashimaya. In fact, this name is now probably more commonly-used in everyday conversation than the building's original name.
Ngee Ann City is a commercial and civic project, the result of collaboration between Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd (NAD) and Orchard Square Development Corporation Pte Ltd (OSDC). The complex emphasizes the continuous philanthropic concern of  Ngee Ann Kongsi  in its efforts to work for the future of Singapore and the Teochew community. It enables the Kongsi to continue with its support of welfare, education and culture.
An architectural wonder standing prominently at the heart of Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City is a city-within-a-city that showcases 7 levels of 110,450 square metres of sheer shopping and gastronomical adventure. Its unmistakably Oriental façade complements its Western interior to create a unique cosmopolitan shopping ambience. This building of polished granite and marble makes a majestic statement along Orchard Road and ranks as a must-visit for every resident and visitor. (Taken from: and

Alexander : Whuaaa!! That’s so great! I like the big screen inside of it!
Eli : Well yeah! They are using HITACHI! Hahahahaha!

Kevin : AH! You’re doing promotion again! But I like TAKA! I bought some books! Heheh..
Eli : Me too! But all of the books are expensive!
Alexander : Yeah, but in Indonesia mangas also becoming expensive
Eli : You’re right! WHAA! What will happen to me if mangas’ price will be so expensive??!!
Kevin : Don’t buy them! Easy!
Eli : Euh! Let’s continue our journey!

They are visiting a lot of malls such as Wisma Atria, Lucky Plaza, Fast East Plaza, Orchard Central (Singapore's first tallest vertical mall), Orchard Towers (which was known as John Little before it was taken over in 2007), The Paragon, Tang Plaza, The Centerpoint, and many more!

Sitting… in front of ION…
Eli : I think my legs are broken!
Kevin : HEY! I’m really tired!
Alexander : How far we’ve walked???!! Oh, God… my legs…!!
Eli : Let’s back to hotel!
Alexander : Hey! What’s that?
Eli : Em.. cream! It’s so delicious, come and try guys!
Kevin : seems like…es potong? Wew! It’s only S$ 1 !!
Eli : Yeah! You can eat with bread or wafer! Ouh guys, beware of your litter! No littering here! You’ll get penalty.

Ice Cream Sandwich (from:google)

They are coming back to hotel… taking rest for the next journey in the second day!

DAY : 01 02 03 04 05 06  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Indonesia would be included in Super Junior Super Show 3

Well, I haven't got any clarification yet about this, just got a news from my friend. Well yeah this was she spoke...

SS3 yg akan dilaksanakan di malaysia di batalkan dan digantikan di indonesia!! (horrayy!!!)

kata kedubes korea,management2 di korea gak bakal ngirim artis2nya ke indo lagi jadi itu PERTAMA dan TERAKHIR kali SUJU ke indonesia.
katanya itu semua gara-gara plagiat..OH...
Good News
SS3 in Malaysia would be canceled and change place to Indonesia.
Bad News
Korean Artist Managements will not send their artists to Indonesia anymore, so that will be the first Suju's visit but also the last. It might be because of plagiarism.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, KIBUM!

Well, actually Kibum's birthday is at 29th December, and now in West Indonesian Time is still 10.50 p.m. but in Korea is 00.50, so... yeah... Saengil Chukka Hamnida, U-Kiss' Kibum. Fake Pops in Seoul doesn't have fake kibum... hope one day that person will come... kekekeke
All right, this is a tweet from Kevin and also the pic... check it out!

cre: kevin's twitter

Saturday, December 25, 2010

[We Got Married] Goguma aka Yongseo - Episode 36

Well, this is about Goguma Couple aka Yongseo in their 36th episode in MBC We Got Married! Hehe, I don't know I just like this episode.
This is the review...
They just came back from their Goguma land to harvest their 2 lines of goguma.
They packed that gogumas and give them to their friends and they just got the last one... so small goguma...
Suddenly, the mission arrived. They had to compose their couple song. Actually Yonghwa had make the melody with some of the lyrics, but they have to make it perfect, so they decided to go to CN Blue's dorm, because Yonghwa's assets are in his room (hahahaha)
While making the song, Yonghwa (as the producer...o__0) made some 'strange' effects which made me laugh alots!

Download the episode : RDRSubs

U-Kiss' Eli is a Cassanova??

U-KISS’s Eli made netizens think of “Cassanova” because of how casual his physical affection was on MBC’s ‘We Are Dating‘.
During the filming of the episode that is set to air on December 24th, Eli and Girl’s Day Jihae enjoyed a romantic date at a skating rink. The two had decided to go  to a skating rink for their second date in order to make up for the awkwardness from their first date.
On this date, Eli proved himself to be both considerate and manly as he: 1) presented Jihae with hot packs because she was cold, and 2) shared his gloves with her. The two were also able to casually get close and have some physical interaction when Eli stepped up to teach Jihae how to skate.
Having been touched by Eli’s action during their skating rink, Jihae returned the favor later that day by presenting a surprise Christmas event for him at the karaoke bar.

Source: TV Daily via Nate + allkpop

Well, just like what I've said in a Fake Pops in Seoul episode, here, Eli is expert in dating since he has dated 10 girls while he was in United States. After watching the 2nd episode of We Are Dating... actually he isn't that good in caring a girl, Soohyun and Alexander are better... or... maybe because Eli doesn't like his new girl friend?? He's to rough while dating Jihae... or maybe because Jihae is older than him? But I think Eli likes an older woman... Personally, I recommends him to date with someone like VJ Isak...hahaha...  -___-''''

[On the Spot] What is Christmas?

ANTeladan TV [On the Spot]

Crew: “Hi everyone! It’s glad to see you again! Today is Christmas Eve, and we’re gonna have a special interview about this! Because out of all members, Fake Eli is the only one of the members who celebrates Christmas, so we are going to see him! Follow me guys!”

(ting tong… the bell is ringing)

Eli : “Oh, hi noona! You’re coming! I’ve waited you! Well I just come back from church and had dinner with my family”
Crew : “Really?? Hehe… well, you should please me to sit, Eli!”
Eli : “Oh yeah noona, you’re right! Welcome to my house! I’m alone right now, and there is no any drink, sorry, I won’t offer you any drink…”
Crew : “Okay, I know you! So I’ll understand. Well, today from ANTeladan TV on the Spot, we’re gonna do some interview about Christmas”
Eli : “All right, I’ll do my best, noona”

Crew : “Em, today is Christmas eve, what actually you have done today?”
Eli : “Em, yeah, this morning I woke up at 8 and then I stayed along my PC, well you know, downloaded a lots of videos, and my mom came at about 2 pm. Actually, the Eucharist was started at 5 pm, for a special day, it would be so crowded, a lots of people will come… so I thought that I had to come early, but I was late! I got a sit outside the church without any roof. I was afraid that it would be rain, because usually almost every day, we get rain after 2 pm, but Thanks GOD, today was no raining at all! After joining the Christmas Eucharist, I had dinner with m family in a Thai Restaurant and then went home”

Crew : “Wow, okay, and you have no any plan this night?”
Eli : “em, no actually, so this is the right time for interviewing! Hahahaha”
Crew : “Okay, you know, I just wanna ask you about Christmas… I think it will be great because it will be revealed how much you know about Christmas, hahahahaha”
Eli : “Eu, I’m quite confident with this. Okay, what is actually you wanna know?”

Crew : “Hem… Is that true that Jesus was born at December 25th?
Eli : “Well Christmas, or Natal in Indonesian comes from natus, natalis means “was born” is a day when the Christian around the world celebrates the birth of Jesus every 25th December.  Well, actually the 25th December might be not the real birth date of Jesus. Because it was too long, yeah took a long time, the archeologists couldn’t predict the exactly date. While Jesus was born, there wasn’t any calendar yet, Since 46 B.C., people used Julian which was made by Julius Caesar, but you know, there was any mistake, so they changed the calendar to be Gregorian calendar, which was made by Pope Gregory XIII.
Because there wasn’t any certainty about the Jesus’ born day, the Christians celebrated Christmas in their own date until finally, The Great Constantine, the first Rome Emperor who was being Catholic, allowed Catholics to do their activities and he also made Catholic to be a official religion (whaa??) in the Emporium. Before knowing about Catholic, Roman used to celebrate the birth of god of sun who was born at 25th December. After they became Catholic, they changed their faith in sun of god to be Jesus Christ, but they still used the date to celebrate Jesus’ born day. So since 354, Jesus’ born day is celebrating every 25th December”.

Crew : “Whaa…so that’s the story? I understand right now. You’re such a great explainer… hahaha… well, what about the meaning of “Jesus”?
Eli : “Em? You mean … that name?”
Crew : “Yeah… Jesus means…what??”
Eli : “Jesus, actually this name has a really great meaning! The word, “Jesus” in Latin is “Iesus” it comes from Greek, “Iesous” and also comes from Iberian, “Yeshua” well actually stands of “Yehoshua” means “God is the savior”. According to the New Testament, after knowing that Mary was pregnant, Joseph got a dream. In his dream, he was told that he had to give a name to the baby, and it was “Jesus”. In the name of Jesus, contains hopes of Saint Joseph, Mary, and all mankind because Jesus was the Messiah or savior, yeah everybody know this”.

Crew : “Whoaa…interesting! Em… about Christmas… do you know where actually that word comes from?”
Eli : “Em, I’ve heard about this, em… let me think… aha! In Indonesia, they say Natal, right? Yeah, it comes from natalis means was born. In Holland, known as Kertmis. In Italy, usually known as Natale. In German is Weihnachten, and France mention it as Noel, besides Spain said it was Natividad. Well, from all those words, they actually have the same meaning; the main point is Jesus’ born day. But people know it as Christmas and still using that word till this time. Christmas is coming from old English Cristes Maesse, means Christ Mass. But you know, during the time… people mention as Christmas.
Sometimes, in the Christmas card, we can found a word, “X-mas”, right? Em, X… actually is a Greek symbol which is read as chi or ki which is the first word of Khristos (Christ). And also, X-mas usually used in an informal one.

Crew : “Wha…so actually it comes from English?”
Eli : “As long as I know, yes, old English”

Crew : “And, this is about… someone, who will be came in Christmas, and he is so popular especially while wearing his red clothe… Santa Clause? What Santa Clause actually is and how he can be a part of Christmas?”
Eli : “Hehe..great… I like this question… well, Santa Claus actually is Saint Nicholas, and church usually celebrates his day in 6th December. He was a really great Bishop. He was so popular among children. He was so popular in Netherland. In 17-18 centuries, Dutch were moved to States. At that time, they still believe in Saint Nicholas. In 1773, in news in the States, there was a name, “St. A. Claus” which was become Santa Claus. In 1890, a famous author, Washington Irving wrote about Saint Nicholas who rides a flying horse-drawn carriage in his book “The History of New York”. In 1823, Clemen C. Moore, an American poet wrote a poem about “The Night before Christmas” which told about Saint Nicholas. He visited some homes which have good children, and he gave a Christmas present to them. Since that time, Santa Claus took a part in Christmas. In 1863-1887, Thomas Nast, drew Santa in cartoon. In 1990, Haddom Sundblom, a designer of Coca Cola Company drew Santa with red clothes and hat. So, Santa Claus is just an imagination of some people which was made in some decades”.

Crew : “Really? Wha, every Christmas Eve I always wait for Santa’s come in my house and give me a gift. But finally I know that the gift was from my dad… ahahahaha”
Eli : “Yeah! Me too! Hahaha! We’re chatted! By our parents! Hahahaha, but I liked to be chatted!”
Crew : “And, Eli, this is the last question! This is about Christmas tree! What about this??”
Eli : “Well, you wanna know about the history?”
Crew: “Yeah…”
Eli : “Allright, in 720, there was a missionary named Wynfrid who worked in German. One day, he was called by Pope Gregory II and he was ordained to be a bishop. He also got a new name, “Bonifasius” means “someone who is doing great”. After that appointment, Bonifasius went back to German. One day, he met some people who wanted to present a child for Thor (their god) which stayed in an oak tree. Bonifasius did his best to cancel the ceremony. Bonifasius cut down the tree and there wasn’t any accidents happen. Because of his actions, the people was started to believe in Jesus Christ. One day…again… hahaha… Bonifasius found a small pine tree grew up in the same place of the oak tree… he thought that the tree was point on the heaven. He just cut down the tree and gave it to the people while saying, “Bring this home and take care of this tree, because it points a place where your King stays on”.
Crew : “Hooo, and I heard about the ornaments, the ideas were come from Marthin Luther?”
Eli : “Yes, Marthin Luther, he was decorated a pine tree with a lot of lamps! What a beautiful!”
Crew : “Whooaa…so interesting hearing your story!”
Eli : “That’s not mine! I just read it before and told to you!”
Crew : “Ah~ Okay, the time is going to over! Viewers, If you have some comments or you wanna ask us about Kpop and Jpop, send your e-mail to or send a mail at our official blog,, for Eli, thanks a lot!

Eli : “Yeah! You’re welcome! A…for all viewers and KissMes around the world, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas!”
Crew : “All right, thanks for watching…”
Crew and Eli : “Take care everyone! Good Bye! Merry Christmas! God Bless You~!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

ANTeladan Christmas Project 03


ANTeladan Christmas Project 02

back cre: google

ANTeladan Christmas Project 01

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

[December Special] Fake Pops in Seoul - Reporting from Pangandaran Part 1

Reporting from Pangandaran (by Fake U-Kiss)

Eli : “Welcome to your happy happy happy music station! This is Eli, and on the spot! What spot I mean? Well, we’re in the train right now! We’re gonna go to Pangandaran!!!”
Alexander : “Ya! You should explain what Pangandaran is!”
Eli : “Okay, Pangandaran is … em… place… I think it’s good for taking holidays there..”
Kevin : “Yo, I heard that Pangandaran is so beautiful”
Alexander : “Just like you, Kevin, hahahaha”
Isak : “Yeah, there are some beautiful beaches, and we also can find so excited forests!”
Eli : “Hhmhm, anyway guys, I feel so hot here!”
Alexander : “We’re in a economic train, Eli, of course so hot!”
Kevin : “And you brings an electric fan??! How long we’ll take for reaching that place?”
Isak : “I think about 5 hours we’ll in this train, then we’ll go by bus for 3 hours, and I’m not sure about the road…”
Eli : “Eh? What’s you mean? Is that really uncomfortable?”
Isak : “I think so… cause I heard that they road is in maintenance, so it will be different from a year before”
Kevin : “Whaa… you know, I just don’t know how to spend time here…we’ll waste so much time for  nothing…”
Alexander : “Yeah, you know, if we have something like… super fast train or subway, I think it will be better”
Eli : “Of course hyung! It also won’t be so hot! There will be air conditioner!”
Alexander : “If I’m president, I’ll think more about transportation!”
Eli : “But you’re a superstar!”
Kevin : “Exactly! Hahaha… come on guys, we’ve to think about our activities to kill the time!”
Isak : “Euh, hahaha…em I have an idea… We’re on air right now, why don’t we discuss about some songs, or latest Kpop and Jpop news??”
Alexander : “You’re so brilliant! Well, today, we have We Are Dating!”
Kevin : “wahahaa! Is that about Real U-Kiss and Girl’s Day, right? I was so excited while watching the first episode!”
Eli : “Bwahaha, this isn’t my responsible, don’t bring me in! hahaha”
Isak : “Actually, Real Eli is the most experienced in dating but also he is the most embarrassing people!”
Alexander : “Bwahaha…okay, I’ll tell you about this new program guys. This is actually done by MBC which also done a famous program, We Got Married. But you know, 97% couples have divorced! They have to think more about this, and one of the solution is … the couple has to date first before getting marry…!! And, 3 members of U-Kiss and also 3 members of Girl’s Day will become the star!”
Eli : “Well, they are Alexander, Eli, and Soohyun”
Kevin : “And also Minah, Yura, and Jihae”
Isak : “Yeah, and they will date for about 3 months!”
Kevin : “You know guys, in this program, revealed that Eli is Casanova!”
Alexander : “Well yeah! He revealed that while he was in United States, he has dated 10 girls, out of them, 3 for serious. He said that in States, the people are so open-minded”
Eli : “Yeah, this is why he is so experienced in dating girls. Hyung, how did they choose?”
Alexander : “Alright, first, all of them told about their first feeling. And Eli, he was so cold Casanova! He just said that actually he’s type is the MC, and also he felt just so so…”
Kevin : “Wuah, If I was one of Girl’s day, I won’t choose Eli!”
Isak : “yeah, he should give some serenade, or just say ‘yes, she is beautiful, or somethin’..”
Alexander : “About Alexander and Soohyun, I think they’re good in treating woman! After telling the feeling, they showed their skill! Soohyun with his powerful voice, Alexander danced on of Girl’s day’s songs, and Eli showed his skill in Taek Kwon Do, but there was an accident! That was so fatal!!!”
Eli : “EH??! What’s that??”
Kevin : “Whaa??”
Alexander : “Eli wanted to show his best kick, but while kicking… his pants was ripped! GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SO EMBARRASSING!!!”
Isak : “GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Then?? What did he do??”
Alexander : “hahahaha!! He changed his pants to jeans! Gyehehehehe!!”
Kevin : “Wahahahaha!”
Alexander : “While he had to ask for dating to Minah, he was refused!! Gayahahahahahah!!”
Eli : “Hahahaahahaha! Alexander with Jihae, Minah with Soohyun, and the forced couple is Eli-Yura!! Hahahahaha”
Alexander : “Yeah! They played a game. The man had to hold the woman and did limbo, actually Alexander is the best!”

(They are chatting so long….)

Finally, they are departing in Sidareja Station at about 6 p.m. and they are continuing they journey with a bus. For reaching Pangandaran, it will be needed about 3 hours with such a horrible road!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

[101216] Fake Pops in Seoul - Teladan's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Teladan!
Welcome to HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY MUSIC STATION! We are U..U..U..U-KISS e..! Fake Sound Fake Sound!

Kevin : Annyeong! I’m Kevina from San Fransisco, eh, Kevin, and I’m your main MC today! Yay! This day is a special day and we get also a special program in our All about You! Because… TODAY IS TELADAN HIGH SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY!! YAY! Happy Birthday our Teladan! And today we will have a lot of activities!
Eli : Kevin!! Come here come here!
Alexander : Here here!
Isak : Hi! Kevin!!
Kevin : Whoa! Those are my hyungs and noona! I’m coming!
Jokwon : Hi! Long time no see! Whoa, you are not change at all, energetic and prettier that flower!
Kevin : Jokwon-hyung! Long time no see! Anyway, what will have today?
Eli : Euh, we have to join the ceremony, look, they’ve prepared all the things!
Alexander : Yo, and it is so crowded!
Eli : I’m taking some rest time from the chorus, so I’m here!
Isak : Yeah, the ceremony will be start soon, take your place guys!

(Indonesia, tanah airku, tanah tumpah darahku…)

Jokwon : Hooaa, finally it’s ended!
Kevin : So, Jokwon, I know that you are a committee, what will we have after this?
Jokwon : Well, yeah, em, we’ll get a TUMPENG Competition at 10am and also fabric painting at noon!
Isak : Whoa, okay, I think I was casted (whaat??) as one of tumpeng team, so I gotta go!
Alexander, Kevin : Hey, me too!
Eli : What? What about me! I have to wait until the noon? Hey, guys but you’ve to help the fabric painting team later!
Alexander : yeah, I will think that first…

(They are going somewhere….while jokwon is really busy)
Eli is walking to rohkat and he’s finding Isak!

Eli : Isak! Whoa, fighting for decorating!
Kevin : Eli! Isak! Hey, guys!

Eli : Hi, Changmin! How are you! Wha, you are so cool today as a chef!
Changmin : Thanks!
Eli : So, what will you make today?
Changmin : Tumpeng of course
Eli : euh..okay..haha…(picking up a black peas) what is this?
Changmin : Eum..jjajangmyun~
Eli : e…jjajangmyun??? Anyway, Kevin, Alexander, Isak, do have any beautiful words for our painting theme?
Alexander : Em, I don’t know…
Eli and Alexander : Whoa! Great great! Okay!

Eli : Em, I can’t do any help, I think that’s enough…they’ve been five
Alexander : Yeah, how do we watch something?

(They are going to rohkat and watching REAL POPS IN SEOUL, ALL ABOUT YOU with REAL U-KISS)

Isak : Euh, real Eli is becoming more girly than Kevin!
Alexander : I think so…
Kevin : Hihiihihi…yeah…
Jokwon : Guys, come on! The painting competition will be started soon!

(While Eli and Kevin are busy painting the fabric, we don’t know what do Isak and Alexander do)

Kevin : Finally, it was ended!
Eli : Whoa…a lot of paints in my hands!
Kevin : You got this too!
Eli : NOOO!! Get away!
Alexander : Eli, this is for you!!
Eli : You know, my hands are dirtier that yours!
Kevin : WHOOAOA!! You’re right! Ahhh~
Isak : Jokwon, jokwon, he has not dirty at all!
Kevin : Jokwon!! Come here!
Jokwon : NOOO!! NOOO!!
Alexander : Saengil Chukka Hamnida…

(singing together, and making Jokwon screams)


Eli : Okay! That’s enough! I’m tired! Peace!
Alexander : hahahahahaha me too!
Isak : hahaha! Eli, you know, yesterday we’re sang and danced! And suddenly there was a head of a boy in the window, and we’re so embarrassing!
Eli : GYAHAHAH!! Really! I know you guys are so embarrassed! Ahahahahahaha!!!!

(Eli gets his phone with some awkward movement…)

Kevin : HYAAHH!! Eli! You’re like a girl!
Alexander : HAHAHAHA! What did you do!???
Jokwon : (imitating) like this like this..
Eli : hey, it’s because my hands are dirty!
(all is laughing)


Hahahahahhaahhaha……(then singing some songs)
A committee: excuse me, if you’ve done, please come out this room, because we’ll see you painting!
Jokwon : wha…okay, guys…come on

(Besides the auditorium)

Alexander : Eli…. Come here!
Kevin : Yeah, come here!
Eli : NO NO NO!!! Don’t approach me! GO GO!!!
Alexander and Kevin : no no…not the paint again…
Eli : your face so foxy! I don’t believe you!
Alexander : Hi, beautiful…
Kevin : Hi, Pretty…
Eli : EUHH!! What is that???!! (shock) Hey, don’t do that in this place, come on, find the right place…
Isak : whahahaha…you’re so bad!
Eli : hahahahahahahahaha….

(they are singing Be Quiet)

Eli and Kevin : Cause your Life, Cause your Mind, Naeapeseo (jebal sarajyeo) sarajyeo (Eli and Alexander is imitating the MV)


Eli : whoa..I gotta go! Bye everyone!
Alexander, Isak, Kevin, Jokwon : Byee, annyeong!
Kevin : Whoa, this segment is going to end, btw, thanks for watching, and we got U-Kiss ft. Hit5 (pengyou) for our video, and Kimi ni todoke for our music today! Take care everyone! Annyeong!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

[J-Dorama Talk] Team Medical Dragon 3

Hi everyone! I’m your host for this program! I’m sorry because I can’t reveal my real name right now! It will be a surprise!

Crew: Well, today from ANTELADANTV is… J-Dorama Talk! For the second time… next to me… there is boy that ..em, did you get some sleep last night?

Mr.X: Euh…I think just 3 hours… I watched this Dorama…then I couldn’t stop! Really curious about what will happen in the next episode!

Crew: Wow… viewers, I think this dorama is such awesome! Okay, Eli! Can you tell us about what dorama you watched last night?

Eli: Yeah! Actually I watched Team Medical Dragon 3! You know, I love TMD (Iryu), I’ve watched all of the episodes, and I was really happy when I knew about the third! A week ago, I wanna download the episodes, but I had to prepare for the tests. And now..!!! WHUAAAA *crazy*

Crew: Ya Ya! Okay okay! So, please tell us about the story!

Eli: Ah~! Your expression is so common! I think you have not watched Iryu!

Crew: Hehe…yeah. So please tell the story!

Eli: Allright! Actually the main theme is same as before, medical and especially about cardiac surgeon, and the main character, ASADA RYUTARO, is a man who brings a miracle, he can change 1% to 100% of any possibilities. In IRYU 2, Noguchi (evil!!), he failed to make his program work, he was sent to US and got an accident. Also, Team Dragon was separated…

In Iryu 3, Kito-sensei (from ER) becomes President Director of Meishin, she wanna change Meshin. She calls back Team Dragon, includes Asada, Arase, Fujiyoshi, Kato, and Ijyuin. With this team, Kito plans to make Meishin better. But, suddenly, Noguchi (seed you! Go away!) comes from US! He also brings a catheter specialist, Kuroki-sensei. He wanna destroy Team Dragon! And…Yeah…!! You have to watch this by yourself!

Crew: Wah~ Okay, because the time is going to end,  I have to say good bye, but this interview will be continued! Don’t miss the next episode! Take care everyone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[On the Spot] Preparing for Christmas

ANTELADAN TV! This is a new program, we're interview a staff of ANT, Eli !!!

Crew : Hi, Eli! What’s up?
Eli : Hi, noona! Welcome to my house!
Crew : Yay! Okay, this is our new program, and this month’s topic is CHRISTMAS!
Eli : Okay, I just woke up when you’re coming, hehehe. You suddenly came without contact me first, noona…
Crew : Hehehe, mian he… but, yeah, could you tell us about what have you prepare for this Christmas?
Eli : Em, well, viewers, welcome to my house! Em, actually tomorrow I’ll have a Physic exam, but you know, just feel little bit tired so I prepare something for Christmas. I already finished decorating my Christmas tree!! And also put some Santa dolls…
Crew : Wow! These decorations are covering the tress!
Eli : Yeah, actually, few years ago, I got a big Christmas tree from my father’s friend, then I bought a lot of decorations, but you know, my house is small, so I think it won’t be match if I put on the big one. So I bought one, the small one, yeah, this one actually… but, because the decorations ball are many, I just put them all, and yeah, as you see here, just like covering the tree…
Crew : HOHOHHO! Interesting!
Eli : You know, actually, this tree is the first one that my family bought by ourselves, becausein the past, we got some Christmas Trees from someone… God Bless You everyone , hahaha
Crew : Really! WOW! Interesting, so… what about the meal? Christmas dinner or something?
Eli : hehehe, I ate my favorite steak last night, and you know, in front of the restaurant, there is a supermarket. I bought a French bread with the sauces, salad, and also some cookies. No one special meal for Christmas dinner…
Crew : So, what about your plan for the Christmas eve?
Eli : Well, I think just like the years before, I with my family will go to church for Christmas Eucharist, then we’ll go home, chat till midnight, pray, then go to bed.
Crew : hohoho, great! Hahaha… Okay, I think that’s all for today! Leave some words for viewers!
Eli : Okay, thanks everyone! Hope you’ll get an AMAZING and UNFORGETABLE CHRISTMAS! Bye!

Happy Javanese New Year!

Yeah! Happy Javanese New Year!

Just like China, Indonesia (Java) has it's own calendar... it's called Javanese Year, and today is the NEW YEAR! It is starting a new year, with this new month, SURA (read: SURO)

In this new year, Wish all the best for everyone, hope we can reach our dream, we're getting better with a new spirit!


Monday, December 6, 2010

[101206] Fake Pops in Seoul - Crowded

Welcome to happy happy happy happy music station!!
We’re coming for the latest K-pop news! You know that… WE ARE… U..U..U..U-KISS eh…Fake Sound…Fake Sound…!!!
Wowowowowowoww!! We’ll be back! And We’ve back! Lalalala~ Fake Pops in SEOUL!

Eli : Hello everyone! Whoa, we’re really sorry because, I said that maybe we’ll back in last Saturday, but actually, we’re coming back right now. Fyuh~ the tests really make us crazy~ And because we’re still in a examination condition, so I’ll become the MC today… Well, today, I just accompanied by Alexander-hyung… I actually met Isak and Kevin this morning but, we just talked about the materials today, history!


Isak : Hem, how the Hinduism and Buddhist came in to Indonesia?
Kevin : At that time, Brahmana from India was invited by our local Kings to lead some ceremonies, then the religions just received by Indonesian…
Eli : Who is the first European who found the way to around the world, and made sure that our earth is like a ball?
Isak and Kevin : Of course, Ferdinand Magelhaens!
Kevin : But actually, he died when he was in Philippine!

(back to future)…

Eli :
Well, right now, Alexander and I are in a class, 211 exactly, we’re for working to finish our stopmotion project. But, you know, … WHOA! What’s that??!!
Alexander : He’s one of TeenTop! HEHEHE!! He’s like mixed Jokwon-Key!
Eli : WHOAA!! Jokwon is always crazy!! Wha! Is that a female version of Kkap Kwon??!!
Alexander : Look at them! 2AM has became crazy, all of them! GYAHAHAHA??! What is actually Changmin doing????

They both are laughing and screaming… What are they doing actually??!!! They even don’t remember that this Fake Pops in Seoul is still airing…

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[101130] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

 Annyeonghaseyo! We're coming for musics and the latest K-pop news, and this is Fake Pops in Seoul!
And... meeting us, Fake U-KISS!!, and this is ...

Eli : Allright guys, it's good to be back here...
Kevin : Yeah, yesterday you just comin' when this segment was ended! What actually you did yesterday?
Eli : You've left me alone! Yeah, I was in a place... not really far actually, but there was someone between us, so it was so hard to chat with you guys. I had gotta prepare a lot of things for our coming up debut!
Kevin : You and Alexander, actually.
Eli : Yeah... Allright so, I'm the main MC today, and today's topic is ... TRIPLE R!!
Alexander : Whats? Triple S is better..
Eli : No! Its a fansgroup of SS501, triple R are Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse!
Alexander : Great! I, Isak, and Kevin would have a presentation about that!
Kevin : Okay, let me tell you about this. We have to control our trash with this system. To save our earth actually...
Isak : Yeah, and we also can make a lot of creative things for this...
Alexander : It will good for our earth if... we can control our trash. First, we have to reduce for using the energy, all of them... let me give some examples. Turn your TV off while you're not watching it, or others electronics, or lamps as well.
Isak : Right, the second one is Recycle. Every household will have a lot of trash, most of them are plastics, bottles, and so on that really hard to decomposed by nature. So, the best action is recycle them  to be another thing.
Kevin : Then, we also can do Reuse! Glass bottle, it will be decomposed by nature, so we can use for others aim.
Eli : Em, so, what do you think about.. you know, these days, there are some companies that also doing Recycle and Reuse. And they produce a lot of things from trash, and get money from it. If, we also doing this 2R, what about them? It will be decrease their production because we got their raw materials and will decrease the salary of the workers as well. So, what about this, guys?
Kevin : Well, actually most of the companies are using machine to do this (using much of energy), and we just something like help, trash are really in a huge amount, I think they will not deficient for the raw materials. We are helping the earth and we try to give a beautiful future for our children and grandchildren, so, I think this one cannot be a problem
Eli : Okay, all right, that's all about Triple R, and we're gonna have some musics, check this out guys! Don't change the channel!

Today's music :  T-ara - Why Are You Being Like This

Eli : Yey, and this is the end our segment today in ALL ABOUT YOU! We're gonna meet again next week, or maybe saturday this week, because we're gonna have the final test starts from tomorrow, so guys please support us for this, so we can do all the tests well, and get the best mark! Thanks for watching! (reading actually), See you next time! Take care everyone!
Kevin, Isak, Alexander : Good bye!!!


[November 30th, 2010] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Leaving Eli

Welcome to a happy happy music program “FAKE POPs in SEOUL”
"It's good to be back, guys! WE ARE... U-KISS! and WE're FAKE"

Kevin: “Hello, I’m Kevin. Welcome back to Fake Pops in Seoul! Yaaay!!!
             Today, my companions are Alexander-hyung and Vj Isak!
Isak: “Where’s Eli?” (Everyone said IHHIIIIY!! But Alexander stared)
Kevin: “Eli-hyung has his own schedule today so that he can’t be here.
Okay…. Our topic today is the ineffectiveness of home work. First, we must ask   to someone elder from me and have greater score. Alexander-hyung. What do you think about Home work?”
Xander: “First I’ll say hello to the viewer!!(Smiled with his special adorable  smile) I think it’s kind of useless stuff since it doesn’t really affect the understanding toward what students have been learned at school. So, there’s no much difference in understanding subject if students get their homework or not.”
Kevin: “WOW!! I absolutely agree with you, hyumg! Hmmm…. Wait a minute….. we have a mail from the viewer!!! ( Everyone cheer up) let’s see…..( Giggle…) here it is …. Because Isak has a cold, why don’t you guys try to speak while  closing your nose! (quickly do the instructure) Whhot do you think abbout home wok? (look at Isak)”
Isak: “I have dthe ssome idea with Xander. Itt is usseless. Itt wasting thime.”
Kevin:” Okay. Xander-hyung, whhot iss music four today?”
Xander:” Kattun, ‘Change the World’ from Japan”
U-kiss & brave sound …you know…it br(Kevin pick it up)
Kevin:” Oh… there is a call from Eli-hyung. “
Eli: “yoeboseo”
Kevin: “ Hello, what’s up hyung?”
Eli: “Xander-hyung, what is the movie for today?”
Xander:” the movie for today is……OHHH ….”
Kevin & Isak: “ELI-HYUNG…..!!!” (SHOUTING)
Eli:” Hi guys!”
Kevin:” It’s sureprising!” (with lovely smile)
Eli:” Actually I have finished my schedule several  minutes ago but I wanna make a surprise for you all  bla…..bla…..bla..”( the next statement aren’t heard by anyone)
Kevin, Xander, & Isak: ” THANKS FOR WATCHING. SEE YOU IN THE NEXT EPISODE. DON’T CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!” (Quickly going away, leaving Eli with his monologue)
Kevin:” Now, you can change the channel.” (Whispering and then going away)
Eli:”what? It is already finished…. We are U-kiss we are Fake (murmured)
Crew:” what’s going on?”
Kring…..kring….kring…. buk prang pring bak… (Chaos)
Viewer:” what is the movie for today?”
Crew:” I dunno. Hey…… call back the MCs!!! We aren’t finished yet!!!”

While the crews fight the chaos, Kevin and Isak have heir lunch…. ( really peaceful)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Alexander's Chemistry Poem

Hi guys, reported by Eli LIVE!
Right now, I was surfing in the internet and finding a poem! Such a crazy poem! I realized that the poem was made by ALEXANDER CHOI! Do you remember about 'Minho's kissing scene?' that really choped Alexander's heart, he dedicated to make a poem for Minho.
Allright, check this out!
We're sorry because the poem is using Bahasa Indonesia, it might be have some different meaning if translated.

Uproar Feels `Chem-version`
Written by Erusanderu Choi
(Alexander Choi ; Souriredelune ; Jovathha ; Sonyeohater)
Specially dedicated to the person who hurt my heart into pieces, Choi Minho (SHINee’s Minho)

Laksana Asam kau kikis hatiku
Memamerkan dengan angkuh sifat korosifmu
Tersenyum dalam seringai kau remukkan aku
Ubah keheningan dalam relungku
Mememerahkan ketenangan hati biruku
Biru yang tenang berubah merah
                Laksana Basa kau ubah rasaku
                Manisnya bayang-bayang indah senyummu
                Tak terecap lagi kala kau khianati ketulusanku
                Hanya pahit dalam rasaku
                Pahit mengecap kenyataan karena sikapmu
                Pahit menahan sakitnya terbodohi topengmu
Mungkin reaksi mengubah rasa ini menjadi netral
Kala asam dan basa yang kau tuang
Tercampur menjadi garam
Tapi sadarkah kau?
Garam asin yang kau tebarkan
Perlahan mengikis kebahagiaan
Tawar yang kubutuhkan, sekejap kau hapus dengan racun garam
Tak kan ada lagi penawar tersisa!
                Aku muak dengan reaksi-reaksi ini
                Tak ingin ku berlama terlarut dalam amarah
                Jerit dan tangisan kehilangan hidup
                Karena kau yang bercumbu dengannya
                Memaksa oksigen cemburu dalam benakku
                Membakar segala kesabaranku
Aku tak sudi lagi menjadi garam natrium
Yang mudah larut dalam lautan air mata
Ingin kukonversikan diriku menjadi Emas klorida
Atau Plumbum Klorida atau raksa Klorida
Yang mampu mengendap
Bersembunyi di dasar lautan air mata
Berlindung dari senyumanmu yang mungkin akan kembali membuatku gila
Ketika kau reasikan garam-garam racunmu yang mengikisku
Aku ingin terus mengendap di dasar
Hingga endogen perlahan-lahan menyeretku
Menepi berlabuh di dermaga-dermaga tampan yang penuh kenikmatan
Dan itu bukan dermagamu
N/b : This is so freaking LOL. Stupid I am. LOL. What was wrong with me when I write these all? It’s really not showing my own self. Oh Damn! LOL. ROFL. (cry)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, our Fake Isak!

Today's Fake Isak birthday! You're turning 17 today! 2010, 28th November
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.
Not just a year older, but a year better.

Remember to treat us tommorow! kekekekeke!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

[101127] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Poops in Seoul in a Raining Day

Welcome back guys! Metting us again, your energetic MCs, Alexander, Kevin, Eli, and Isak!
We're U-Kiss and We're Fake!
Today's main MC is Isak (applause)
and our main topic for today is... Poops in Seoul in a Raining Day

Eli: "What's the meaning?"

Well, before we discuss more about the topic today, Eli wanna give a report on the spot!
We have a bad news from uri Alexander who wanna kill himself because of... something...
You know, while opening allkpop during Graphic Design lesson, Alexander suddenly screamed! He hugged my arm, and said, "I was betrayed by my boy! Listen to my heartbeat!"
He started to sing 2PM's song, only you and wouldn't stop. As far I know, Xander hates 2PM, this isn't a common condition!

Those all are because of SHINee's Minho who did a kissing scene, but this scene is really destroying Xander's heart :))
"Xander, we must finish our stopmotion project! Don't cry!" Eli said. Kekeekkeke
Alexander became calm, then we sang a song from Beast, Beautiful... kekekeke It was fun, xander!

Next, back to the topic...
Poops... Alexander and Eli are working in a stopmotion project which using "poops" as their main topic. Today, they already started to make...
All about poops, yeah, disgusting, right?
So, what about "raining" ?
In the second break time, U-Kiss trio and Isak had a lunch time together...

Eli : "Yes, today we had lunch together, sat in the field, under the trees, and suddenly, a heavy rain was coming! We ran, and found a right place. Alexander was the one who took a really long time for eating, while the rain was coming, he suddenly took away his food and ran away... hahahahaha...."

After all was finished, we had to come back to the class, but it was heavy raining! Finally, we decided to run under the heavy rain! We're finally save, "Yay! It was just FUN!"

Today's music : Beast's Beautiful
Today's video : U-Kiss Singapore Interview for Click Network

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, KEVIN!

Today is Kevin's Birthday! Saengil Chukka Hamnida!
You are 19 right now, 20 in Korean age...
Wish you all the best Kevin! God Bless You!

Seems like Kevin just got a great birthday party from his U-Kiss family! Eli and Isak also tweet for Kevin's Birthday!
Kevin says thanks for all wishes in many times (take a look at his twitter)...hohoho
These some photos:

Today's Arirang Pops in Seoul is airing without Eli

As usual I always do at 3 a.m. (West Indonesian Time +7) -actually at 10 p.m., but today I overslept, so I woke up at 3 p.m.-, watching Pops in Seoul and because this day is Wednesday, It's time for U-Kiss!!! But, someone is missing today, yeah, Eli...
Actually, this episode was taken about 2 weeks ago, while Eli just got injured because he slip while practicing. So, for this episode, Eli is replaced by Isak! And... yeah, Isak and 2 U-Kiss' members are something like... reunion??
Well, this episode also reveals that become an MC at this segment is really hard!
They always have some missions, games, and also punishment, right? (and always uncommon) I think Isak worries about this, hehehe... But, fortunately, because Eli is replaced, so they have change the mission!
But I think today's mission is really fun. They try to act based on a drama I'm Sorry, I Love You. Isak, you should gets an awards for your acting today!
Congrats Isak! But, it isn't just end, in the end of the program, they always worry about who the best MC is, the loser will get a punishment!
Isak! You save! How it can be! She gets 6 votes, while Xander and Kevin just 2!
Because Xander lose (playing Rock, Paper, Scissor), he gets the punishment! Kevin and Isak can hit Xander's forehead! kekekeke!!! Really fun!

Check the photos below:

U-Kiss Interview in Singapore for Click Network

Whoa, U-Kiss were in Singapore last Saturday, right? They were specially invited by Singapore Ambassador to perform at Kingdom of Freedom Concert. They also did interview, I got this from -U-Kiss' International Forum- so please, if you are not a member yet, join us right now! Support U-Kiss!
Yeah, as U-Kiss' fans, we're really lucky, because we don't have to wait to long for english sub! They speak English fluently! We can watch their interview video without any sub!!! However, you have to understand English.
In this video, Alexander is revealing a fans-group of Alexander...hahaha... also, U-Kiss are revealing their opinion for dating a girl. Also, Dongho is chosen as the messiest, kekekeke... Okay, check this video out! Ouh! Don't forget to join

DOWNLOAD via MF (join first, then download it)



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