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[On the Spot] What is Christmas?

ANTeladan TV [On the Spot]

Crew: “Hi everyone! It’s glad to see you again! Today is Christmas Eve, and we’re gonna have a special interview about this! Because out of all members, Fake Eli is the only one of the members who celebrates Christmas, so we are going to see him! Follow me guys!”

(ting tong… the bell is ringing)

Eli : “Oh, hi noona! You’re coming! I’ve waited you! Well I just come back from church and had dinner with my family”
Crew : “Really?? Hehe… well, you should please me to sit, Eli!”
Eli : “Oh yeah noona, you’re right! Welcome to my house! I’m alone right now, and there is no any drink, sorry, I won’t offer you any drink…”
Crew : “Okay, I know you! So I’ll understand. Well, today from ANTeladan TV on the Spot, we’re gonna do some interview about Christmas”
Eli : “All right, I’ll do my best, noona”

Crew : “Em, today is Christmas eve, what actually you have done today?”
Eli : “Em, yeah, this morning I woke up at 8 and then I stayed along my PC, well you know, downloaded a lots of videos, and my mom came at about 2 pm. Actually, the Eucharist was started at 5 pm, for a special day, it would be so crowded, a lots of people will come… so I thought that I had to come early, but I was late! I got a sit outside the church without any roof. I was afraid that it would be rain, because usually almost every day, we get rain after 2 pm, but Thanks GOD, today was no raining at all! After joining the Christmas Eucharist, I had dinner with m family in a Thai Restaurant and then went home”

Crew : “Wow, okay, and you have no any plan this night?”
Eli : “em, no actually, so this is the right time for interviewing! Hahahaha”
Crew : “Okay, you know, I just wanna ask you about Christmas… I think it will be great because it will be revealed how much you know about Christmas, hahahahaha”
Eli : “Eu, I’m quite confident with this. Okay, what is actually you wanna know?”

Crew : “Hem… Is that true that Jesus was born at December 25th?
Eli : “Well Christmas, or Natal in Indonesian comes from natus, natalis means “was born” is a day when the Christian around the world celebrates the birth of Jesus every 25th December.  Well, actually the 25th December might be not the real birth date of Jesus. Because it was too long, yeah took a long time, the archeologists couldn’t predict the exactly date. While Jesus was born, there wasn’t any calendar yet, Since 46 B.C., people used Julian which was made by Julius Caesar, but you know, there was any mistake, so they changed the calendar to be Gregorian calendar, which was made by Pope Gregory XIII.
Because there wasn’t any certainty about the Jesus’ born day, the Christians celebrated Christmas in their own date until finally, The Great Constantine, the first Rome Emperor who was being Catholic, allowed Catholics to do their activities and he also made Catholic to be a official religion (whaa??) in the Emporium. Before knowing about Catholic, Roman used to celebrate the birth of god of sun who was born at 25th December. After they became Catholic, they changed their faith in sun of god to be Jesus Christ, but they still used the date to celebrate Jesus’ born day. So since 354, Jesus’ born day is celebrating every 25th December”.

Crew : “Whaa…so that’s the story? I understand right now. You’re such a great explainer… hahaha… well, what about the meaning of “Jesus”?
Eli : “Em? You mean … that name?”
Crew : “Yeah… Jesus means…what??”
Eli : “Jesus, actually this name has a really great meaning! The word, “Jesus” in Latin is “Iesus” it comes from Greek, “Iesous” and also comes from Iberian, “Yeshua” well actually stands of “Yehoshua” means “God is the savior”. According to the New Testament, after knowing that Mary was pregnant, Joseph got a dream. In his dream, he was told that he had to give a name to the baby, and it was “Jesus”. In the name of Jesus, contains hopes of Saint Joseph, Mary, and all mankind because Jesus was the Messiah or savior, yeah everybody know this”.

Crew : “Whoaa…interesting! Em… about Christmas… do you know where actually that word comes from?”
Eli : “Em, I’ve heard about this, em… let me think… aha! In Indonesia, they say Natal, right? Yeah, it comes from natalis means was born. In Holland, known as Kertmis. In Italy, usually known as Natale. In German is Weihnachten, and France mention it as Noel, besides Spain said it was Natividad. Well, from all those words, they actually have the same meaning; the main point is Jesus’ born day. But people know it as Christmas and still using that word till this time. Christmas is coming from old English Cristes Maesse, means Christ Mass. But you know, during the time… people mention as Christmas.
Sometimes, in the Christmas card, we can found a word, “X-mas”, right? Em, X… actually is a Greek symbol which is read as chi or ki which is the first word of Khristos (Christ). And also, X-mas usually used in an informal one.

Crew : “Wha…so actually it comes from English?”
Eli : “As long as I know, yes, old English”

Crew : “And, this is about… someone, who will be came in Christmas, and he is so popular especially while wearing his red clothe… Santa Clause? What Santa Clause actually is and how he can be a part of Christmas?”
Eli : “Hehe..great… I like this question… well, Santa Claus actually is Saint Nicholas, and church usually celebrates his day in 6th December. He was a really great Bishop. He was so popular among children. He was so popular in Netherland. In 17-18 centuries, Dutch were moved to States. At that time, they still believe in Saint Nicholas. In 1773, in news in the States, there was a name, “St. A. Claus” which was become Santa Claus. In 1890, a famous author, Washington Irving wrote about Saint Nicholas who rides a flying horse-drawn carriage in his book “The History of New York”. In 1823, Clemen C. Moore, an American poet wrote a poem about “The Night before Christmas” which told about Saint Nicholas. He visited some homes which have good children, and he gave a Christmas present to them. Since that time, Santa Claus took a part in Christmas. In 1863-1887, Thomas Nast, drew Santa in cartoon. In 1990, Haddom Sundblom, a designer of Coca Cola Company drew Santa with red clothes and hat. So, Santa Claus is just an imagination of some people which was made in some decades”.

Crew : “Really? Wha, every Christmas Eve I always wait for Santa’s come in my house and give me a gift. But finally I know that the gift was from my dad… ahahahaha”
Eli : “Yeah! Me too! Hahaha! We’re chatted! By our parents! Hahahaha, but I liked to be chatted!”
Crew : “And, Eli, this is the last question! This is about Christmas tree! What about this??”
Eli : “Well, you wanna know about the history?”
Crew: “Yeah…”
Eli : “Allright, in 720, there was a missionary named Wynfrid who worked in German. One day, he was called by Pope Gregory II and he was ordained to be a bishop. He also got a new name, “Bonifasius” means “someone who is doing great”. After that appointment, Bonifasius went back to German. One day, he met some people who wanted to present a child for Thor (their god) which stayed in an oak tree. Bonifasius did his best to cancel the ceremony. Bonifasius cut down the tree and there wasn’t any accidents happen. Because of his actions, the people was started to believe in Jesus Christ. One day…again… hahaha… Bonifasius found a small pine tree grew up in the same place of the oak tree… he thought that the tree was point on the heaven. He just cut down the tree and gave it to the people while saying, “Bring this home and take care of this tree, because it points a place where your King stays on”.
Crew : “Hooo, and I heard about the ornaments, the ideas were come from Marthin Luther?”
Eli : “Yes, Marthin Luther, he was decorated a pine tree with a lot of lamps! What a beautiful!”
Crew : “Whooaa…so interesting hearing your story!”
Eli : “That’s not mine! I just read it before and told to you!”
Crew : “Ah~ Okay, the time is going to over! Viewers, If you have some comments or you wanna ask us about Kpop and Jpop, send your e-mail to or send a mail at our official blog,, for Eli, thanks a lot!

Eli : “Yeah! You’re welcome! A…for all viewers and KissMes around the world, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you’ll have a wonderful Christmas!”
Crew : “All right, thanks for watching…”
Crew and Eli : “Take care everyone! Good Bye! Merry Christmas! God Bless You~!!!


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