Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[On the Spot] Preparing for Christmas

ANTELADAN TV! This is a new program, we're interview a staff of ANT, Eli !!!

Crew : Hi, Eli! What’s up?
Eli : Hi, noona! Welcome to my house!
Crew : Yay! Okay, this is our new program, and this month’s topic is CHRISTMAS!
Eli : Okay, I just woke up when you’re coming, hehehe. You suddenly came without contact me first, noona…
Crew : Hehehe, mian he… but, yeah, could you tell us about what have you prepare for this Christmas?
Eli : Em, well, viewers, welcome to my house! Em, actually tomorrow I’ll have a Physic exam, but you know, just feel little bit tired so I prepare something for Christmas. I already finished decorating my Christmas tree!! And also put some Santa dolls…
Crew : Wow! These decorations are covering the tress!
Eli : Yeah, actually, few years ago, I got a big Christmas tree from my father’s friend, then I bought a lot of decorations, but you know, my house is small, so I think it won’t be match if I put on the big one. So I bought one, the small one, yeah, this one actually… but, because the decorations ball are many, I just put them all, and yeah, as you see here, just like covering the tree…
Crew : HOHOHHO! Interesting!
Eli : You know, actually, this tree is the first one that my family bought by ourselves, becausein the past, we got some Christmas Trees from someone… God Bless You everyone , hahaha
Crew : Really! WOW! Interesting, so… what about the meal? Christmas dinner or something?
Eli : hehehe, I ate my favorite steak last night, and you know, in front of the restaurant, there is a supermarket. I bought a French bread with the sauces, salad, and also some cookies. No one special meal for Christmas dinner…
Crew : So, what about your plan for the Christmas eve?
Eli : Well, I think just like the years before, I with my family will go to church for Christmas Eucharist, then we’ll go home, chat till midnight, pray, then go to bed.
Crew : hohoho, great! Hahaha… Okay, I think that’s all for today! Leave some words for viewers!
Eli : Okay, thanks everyone! Hope you’ll get an AMAZING and UNFORGETABLE CHRISTMAS! Bye!


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