Monday, December 6, 2010

[101206] Fake Pops in Seoul - Crowded

Welcome to happy happy happy happy music station!!
We’re coming for the latest K-pop news! You know that… WE ARE… U..U..U..U-KISS eh…Fake Sound…Fake Sound…!!!
Wowowowowowoww!! We’ll be back! And We’ve back! Lalalala~ Fake Pops in SEOUL!

Eli : Hello everyone! Whoa, we’re really sorry because, I said that maybe we’ll back in last Saturday, but actually, we’re coming back right now. Fyuh~ the tests really make us crazy~ And because we’re still in a examination condition, so I’ll become the MC today… Well, today, I just accompanied by Alexander-hyung… I actually met Isak and Kevin this morning but, we just talked about the materials today, history!


Isak : Hem, how the Hinduism and Buddhist came in to Indonesia?
Kevin : At that time, Brahmana from India was invited by our local Kings to lead some ceremonies, then the religions just received by Indonesian…
Eli : Who is the first European who found the way to around the world, and made sure that our earth is like a ball?
Isak and Kevin : Of course, Ferdinand Magelhaens!
Kevin : But actually, he died when he was in Philippine!

(back to future)…

Eli :
Well, right now, Alexander and I are in a class, 211 exactly, we’re for working to finish our stopmotion project. But, you know, … WHOA! What’s that??!!
Alexander : He’s one of TeenTop! HEHEHE!! He’s like mixed Jokwon-Key!
Eli : WHOAA!! Jokwon is always crazy!! Wha! Is that a female version of Kkap Kwon??!!
Alexander : Look at them! 2AM has became crazy, all of them! GYAHAHAHA??! What is actually Changmin doing????

They both are laughing and screaming… What are they doing actually??!!! They even don’t remember that this Fake Pops in Seoul is still airing…


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