Thursday, December 23, 2010

[December Special] Fake Pops in Seoul - Reporting from Pangandaran Part 1

Reporting from Pangandaran (by Fake U-Kiss)

Eli : “Welcome to your happy happy happy music station! This is Eli, and on the spot! What spot I mean? Well, we’re in the train right now! We’re gonna go to Pangandaran!!!”
Alexander : “Ya! You should explain what Pangandaran is!”
Eli : “Okay, Pangandaran is … em… place… I think it’s good for taking holidays there..”
Kevin : “Yo, I heard that Pangandaran is so beautiful”
Alexander : “Just like you, Kevin, hahahaha”
Isak : “Yeah, there are some beautiful beaches, and we also can find so excited forests!”
Eli : “Hhmhm, anyway guys, I feel so hot here!”
Alexander : “We’re in a economic train, Eli, of course so hot!”
Kevin : “And you brings an electric fan??! How long we’ll take for reaching that place?”
Isak : “I think about 5 hours we’ll in this train, then we’ll go by bus for 3 hours, and I’m not sure about the road…”
Eli : “Eh? What’s you mean? Is that really uncomfortable?”
Isak : “I think so… cause I heard that they road is in maintenance, so it will be different from a year before”
Kevin : “Whaa… you know, I just don’t know how to spend time here…we’ll waste so much time for  nothing…”
Alexander : “Yeah, you know, if we have something like… super fast train or subway, I think it will be better”
Eli : “Of course hyung! It also won’t be so hot! There will be air conditioner!”
Alexander : “If I’m president, I’ll think more about transportation!”
Eli : “But you’re a superstar!”
Kevin : “Exactly! Hahaha… come on guys, we’ve to think about our activities to kill the time!”
Isak : “Euh, hahaha…em I have an idea… We’re on air right now, why don’t we discuss about some songs, or latest Kpop and Jpop news??”
Alexander : “You’re so brilliant! Well, today, we have We Are Dating!”
Kevin : “wahahaa! Is that about Real U-Kiss and Girl’s Day, right? I was so excited while watching the first episode!”
Eli : “Bwahaha, this isn’t my responsible, don’t bring me in! hahaha”
Isak : “Actually, Real Eli is the most experienced in dating but also he is the most embarrassing people!”
Alexander : “Bwahaha…okay, I’ll tell you about this new program guys. This is actually done by MBC which also done a famous program, We Got Married. But you know, 97% couples have divorced! They have to think more about this, and one of the solution is … the couple has to date first before getting marry…!! And, 3 members of U-Kiss and also 3 members of Girl’s Day will become the star!”
Eli : “Well, they are Alexander, Eli, and Soohyun”
Kevin : “And also Minah, Yura, and Jihae”
Isak : “Yeah, and they will date for about 3 months!”
Kevin : “You know guys, in this program, revealed that Eli is Casanova!”
Alexander : “Well yeah! He revealed that while he was in United States, he has dated 10 girls, out of them, 3 for serious. He said that in States, the people are so open-minded”
Eli : “Yeah, this is why he is so experienced in dating girls. Hyung, how did they choose?”
Alexander : “Alright, first, all of them told about their first feeling. And Eli, he was so cold Casanova! He just said that actually he’s type is the MC, and also he felt just so so…”
Kevin : “Wuah, If I was one of Girl’s day, I won’t choose Eli!”
Isak : “yeah, he should give some serenade, or just say ‘yes, she is beautiful, or somethin’..”
Alexander : “About Alexander and Soohyun, I think they’re good in treating woman! After telling the feeling, they showed their skill! Soohyun with his powerful voice, Alexander danced on of Girl’s day’s songs, and Eli showed his skill in Taek Kwon Do, but there was an accident! That was so fatal!!!”
Eli : “EH??! What’s that??”
Kevin : “Whaa??”
Alexander : “Eli wanted to show his best kick, but while kicking… his pants was ripped! GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SO EMBARRASSING!!!”
Isak : “GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Then?? What did he do??”
Alexander : “hahahaha!! He changed his pants to jeans! Gyehehehehe!!”
Kevin : “Wahahahaha!”
Alexander : “While he had to ask for dating to Minah, he was refused!! Gayahahahahahah!!”
Eli : “Hahahaahahaha! Alexander with Jihae, Minah with Soohyun, and the forced couple is Eli-Yura!! Hahahahaha”
Alexander : “Yeah! They played a game. The man had to hold the woman and did limbo, actually Alexander is the best!”

(They are chatting so long….)

Finally, they are departing in Sidareja Station at about 6 p.m. and they are continuing they journey with a bus. For reaching Pangandaran, it will be needed about 3 hours with such a horrible road!!



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