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ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 02

Second day, in the morning…
After waking up, they have breakfast in hotel…

Kevin : So, what kind of place we’re gonna go today?
Eli : Em… wait, this is my list… em… first we’re gonna go to China Town, then Little India. Tonight we’re gonna have some fun at River Point!
Alexander : Ou!! River Point! Is that a Late Night Life?
Eli : Right! Hehe…just sightseeing, don’t buy any drink! Hahahaha…
Kevin : Hoho…so… we ride taxi again?
Eli : Nope. You guys have to try Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)!
Alexander : Okay! In Hongkong it’s known as MTR…
Kevin : Really? In Malaysia, it’s subway…wekekeke…

MRT, pics: google
The Mass Rapid Transit or MRT is a rapid transit system that forms the backbone of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. The initial section of the MRT, between Yio Chu Kang Station and Toa Payoh Station, opened in 1987 establishing itself as the second-oldest metro system in Southeast Asia, after Manila's LRT System. The network has since grown rapidly as a result of Singapore's aim of developing a comprehensive rail network as the main backbone of the public transport system in Singapore with an average daily ridership of 1.952 million in 2009, just over 63% of the bus network's 3.085 million in the same period. (Taken from:
Eli : YAY! China Town! Hem…it’s little bit different with Pecinan…
Alexander : Yeah! Wah… that cake! Egg tart? We can find this cake also in Macao’s downtown, I wanna try them!
Kevin : Buy me some, hyung!
Alexander : Okay! –using mandarin- Gěi wǒ zhège yī, èr, Xièxiè…
Kevin : Hem! Delicious!
Eli : The price is lower than Orchard Road has…
Alexander : Yeah… It’s China! Yeah!
Kevin : Hem! I wanna buy something for my mom…
Alexander : Em, guys, I want to numb 1, wait me here okay?
Eli : Okay!

Alexander : Hi, I’m back! Euh, the toilet isn’t good! Disgusting!
Eli : Ei? Really? Singapore is a clean country… how it can be?
Alexander : Don’t know! So dirty you know…
Kevin : Hwa… It’s China Town! Hahahhaha…

ChinaTown, pics: google
Chinatown is a part of Singapore. Actually 70% Singaporean are Chinese but special Chinese zone is ChinaTown. You will feel like you’re in China while visiting Chinatown. The price is also cheaper than in city. They sell a lot of things you need, includes food, equipments, tools, clothes, bags, and many more. But you’ve to be careful while choosing the things you’ll buy. Not all the things are in good quality. Also, you have to think about the price while you bid. Chinatown is really unique! While visiting Singapore, don’t forget to visit ChinaTown!

Eli : Okay, c’mon, we’re gonna go to Little India! I think there is a MRT station there… so we’ll ride MRT!
Alexander : Okay! Ehm… this egg tart is so delicious!

Egg Tart

They are going to Little India by MRT from ChinaTown station…

Little India, pics: google
Little India is a part of Singapore as well. Little India makes you feel like you’re in India. The buildings, citizens, cultures, languages, and all of things are same as India one! There is a shopping centre known as Mustofa. You can find a lot of things you need in the really good price! But you’ve still be careful about the quality and also while bidding.

Eli : Yay! Little India! Whaaa!
Alexander : A lot of Indian!
Kevin : Hwa…the atmosphere also so… unique!
Eli : I’m little bit afraid of Indian…
Alexander : Anyway, little bit dirty here, right?
Kevin : Yeah! Let’s go to Mustofa!
Alexander : What’s Mustofa?
Kevin : The main shopping centre here, I heard that it has a really good price!
Eli : Yeah, you’re right. C’mon!

They spend a lot their times for shopping at ChinaTown and Little India. The sky has become darker, so they decide to continue their journey…

Kevin : Euh, I think we have to go to River Point right now!
Alexander : Yeah, Eli, can we ride MRT?
Eli : Yeah, we can, Let’s go!

River Point, pics: Anteladan_FakeEli
River Point is an icon of Singapore’s Night Life! It’s a really beautiful place! A lot of people come to River Point. There are markets, you can do shopping there. The price is also great! You can also find various cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malay, and many more! You will see a lot of amazing lampions in various forms! Walking to the other side, you’ll find a real Night Life! A lot of pubs and restaurant! But, be careful, you need a lot of money to buy a bottle of drink! If you are not adult, do not expect to enter the pub! Just taking photos and doing some sightseeing!

Kevin : Wuah! Is this River Point??
Eli : Yeah! A lot of people here!
Alexander : Wuah…it’s almost midnight but they still staying here! HUAA!! Lampions! What a beautiful! Whua… a big river! Is there any ship here?
Eli : Yeah! If you wanna ride ship, you have to go to that point, but a lot of people are queue for the ship, I don’t think so I will join them…
Kevin : Whua! Look, this green tea is cheaper than usual!
Eli : Yes! The price is better, but after going to that side, you’ll get heart attack! Hahahaha
Alexander : I wanna try that food! Whuaaa!!~

Kevin : Hey guys, c’mon! Go to that side! I wanna see what actually that place is…
Alexander : Okay Kevin, wait… I wanna eat this mee up…

Eli : Euy! What an amazing! It’s a night life!
Alexander : WHUA guys! I…I ..just… oh… please! I haven’t found a place like this before!
Kevin : HUA! Look! That price!!
Eli : Well, those are drinks, we are not allowed to drink that. Guys, follow me! I’ll show you an interesting restaurant!
Alexander :
Well, yeah! What restaurant, Eli?

Kevin : OHH!! Is that a restaurant?
Alexander : Hey! They drink from that IV? The chair… is that a wheel chair?
Kevin : Look at the lamps! Is that operating lamps? We should find them all in hospital!
Eli : Yeah! This is Clinic. Actually this is pub, so we cannot enter, so sad but we can take some pictures here!

After walking around River Point, they’re going to hotel and take a sleep for their next journey tomorrow…

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