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ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 06 [Last Day]

Yeah! Finally! This is the last day of this Singapore trip! They just woke up then having breakfast in the hotel. Seemed they start to like hotel’s food.
After having breakfast…

Alexander : Well, I feel I start to like these kinds of food…
Kevin : So do I
Eli : Kekeke… great potatoes, hams, and sausages… with tomato sauces and a plate of salad as the dessert! Delicious, you know!
Kevin : This is the last day guys, just feel little bit disappointed. I wanna stay longer here…
Alexander : Me too. But remember the budget… hahahaa
Eli : Have you guys packed your own belonging?
Alexander : Yes I have.
Kevin : We’re gonna take them out right know?
Eli : Today’s schedule is to visit Istana Park and take some pictures and then go to Jurong Bird Park. Actually Istana Park is not too far from here, and check out time is at 12, so I think it would be no problem if we’ll take them out later.
Alexander : What about Jurong?
Eli : After visiting Istana Park, we’ll back to hotel and save them at hotel’s saver. From Jurong, we’re gonna back to hotel, take them out and then go to airport.
Kevin : Why we don’t board them out before leaving for Istana Park? So we’ll go to Jurong after Istana Park, no need to comeback…
Eli : Em, yeah. Okay… great ideas… Okay, don’t waste time, Let’s Go!

They are walking to Istana Park…

Istana Park, pics cre: wiki
Istana Park, Singapore's premier park, offers a number of unique features not found in other parks on the island.
The Festival Arch is the centrepiece of this park. A 26m long arch rising from a rectangular reflecting pool with slow, flowing water. Standing at a height of four storeys and flying banners and flags during National Day. It is designed to symbolise the gateposts and railings at the Istana Entrance, and it enhances the visual link across Orchard Road. The Festival Arch is a landmark marking the gateway to the Civic District.
The tropical greenery of trees, palms and shrubs will provide a regal ambience to the Istana Park and create an identity gateway to the Civic District.
Fronting the main Istana Gate, the park provides a vantage point for people keen to view the monthly changing of guards ceremony at the Istana. In the evening, the park is transformed into an oasis of light. It is one of the venues identified for the enhanced lighting under the Urban Redevelopment Authority lighting masterplan.
Istana Park is popular with shutter bugs and artists as well as newly-weds. (Taken from :

Alexander : Such a beautiful park!
Kevin : Let’s have some pictures then!
Eli : What’s those plants??

They looked very happy…

Alexander : Guys, I think it’s enough… Let’s go to Jurong Bird Park!
Kevin : Ah! That one! Taxi stand sign!

They are going to Jurong Bird Park by taxi… It takes more than half hour because Jurong is little bit far…

Jurong Bird Park, pics cre: google
The World’s Largest
Opened in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in the world, offering a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for 4,600 birds representing 380 species. Its Heliconia Repository, with 108 heliconia species and cultivars in its collection, is one of the largest in the region. With key attractions such as the Bird Discovery Centre, African Waterfall Aviary, Lory Loft Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary and the award-winning African Wetlands, the Bird Park attracted close to 900,000 visitors in 2009.
Committed towards conservation, the Bird Park is the first in the world to breed the Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise in captivity and received the Breeders’ Award from the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society in 2001. In 2006, the Bird Park became the recipient of the Conservation & Research Award for the Oriental Pied Hornbill Conservation Project by IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity (ISBBC). In Asia, Jurong Bird Park is the only park in the Asia Pacific to have an Avian Hospital. It has a Breeding and Research Centre tasked to ensure the welfare, breeding and promulgation of birdlife and is also an Official Rescue Avian Centre. (Taken from :

Eli : WUAHH!! Such a great place!!!
Alexander : Yeaahh!!
Kevin : Wah! What’s that?? Subway? Monorel?
Eli : Yeah, we’re gonna take that one to look around!
Alexander : Cool!

They are taking birdpark’s monorel and looking around the park…

Eli : Wuahh! Peacock!
Alexander : What a sexy! Those birds! They have very long legs and they are pink!
Kevin : Wuahh!!
Eli : After this, we’re gonna have an amazing bird show!
Alexander : WHUAA! Can’t wait! I can’t imagine!!

After looking around the park, they are watching an amazing bird show!

Alexander : Wha! They are so smart!
Eli : Those swans as well!
Kevin : WHUAA! What a gallant eagle!
Alexander : EH?? That bird is singing??!!
Kevin : Rasa sayange..rasa sayang sayange… eh??
Alexander : And also Anak Kambing Saya! Whuaaa!
Kevin :  This is such a great and AMAZING SHOW!

The show has just ended… they decided to look around again…

Alexander : Hey! Whua…scary owls!
Kevin : Eh? Penguins??!!
Eli : Whaa??!! So cute!
Alexander : I wanna take one of them home…
Eli : Hahahahaha
Kevin : Guys, I think we have to back right now, look at the time
Alexander : Ah, you’re right
Eli : Back to hotel and go to Chang-Ie airport and then go home

They are coming back to hotel to take their belongings.

Eli : Hem, Goodbye Singapore! You’re so amazing! I’ll come back here as soon as possible!
Alexander : Yeah! Thanks for giving us much of loves and experiences
Kevin : Also a lot of entertainments! Although we’d to spend our money here…hahahaa

They are going to Chang-Ie…

“Passengers are leaving for Yogyakarta … “

Chang Ie International Airport

This Trip has just ended! But Fake U-Kiss and ANTravel has not ended yet! We’ll come back for others amazing tours as soon as possible!
Our second episode would be in 3Days 2Night in Malaysia! Don’t missed it!

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