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Thursday, September 8, 2011

U-Kiss Made Their First Official Comeback in Mnet Countdown

Hi, this is Layct Chruno and I'm replacing Fake Eli for a moment because seems he has not ready for posting even an article here. He just came back from his semi-backpacker tour so I'll visit him after this to ask for my gifts...
Well, we're really sorry because it's been a while since ANT made our last post here..
What I gonna write today? It's about our mascot boyband, U-KISS who made their first official comeback in Mnet Countdown today!
It's sad because I cannot get Mnet on my TV so I'll wait for their next comeback on Friday via Music Bank hohohoo...

After making their comeback with their 2nd album, 'NEVERLAND' U-Kiss started to promote a lot, unfortunately, again, their face mascot, Eli even must using a painkiller because of his hurt knee..

U-Kiss' 2nd album has 12 tracks and all is their new songs we even haven't heard them before but Someday -track 4- which is released first a digital single.

Em, I think they got a new style in their songs. You know it makes me remembering Kenny G which his songs are often found in Gramedia, then while you're listening to U-Kiss' songs, you'll feel that you're in a denim store hearing their great western songs hohoho...

Well, you guys should listen their songs yourselves so you can give us your opinion...
Watch their first official comeback below -youtube-


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