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Monday, May 21, 2012

[Review] ASIAN DAY FESTIVAL 2012 + A Message from Heisei#2


We had some competitions including LCC Jepang, Manga Competition, etc. We had numbers of incredible guest stars such as Albatroz, NCBoys, and many more. And we had an ASIAN Festival!

There were some interesting stands there. Look, we had EXTALIA Ice-Cream Sandwich and Singapore's Seafoodballs, ANT Online Shop, Nikkou Ramen, Takoyaki, Super Junior Shop, etc
Find a lot things you need to fulfill your desire on Jpop-Kpop goodies!

As the one who'd been stayed in Japan for a half month, one of our reviewers, Panduaji-san said that the event was great and it's been closed of the real Japanese school of Bunkasai. Well, that means the event was so great, right? Since it was a open-public event, a lots people coming to see and watch what actually we had, what was ANT and of course, the true purpose of this event is to let everyone know about ALL NATION TEENAGERS Club of Teladan!

Ah, the author of 'Padz and Friends' was coming as well, we would say thanks for coming and the latest post of JFest...

More reviews are coming soon...
There below some photos of the event: (click to enlarge the photo)

A message from Heisei#2
Hi, I'm Fake Eli of heisei#2. As a former chairman of All Nation Teenagers club, I appreciate for all of staffs and members how had worked so hard for the event. That was a great event ANT had ever held. Remembering what was happened to us in 2010, that was the 1st time Azayaka was joined as a part of ANT officially, no one knew about us, what club were us and what did we do... even our own school students.

We held an EAST ASIAN DAY Festival by heisei#1 in 2010 with all cost yet it was still so small event. We had Aikei performs at those time but still not enough to entertain and got to be recognized. We won't stop and gave up easily so in 2011, ANT held a blog competition known as 'ABC (ANT Blog Competition). In addition, thanks God since we were trusted by vice-headmaster to hold an internal international competition and festival known 'TEBICO (Teladan Ubiquitous Compeitition 2011)' so that ANT was starting to be recognize eventhough it was still in limited areas.

Those hard work were not easy at all. We bath of sweats, exhausted, under-pressure, and always to be run after deadlines. But those were so fun! That was the true meaning of ANT Family, we can learn and share, spreading the asian ideas thorough the world based on our own cultures.

Seeing how great event heisei#3,#4 was holding, I was so satisfied. A lot of hard works we did in the past have its rewards. ASIAN DAY FESTIVAL 2012 can prove that ANT was not a random club, that we have and done a lot of incredible things for sake of us, school, and entire people as well as our beloved Indonesia.

An addition message for the next generation of ANT, we (heisei#2: All of Fake Eli, Jokwon, Alexander, Isak, Nickkhun, and others who's the name can't be mentioned one by one) hope that next year ANT will give a more surprising events even bigger than this, keep growing, learning and sharing to bring more happiness and better future of entire of Indonesian and other teenagers. 

ANT Chairman of heisei#2,
Fake Eli

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Dapatkan goodies jepang-korea sesuai keinginanmu!
T-SHIRT (Digital Printing)
*Design by Request (Super Junior, SNSD, Infinite, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, EXO-K, EXO-M, SHINee, etc)
*Bahan katun, dingin
*Perbedaan kategori pada kualitas cetakan gambar
*Gambar ukuran A4
*Pesanan >=50 gratis diantar (wilayah Jogja) -untuk semua kategori-
*Kaos dapat diambil di SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta (Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto 10 Yk, depan AMC)
*Pesan diatas 3pcs. DP min 50%
BEST CHOICE (*min pesan 3; pesan diantar (Jogja) min.10; pesan 40 Disc. 10%; pesan 50 Disc. 15%)
-Putih                                      Rp 150.000,00
-Warna Lain                            Rp 160.000,00
SPECTACULAR CHOICE (*pesan min.10; pesan 50 Disc. 10%)
-Putih                                      Rp 70.000,00
-Warna Lain                          Rp 65.000,00
ENJOY YOUR TEES (*min pesan 20; pesan diantar (Jogja) min.25; pesan 50 Disc. 10%)
-Putih                                      Rp 60.000,00
-Warna Lain                            Rp 65.000,00
MUG (pesan antar (Jogja) min. 30)
Lokal                                        Rp 40.000,00 (pesan 50 Disc 10%)
Import                                      Rp 80.000,00
Bunglon (berubah gambar saat kena air panas)    Rp 150.000,00
CAP (Topi bordir)                  Rp 35.000,00 (min. 3)
Poster (Ukuran A3) – (min. 3)
-BEST (Photo Paper)                Rp 100.000,00
-INCREDIBLE                         Rp 50.000,00
-ENJOY                                    Rp 30.000,00
Sticker (ukuran A3)                Rp 70.000,00

Info lebih lanjut, silakan hub : 0816680612;;

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mas Langgeng is coming!

We're gonna have a new mascot!
Here it is...

proudly introduced...

MAS LANGGENG! (sometimes called as Eien-kun)

He will be our new mascot and reporter
Doozo yoroshiku, Mas Langgeng...

Mas Langgeng : "Hi, guys. I'm Mas Langgeng. Doozo yoroshiku. Let's have a fun!"

Mas Langgeng : "Waiting for my adorable expressions? Just stay still, minna~"


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