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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Time to Save WORLD!

These days, Global Warming is one of hot topics in the world. What is the meaning of global warming?

Global Warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and the oceans. That sentence has been made easier to understand, but actually there are some meanings that really hard to say. Global warming is one of global problems, to solve this problem, we need to corporate with all people around the world.

Global warming is caused by several things such as pollution of all kinds, carbon dioxide from rotting trees, the burning of coal, natural gasses and fossil fuels, transportation vehicles, water vapors, and many other things, which contribute to make Global Warming even worse. Try to more understanding the causes, all is made by human, by us indeed. We do our activity in our daily life to get our own happiness, but sometimes we need to look back what the effects would be appears because of it. We need to change our bad habits that make our earth getting worse. Try to imagine our future earth, how if the polar bears being rare? What will happen if the polar ice melts? It would be the end of the world.

To prevent all bad kinds that may happen in the future, we need to save this earth. Actually we can do our daily activities as usual, but change the bad kinds to be the good one. For example, change our daily life to be an eco-life. Using bike to get the school or office would be very helping as the first step. We also can use eco-friendly things, such as paper bag. The most important in this mission to save the earth is Triple R, Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce. We need to care more about garbage. This one would be really helpful. We also can try to make something creative with garbage since it cannot decomposed, for example pencil-case, bag, umbrella, and many more.

Sometimes we think about why we have to save this earth? After leaving this world, we cannot enjoy this world again, do for who actually is it?

First, think about take and give. This earth has given a lot of facilities for us to get our better life, indeed, we need to give back with much love. We will not let this world is just destroyed, we need to save it.
Second, think about the next generations, for our children and grandchildren. They need a beautiful place to life. If this earth becomes such a bad place, they might be would have a bad life.
Seeing all of the effects and also the purposes, we must change our bad habit and save the earth as soon as possible. If all people through the world thinking same about this, of course, the earth would be saved and getting more beautiful.

by: Fake_Eli

Isak's Farewell Pics

Our lovely VJ Isak has left Pops in Seoul after VJing for about 4 years. She has contributed a lot for sharing Kpop to the world. Here her farewell picture from Arirang Pops in Seoul's twitter account...
We love you, Isak!

cre : Arirang Pops in Seoul's twitter

Lady HEEHEE in Singapore!!

Just read Super Junior Heechul's twitter... He is in Singapore and this is the pics he shared ...

cre: Heechul's twitter

U-Kiss' Eli got his Driving License

Few days ago, he tweeted that he was on a exam, it was actually for his driving license..
Yesterday, he tweeted that he has finally just got his driving license! Congratulation, Eli!

cre: Eli's twitter

Friday, January 28, 2011

ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 06 [Last Day]

Yeah! Finally! This is the last day of this Singapore trip! They just woke up then having breakfast in the hotel. Seemed they start to like hotel’s food.
After having breakfast…

Alexander : Well, I feel I start to like these kinds of food…
Kevin : So do I
Eli : Kekeke… great potatoes, hams, and sausages… with tomato sauces and a plate of salad as the dessert! Delicious, you know!
Kevin : This is the last day guys, just feel little bit disappointed. I wanna stay longer here…
Alexander : Me too. But remember the budget… hahahaa
Eli : Have you guys packed your own belonging?
Alexander : Yes I have.
Kevin : We’re gonna take them out right know?
Eli : Today’s schedule is to visit Istana Park and take some pictures and then go to Jurong Bird Park. Actually Istana Park is not too far from here, and check out time is at 12, so I think it would be no problem if we’ll take them out later.
Alexander : What about Jurong?
Eli : After visiting Istana Park, we’ll back to hotel and save them at hotel’s saver. From Jurong, we’re gonna back to hotel, take them out and then go to airport.
Kevin : Why we don’t board them out before leaving for Istana Park? So we’ll go to Jurong after Istana Park, no need to comeback…
Eli : Em, yeah. Okay… great ideas… Okay, don’t waste time, Let’s Go!

They are walking to Istana Park…

Istana Park, pics cre: wiki
Istana Park, Singapore's premier park, offers a number of unique features not found in other parks on the island.
The Festival Arch is the centrepiece of this park. A 26m long arch rising from a rectangular reflecting pool with slow, flowing water. Standing at a height of four storeys and flying banners and flags during National Day. It is designed to symbolise the gateposts and railings at the Istana Entrance, and it enhances the visual link across Orchard Road. The Festival Arch is a landmark marking the gateway to the Civic District.
The tropical greenery of trees, palms and shrubs will provide a regal ambience to the Istana Park and create an identity gateway to the Civic District.
Fronting the main Istana Gate, the park provides a vantage point for people keen to view the monthly changing of guards ceremony at the Istana. In the evening, the park is transformed into an oasis of light. It is one of the venues identified for the enhanced lighting under the Urban Redevelopment Authority lighting masterplan.
Istana Park is popular with shutter bugs and artists as well as newly-weds. (Taken from :

Alexander : Such a beautiful park!
Kevin : Let’s have some pictures then!
Eli : What’s those plants??

They looked very happy…

Alexander : Guys, I think it’s enough… Let’s go to Jurong Bird Park!
Kevin : Ah! That one! Taxi stand sign!

They are going to Jurong Bird Park by taxi… It takes more than half hour because Jurong is little bit far…

Jurong Bird Park, pics cre: google
The World’s Largest
Opened in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in the world, offering a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for 4,600 birds representing 380 species. Its Heliconia Repository, with 108 heliconia species and cultivars in its collection, is one of the largest in the region. With key attractions such as the Bird Discovery Centre, African Waterfall Aviary, Lory Loft Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary and the award-winning African Wetlands, the Bird Park attracted close to 900,000 visitors in 2009.
Committed towards conservation, the Bird Park is the first in the world to breed the Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise in captivity and received the Breeders’ Award from the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society in 2001. In 2006, the Bird Park became the recipient of the Conservation & Research Award for the Oriental Pied Hornbill Conservation Project by IV International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity (ISBBC). In Asia, Jurong Bird Park is the only park in the Asia Pacific to have an Avian Hospital. It has a Breeding and Research Centre tasked to ensure the welfare, breeding and promulgation of birdlife and is also an Official Rescue Avian Centre. (Taken from :

Eli : WUAHH!! Such a great place!!!
Alexander : Yeaahh!!
Kevin : Wah! What’s that?? Subway? Monorel?
Eli : Yeah, we’re gonna take that one to look around!
Alexander : Cool!

They are taking birdpark’s monorel and looking around the park…

Eli : Wuahh! Peacock!
Alexander : What a sexy! Those birds! They have very long legs and they are pink!
Kevin : Wuahh!!
Eli : After this, we’re gonna have an amazing bird show!
Alexander : WHUAA! Can’t wait! I can’t imagine!!

After looking around the park, they are watching an amazing bird show!

Alexander : Wha! They are so smart!
Eli : Those swans as well!
Kevin : WHUAA! What a gallant eagle!
Alexander : EH?? That bird is singing??!!
Kevin : Rasa sayange..rasa sayang sayange… eh??
Alexander : And also Anak Kambing Saya! Whuaaa!
Kevin :  This is such a great and AMAZING SHOW!

The show has just ended… they decided to look around again…

Alexander : Hey! Whua…scary owls!
Kevin : Eh? Penguins??!!
Eli : Whaa??!! So cute!
Alexander : I wanna take one of them home…
Eli : Hahahahaha
Kevin : Guys, I think we have to back right now, look at the time
Alexander : Ah, you’re right
Eli : Back to hotel and go to Chang-Ie airport and then go home

They are coming back to hotel to take their belongings.

Eli : Hem, Goodbye Singapore! You’re so amazing! I’ll come back here as soon as possible!
Alexander : Yeah! Thanks for giving us much of loves and experiences
Kevin : Also a lot of entertainments! Although we’d to spend our money here…hahahaa

They are going to Chang-Ie…

“Passengers are leaving for Yogyakarta … “

Chang Ie International Airport

This Trip has just ended! But Fake U-Kiss and ANTravel has not ended yet! We’ll come back for others amazing tours as soon as possible!
Our second episode would be in 3Days 2Night in Malaysia! Don’t missed it!

DAY : 01 02 03 04 05 06  

Adam Couple's Baby?

Hi everyone! Long time no see!! Feels like we has no posting anything yet until this time but it's allright, because we're finally posting this!

Just wanna tell you something about a photo we found today. Remembering our Isak-noona, she is a Korean-American, right? Well, she is really pretty indeed. So in a breaktime, we tried to search some photos and infos about Korean-American like you'll find at Arirang's site. Suddenly, we found something interesting! A photo of baby and after seeing that photo for few minutes, we suddenly remembered Adam Couple! Well, this is the photo we found, what do you think?

Adam couple

Monday, January 17, 2011

[December Special] Fake Pops in Seoul - Reporting from Pangandaran Part 2

Kevin: ” Welcome back to a very happy happy  music program!!! (Whispered) I think it’s best to called it holiday program. We just arrive at a motel in Pangandaran…. Yay!!!”
Isaak: ” Kevin… we supposed to be together but there isn’t my name in the list!!! (Panic)
Alexander:”Don’t panic, Isak- noona! You still can join us….. Let’s come in!!!!”

DHUak ….GDRUK…TUING… TUING… AHHH (unpacked our belonging)

Kevin:”I am hungry … let’s have dinner. Hmmm…. We still have our roasted chicken.”
Alexander:” OK. Let’s eat…..”
Eli:”How are you guys!” (Came from different room)
Kevin:” Hello, hyung! Are  you hungry?”
Eli:”No, I just take a look. Hmmm…. Are you making a store?” (Looked at a table which contain so many snacks and bottled drinks)
Alexander:” yes. If you want to pay for it, we will give you one of them.”
Eli:” Oh… I see.”
Kevin & Isak:” you must get out of here. We want to sleep.”
Alexander:” yeah. We are so tired after having an earthquake along the way to go here.”
Eli:” I think I should take a nap too!” (Telling to everyone that Eli is strong)

A very long night sleep…………………………………………………………………………………………………

Kevin:” WHOAAAHM (YAWN)…….Oh My God… Xander-hyung danced when he slept…. I almost faced a different part of his body each time I faced him.
Isak:” Let’s do our research about the most easily found kind of fish here!!!”
Alexander: “ Sorry, Kevin!!” (Sheep’s Grin)

Walking in the shore of beach and start gathering information…..

Alexander:” hello mister!”
Fisherman:” Hello.. do you want to sail a boat and do diving to see a beautiful coral?”
Isak:” No. we are here to ask you what kind of fish which is easily found here?”
Fisherman:” We always easily find red kakap, tongkol, layung….and you know… baby tuna is tongkol. We find Kue fish as well.”
Kevin:” What is Kue fish? I have never heard about it.”
Fisherman:” If  in here…..Tongkol is called Kue but in Jakarta is called Tongkol.”
Alexander :” So, Kue and  Tongkol are  the same?”
Fisherman:” NO…NO… NO… Tongkol is the name of  tuna’s baby. If  in Jakarta what it is called as Kue here is tongkol…. The deference is here and Jakarta. It talk about language, local  name… “

( he repeated his explanation times but it make the question “are they the same?” came again)

Kevin:” So, actually the two of them are the same?”
Fisherman:” No.”
Kevin, Isak, & Alexander:” Ha?”
Kevin:” I think we must browse in the internet about it.”

In the end, Kevin, Isak , & Alexander did and do not understand about Kue and Tongkol….?????????????????????????

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Isak leaves Pops in Seoul?? Why?

Hi guys, we shocked after hearing this. Last week Real Isak wrote in her twitter about leaving Pops in Seoul.
But she also said that she still stayed become a host for Arirang's Midday Break. How it can be? This is the news:

Isak, real name Ida Simmons, told fans that she was taping her last episode for Arirang’s Pops in Seoul on January 10th via her Twitter. Isak is part of SM Entertainment and used to be in a duo group with Lina from CSJH The Grace in 2002. Since the hiatus state of their group, Isak N Jiyeon, Isak has been active as a DJ for the radio show Midday Break and as a VJ on Pops in Seoul for Arirang. As she is still part of SM, she has also participated in SM Town albums released in the past.

Isak has been the VJ for Pops in Seoul for four years and she is now departing the show. She expressed on her Twitter, “Off to get ready for my last taping of pops in seoul…4yrs of hosting comes to an end today…:( very sad to leave…”
To show their gratitude and to bid her farewell, fans trended #ThanksIsak on Twitter. Isak thanked her fans for trending #ThanksIsak and reminded them that she will still be hosting her radio show Midday Break at Arirang.
Are you a fan of Isak on Pops in Seoul? Hopefully, we’ll see Isak back in the music industry and on stage someday.
Source: @realIsak and Koreaboo
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang

We tried so search more acticles about this... We found a lot of speculations from her fans...
Someone asked, "Does anyone know why Isak is leaving Pops in Seoul?"
There are some speculations, one of them is "Isak gets pregnat" "She gained lot of weight" and bla bla bla...
Ee..poor you Isak, you just got a new rumor hahahaha
But she might be still stay in Korea since she said that she still hosts Middaybreak...
Well, as your fans, we just hope the best for you Isak-noona... GBU~

[January 16, 2010] ANTRAVEL - Special Report


Narrator: Hi! This is ANTravel’s narrator but today I’m going to be your MC. This is ANTravel Special Report! Well, ANTravel was made for giving infos to travel somewhere. We made this after we get the travel experience. Almost all the countries we write about have been visited by our members. You know, a week ago, our Fake Eli traveled to an Asia’s country… so Eli didn’t post any post for a week. Where did actually he go? We have Fake Eli sitting next to me right now… So, Eli… Where did you go last week?
Eli : Em, I went to China
Narrator : OU! China! Real Eli lived in China before
Eli : Yes…
Narrator : Did you traveled all the cities?
Eli : No… I didn’t. I just went to Beijing and Tianjin
Narrator : Hou! Have you go to China before this?
Eli : Yes, I have. I went to Shenzen in 2008. I’ve also visited Hongkong and Macau
Narrator : Okay, well, this time in China is winter, right? Were you okay?
Eli : Well, actually I like winter, but you know, I got allergy because the weather was too cold…
Narrator : Ou! Really?
Eli : Yeah, But it’s okay now! Since I was back… hehe
Narrator : Well, will you share your experience?
Eli : Indeed. I would be the writer for ANTravel’s China Episode… You know, I met DongHo in China
Narrator : Wah! Really?!
Eli : Yes, and this episode’s MC would be me and DongHo…
Narrator : Great! Can you tell us little bit about your experience? Just like a spoiler alert
Eli : Well, okay… yeah you know, China has got a revolution. If you got to China about 10 years ago, it will be so different from now. China has become a modern country. It’s economic also growing rapidly. But I think they don’t like US so much, I don’t know why, but maybe it is a politic way…
Narrator : Interesting… Well, thank you for coming here
Eli : You’re welcome
Narrator : Well, guys. That was some infos from Eli. He is going to share his experience in ANTravel as soon as possible… Thank you for reading this special report and bye bye!

ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 05

Well, this is the 5th day! They just woke up and having breakfast at the hotel…

Alexander : Yo! This is our 5th day actually!
Eli : Not feel~ so tomorrow is the last day?
Kevin : Waa… anyways, what we will visit today?
Eli : Today we’re going to visit Botanic Garden, NTU, Marina Bay Sands, and we’ll have dinner in a ship.
Alexander : WOW! Great! Don’t waste the time! Let’s go!

They are going to Botanic Garden by a taxi…
After a few minutes…

Kevin : Yeah! Wow! Is that Singapore’s Botanic Garden?
Eli : Yeah…
Alexander : What a beautiful place!
Kevin : Look! This description… Soeharto? Is that the name of the flower?
Alexander : Yeah…look, this is from Indonesia…
Eli : Eu, unique…
Alexander : Wa! There is a COOL HOUSE! Let me in!
Eli : Of course you can!

Botanic Garden, pics:wiki
The Singapore Botanic Gardens (Chinese: 新加坡植物园; Malay: Taman Botanik Singapura or Kebun Botani Singapura) is a 63.7-hectare  (157-acre) botanical garden in Singapore. It is half the size of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew or around one-fifth the size of Central Park in New York. It is the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight every single day of the year, and does not charge an admission fee, except for the National Orchid Garden. The garden is bordered by Holland Road and Napier Road to the south, Cluny Road to the east, Tyersall Avenue and Cluny Park Road to the west and Bukit Timah Road to the North. The linear distance between the northern and southern ends is around 2.5 km (1.5 miles (Taken from :

Kevin : It was great! They are connecting people and plants!
Eli : Well, yeah. Let’s go to the next place!
Alexander : Going to go to NTU? Great! Ah there is a taxi stand!

Driver : Afternoon, where we will go?
Kevin : NTU please…
Alexander : Yeah
Driver : Em, NTU is very big, what faculty you wanna visit?
Eli : E.. em…we wanna ask something about the university and how to enter and the test as well
Driver : Maybe we have to go to student center?
Alexander : Okay…

Eli : Eu, it is so huge!
Alexander : Yeah! I wanna learn here, but is there a medical faculty?
Eli : Yes there is, but I think not for become a doctor. You have to enter NUS if you want. But you know, if you wanna become a doctor, it will be better if you learn in Indonesia, you’ll get the permission easier
Alexander : Really? Ouh…
Kevin : NTU is a technology university, there is no any faculty for become a doctor indeed…

They are asking about how to enter NTU and many more…

NTU, pics: officialsite
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a research-intensive university with globally acknowledged strengths in science and engineering. The university has roots that go back to 1955 when Nanyang University was set up. Today, NTU has four colleges with 12 schools, and three autonomous entities, the National Institute of Education,  the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, and the Earth Observatory of Singapore.
NTU provides a high-quality global education to more than 23,000 undergraduates and 10,000 graduate students. The student body includes top scholars and international olympiad medallists from the region and beyond.
Hailing from 72 countries, the university's 3,000-strong teaching and research staff bring dynamic international perspectives and years of solid industry experience (Taken from :

Eli : Hem, so we have to wait ya?
Kevin : Yeah…the test would be hold in October…
Alexander : Well, Let’s go to Marina Bay Sands!

It needs little bit long time to reach Marina Bay Sands, they get sleep in the taxi…

Alexander : EEE???!!! Is this MARINA BAY SANDS??!?!!
Kevin : WOWOWW!!!
Eli : Yeah, we looked this building before…from that side…Esplanade…
Alexander : Crazy!
Kevin : We should take some pictures!
Eli : Indeed! This is a new mall. There is also a big Casino. And look at that triplet building! Those are hotels, and there is a skypark at the top
Alexander : Too Crazy!!
Kevin : EH? The floor was made from stone?
Alexander : Is this stone?
Eli : I don’t know, but this is a modern mall
Kevin : Yeah!

They are looking around the mall. It is too excited for them…

MarinaBaySand, pics:wiki
Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion, including cost of the prime land.
With the casino complete, the resort features a 2,560-room hotel, a 120,000 sq.m. convention-exhibition centre, The Shoppes mall, an Art & Science museum, two Sands Theatres, six "celebrity chef" restaurants, two floating pavilions, a casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines. The complex is topped by a 340m-long SkyPark with a capacity of 3,900 people and a 150m infinity swimming pool, set on top of the world's largest public cantilevered platform, which overhangs the north tower by 67m. The 20-hectare resort was designed by Moshe Safdie Architects. The local architect of record was Aedas Singapore, and engineering was provided by Arup and Parsons Brinkerhoff (MEP). The main contractor was SsangYong Engineering and Construction.
Originally set to open in 2009, Las Vegas Sands faced delays caused by escalating costs of material and labour shortages from the onset. The severe global financial crisis also pressured the company to delay its projects elsewhere to complete the integrated resort.Although Marina Bay Sands has been compared on scale and development costs to MGM's CityCenter, the latter is a mixed-use development, with condominium properties - comprising three of the seven main structures, being sold off.
The resort was officially opened with a two-day celebration on 23 June 2010 at 3.18 pm, after a partial opening which included the casino on 27 April 2010. It was, however, not finished at the time of the April opening, which was marked by numerous service failures.The SkyPark opened a day later on 24 June 2010. The theatres were completed in time for the first performance by Riverdance on 30 November 2010. The floating pavilions are still being built and are expected to be fully completed by December 2010. The indoor skating rink, which uses artificial ice, opened to a performance by Michelle Kwan on 18 December 2010. The museum is scheduled to open on 17 February 2011 (Taken from:

Kevin : Wa… amazing! So let’s go to the last activity for today!
Eli : Yeah! Have dinner in a ship!
Alexander : Well, should we go to the harbor?
Eli : Yes we should

They are going to the harbor to have an excited dinner…

Eli : Which one the ship we will use?
Alexander : Em… I think that one
Kevin : Is the red one? Chinese style?
Eli : Oh, you’re right! Let’s go this way guys!

Inside the ship…

Alexander : Wuah… the views are perfect!
Eli : The food as well
Kevin : Great experience!
Alexander : I think my mind-set is starting to change…

Kevin : I’m full, Let’s go home…
Alexander : Go back to hotel and sleep…
Eli : Yeah… Tomorrow is the last… we have to charge our energy!
Alexander : Yeah, but I’m going to visit Singapore again in the future… I love this country…
Eli : Well, yeah
Kevin : Me too!

Dinner in a ship, pics: ANTeladan

They are coming back to the hotel and rest… Tomorrow is the last day in Singapore…!

DAY : 01 02 03 04 05 06  


ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 04

It’s the 4th DAY! Our Fake U-Kiss feel bored with the hotel’s breakfast, so they decided to have breakfast at Lucky Plaza.

Alexander : Euh, I think I don’t want to have breakfast here…
Eli : Me too…
Kevin : Em, how if we have breakfast at Lucky Plaza? There are also some Indonesian cuisines…
Alexander : Good idea! Let’s go!

They have breakfast at Lucky Plaza… they also find an Indonesian cuisine restaurant at there…

Alexander : Hem, the taste is little bit different, but it’s okay
Kevin : Yeah, so, what place we’ll get today?
Eli : Let’s check! We are going to go to SENTOSA ISLAND! Tonight we’ll get night safari!
Alexander : WOW! What we gonna ride?
Eli : I think… taxi?
Kevin : Hey! Let’s queue right there!

Driver : Hi, where will you go?
Kevin : Hi, em..Sentosa Island
Driver : Okay…

Alexander : Em.. Sir, what language Singaporean use for daily speaking?
Driver : About 70% is Chinese so, Mandarin. But we also speak in Malay and Tamil. We also have Singlish
Kevin : What Singlish?
Eli : Is that Singapore English?
Driver : Yeah…
Alexander : Wow, em.. Is that the language that…em…english but sometimes you’ll hear as Chinese?
Driver : Yes, that is
Kevin : that’s why the English accent here is unique..Sometimes I can’t understand…
Eli : Yeah, yesterday I heard someone say Coke to be ‘Cook’ and sometimes they use ‘lah’ after talking
Driver : haha, right. Don’t play play lah, don’t do that lah~
Eli : Aiyah, cannot wait any more, must go oreddy
Alexander : Euh…so interesting! Hahha…

Singlish, sometimes known in the academic community as Singapore Colloquial English, is an English-based creole language spoken in Singapore. According to the 2000 census, 71% of Singaporeans are literate in the English language, although there is no way to know who among these are Singlish speakers. Singlish is commonly regarded with low prestige in Singapore. For this reason, more basilectal forms of Singlish are not generally used in formal communication.
The vocabulary of Singlish consists of words originating from English, Malay, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi and to a lesser extent various other European, Indic and Sinitic languages, while Singlish syntax resembles southern varieties of Chinese.[citation needed] Also, elements of American and Australian slang have come through from imported television series and films.[citation needed] In the last two decades, an increasing amount of Mandarin words have found their way into Singlish because Mandarin Chinese is taught to most Singaporean Chinese students in school. Japanese words are becoming more common as young Singaporeans become exposed to Japanese culture, particularly through Anime. (Taken from:

Alexander : We finally step on SENTOSA ISLAND!
Eli : Yeah! Finally!!!
Kevin : FINALLY meol-reo ji ji man da si boot-jap-eul soo eob neun nae mam-eul a-ni…
Eli : Whaa!! That’s the bus!! Let’s go guys!

In the bus…

Alexander : Whaa..Those dinosaurs look real!
Kevin : Yeah! Whaa…

Few minutes later…

Eli : Yeah! We’ll ride that one guys! Em…here is written… we can see Singapore, Malaysia, and Batam!
Alexander : WOW! Really! C’mon!
Kevin : I’ll take a special seat!!! Byee…
Eli : Don’t leave me alone!! HEY!!!

Eli : Beautiful!
Alexander : Hangover!
Kevin : Hey, don’t think about BigBang!
Alexander : This is so beautiful!!! Is that Malaysia?? Where is Batam??
Eli : I think that one!
Kevin : Whuaa…I can see overseas of Singapore! Wonderful!

Alexander : Let’s try gondola!
Kevin : Okay!!!
Eli : Indeed!!!

Eli : I’m flying!!!
Alexander : Ouh ouh…I’m dreaming!!!
Kevin : I’m okay. You guys are too excessive!

Eli : Right now, we’ll go to IMAGE OF SINGAPORE!
Alexander : What’s that Eli?
Eli : Museum
Kevin : emm…
Alexander : AH~ I don’t like museum!
Eli : Hey…so far different from museums in Indonesia!

They go to the museum and … speechless…

Alexander : Hey! Those pictures are talking each other!
Kevin : That woman are suddenly appears!
Eli : She’s appearing from that water!
Alexander : MAGIC!
Kevin : Hey! Is that a doll?? I thought it was real!
Eli : Whuuaa…A lot of cultures…
Alexander : Pluralism!
Kevin : Eh…that’s Indonesian house!
Eli : You’re right! WOW!!

is too amazing for them….

Alexander : It was so great!!
Eli : Yeah! Whuuaa…
Kevin : So…where will we go?
Eli : That huge Merlion! Let’s go!
Alexander : YOOO!!

Inside the Merlion…
Eli : Thank you… (talking with a receptionist). Guys, we have to take these coins, we’ll get a gift after looking around
Alexander : Ou..using our fortune!
Kevin : Guys! I can see overseas the Sentosa Island from here!!!
Alexander : Whaatt??? Whooaa! You’re right!
Eli : Can we scream right here?
Kevin : I think we can!
Alexander : WAAAAAAA…!!!!
Eli : Euh, Xander, your voice are to small…
Kevin : That’s our Fake Xander’s style!

They have finished looking around the Merlion…

Eli : Euh, I get a doll!!
Kevin : I get a pocket! What about you Xander?
Alexander : Sticker…. -__-‘’’
Eli : Wahahaha! Congratulation!
Kevin : Wha…almost 6pm! You said that we’ll watch a show at 6?
Eli : Right! We have to quick!

They’re going to watch THE SONGS OF THE SEA…

Songs of the Sea, pics: google
As the 25 year old Musical Fountain ceased operations in March 2006 to make way for the development of Resorts World Sentosa, a new musical fountain was introduced in view of the closure of Magical Sentosa.
The new musical fountain was built at Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island, near Beach Station. The Songs of the Sea is a multi-million dollar sea spectacular that showcases a dazzling display of pyrotechnics, lasers, water jets, flames, computer animation, captivating music and performance by a 'live' cast.
Construction work on the Songs of the Sea began in January 2006, and completed in February 2007. The show made its debut in March 2007. In the first year of its operation between 27 March 2007 and 31 December 2007, Songs of the Sea was watched by 991,723 guests. This proves the show to be a success and favorable among guests (Taken from :
They are so excited while watching the show…after watching…
Eli : That was a great show!
Alexander : Amazing! How it can be?
Kevin : They just used the water and some lasers?? What a great show!!
Eli : I’m so tired…
Alexander : Me as well. How to back?
Kevin : Ride a bus! That one!
Eli : Okay!! At the bus station, we have to find MRT station and then back to hotel…
Alexander : Okay! Let’s go!

They are coming back to hotel for their next activity…

Eli : Hey narrator! I’m tired!! What activity???!!
Alexander : Yeah! I’m so tired~
Kevin : Ah, I see. Is that Night Safari?
Eli : Ou! Night Safari! We had have been ordered tickets for today’s Night Safari!
Alexander : Okay! All my tired has gone away! Let’s go! Hahahahaha!

In the hotel…

Bellboy : Welcome…
Eli : Thanks. A, excuse me. We wanna go to the Night Safari, we have been ordered the tickets for today, but I heard we have to arrive from hotel?
Bellboy : Ah, you ordered in our travel agent? You have to go to that corner then you will find the counter
Eli : Okay…

Travel’s personal : Hi, can I help you, sir?
Alexander : Em, we had have been ordered tickets for today’s night safari. This is the tickets, but we don’t know what we have to do…
Travel’s personal : Em… yeah, these are for today. Our bus will arrive at 9 p.m. I think it would not be a long time, you can wait for a moment…
Alexander : Ou, so we would be picked up here?
Travel’s personal : Yes, Sir
Alexander : Okay. Thank you
Travel’s personal : You’re welcome!

They are waiting for the bus at the lobby… finally the bus is coming…

Kevin : WUHA! That’s the bus!
Travel’s personal : excuse me, that’s the bus. We’ll arrive 15 minutes later…
Eli : Yeahh!! C’mon guys!

They are reaching the Night Safari … The travel agent has prepared everything. They just need to sit and follow the command… Finally, it’s show time!

Alexander : Ouh! This car is very unique! Seemed like … a… Jurassic Park!!
Eli : Wakakaka! Right! Well, can we see the animals? It’s too dark!
Kevin : Yeah… whuaa! It’s started!
Alexander : Look guys! Right way! Wuah… small bear!
Kevin : Whaa!! Those are hippos??!
Eli : Guys! White tigers!! Wonderful!

Night Safari, pics:google
Night Safari, the world’s first wildlife park for nocturnal animals is an nine-time winner of the Best Visitor Attraction Experience, awarded by Singapore Tourism Board. This internationally acclaimed leisure attraction embodies innovation and creativity in products and services, and service quality, thus attracting more than 1.1 million visitors yearly. Over 1,000 animals from 115 species (of which almost 30% are threatened) inhabit the 40-hectare park.
In line with its mission to promote biodiversity, the park focuses on the captive breeding of threatened species. Over the years, it has bred Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, fishing cats, red dholes, anoas, markhors, bantengs, Malayan tapirs and Asian lions, among other endangered species. A visitor’s experience at Night Safari is not limited to animals but extends to experiential dining segments with the park’s award winning Gourmet Safari Experience, where visitors dine onboard a tram traversing the eight geographical zones. The park can be explored either on foot via three walking trails, or by tram. Night Safari is part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore and is a designated wildlife rescue centre by the governing authority (Taken from :

Alexander : Wuahh!! Great Safari! We don’t have something like this in Indonesia! Hahahaha!
Eli : Yeah! Usually I don’t like to go to the zoo…but this is too different!
Kevin : Well, it was great! So, we have to back to hotel and sleep!
Alexander : Yeah!

They’re coming back to the hotel and taking rest for the 5th day!

DAY : 01 02 03 04 05 06  


Monday, January 3, 2011

All Nations Teenagers' New Schedule

Every Tuesday
start : Jan 18th
Room : 207
Teacher : Prima-sensei

Every Monday
start : Jan 17th
Room : 207
Teacher : Dita-sunbae

English Debate
Every Saturday
start : Jan 22nd
Room : 207

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fake U-Kiss Chef

Hi everyone! This is Fake U-Kiss and we're ready for... FAKE U-KISS CHEF!

It might be little bit different from the real one, in this segment, we’re gonna give you some recommendations about food and cuisine although sometimes the food are made by us!
  • Chef 01 - Sweet Chocoberry Pancake
  • Chef 02 Wagyu Steak [Well-done] with mesh-potato by R&B Restaurant
  • Chef 03 – Hamburger by R&B Restaurant
  • Chef 04 – Hotdog by R&B Restaurant
  • Chef 05 – Basilico French Bread + Sweet Corn Soup
  • Chef 06 – Batagor from Pangandaran
  • Chef 07 – Seafood from Pangandaran
  • Chef 08 – Chinese Chicken Corn Soup by Pastello
  • Chef 09 – Salad by Pastello
  • Chef 10 – Fried Rice with Sunegg by Pastello
  • Chef 11 – Tanderloin Steak with Black Pepper Sauce by Pastello
  • Chef 12 – Chicken Vegetables Macaroni Soup
  • Chef 13 – Shin Ramyun
  • Chef 13 Soto Sulung Malabar

Saturday, January 1, 2011


ANTRAVEL - Hey World! We are coming!
ANTRAVEL is a new segment of ANTeladan TV at ANTeladan!

We’re traveling around the world! We want to learn about the languages indeed, the cultures, cuisine, clothes, traditional dance, lifestyle, and many more! Hosted by Fake Alexander, Eli, and Kevin!

Don’t forget to join us!

Episode 01
Singapore [6D5N]

Special Episode
Indonesia-Yogyakarta [3D2N]

Episode 02
Malaysia [3D2N] - Coming soon!

Episode 03
Indonesia [Jakarta]

Episode 04
Thailand [Bangkok-Pattaya]

Episode 05
China [Hongkong-Macao-Shenzhen]

Episode 06
China [Winter in Beijing and Tianjin]

Episode 07
Australia [Brisbane-Gold Coast-Melbourne]

Episode 08
Australia [Sidney Special Backpacker Tour]

Episode 09
Eternity Travelling [Holy Land includes Jordan, Israel, Palestine -Christian&Catholic-]

ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 03

This is the third day… same as before… They are having breakfast in the hotel…

Kevin : So, today is our third! Where we gonna go?
Alexander : Eli! Do you have any idea?
Eli : Yes, I have. We’ll go to Esplanade!
Kevin : What’s that?
Alexander : Aha! Near The Fullerton Hotel! It was used as a lane for F1!
Eli : Exactly Right! Hem, I think we have to ride taxi… Em, excuse me sir (talking to a bellboy), can you find a taxi for us?
Bellboy : Okay, wait a minute, sir… ah, that one…
Alexander : Ah! Thank you!
Bellboy : You’re welcome! Have a nice trip today!
Kevin : Thanks! 

Merlion at Esplanade,pics:ANTeladan
Icon of Singapore is in Esplanade. Before it was built, a Merlion in Sentosa island is the icon, but it was changed. Near the Merlion, there is a great design building. From that point you can also see others amazing buildings on the opposite one.

Alexander : Ho…so…this is Esplanade! Is that the Singapore’s icon? A lion with a fish tale?
Eli : Yes! We have to take some pictures here!
Kevin : Huah…the river is so beautiful! Em, what’s that? Like a durian?
Eli : It is a theater building… of Esplanade… Yeah, I like the design! So much!
Alexander : Amazing, guys! Euy, what’s that? Triplets building? With a … em… ufo? He?
Eli : That’s new! Marina Bay Sands! Tomorrow we will go there! Those triplets are hotel, it has a skypark at the top, also an amazing swimming pool. While swimming, you’ll feel that you’re swimming in the sky! Such a great place! 

SkyPark, pics: google
The Sands SkyPark is an awe-inspiring engineering wonder. This unique structural masterpiece, designed by visionary architect Moshe Safdie, floats atop the three soaring Marina Bay Sands hotel towers 200m in the sky.
Stretching longer than the Eiffel tower lay down or four and a half A380 Jumbo Jets, with an impressive 12,400 square meters of space, the Sands SkyPark can host up to 3900 people. The gravity-defying cantilever is one of the largest of its kind in the world. From this privileged observation deck, hundreds of visitors at a time can feast their eyes on the unforgettable panorama view.
  • 200 meters in the sky
  • Landscaped gardens are home to 250 types trees and 650 types of plants12,400 square meters of space big enough to fit three football fields
  • Exclusive restaurants including The Sky on 57, helmed by Singapore’s celebrity chef Justin Quek
  • A spectacular public observation deck that can host hundreds of people
  • A 150-meter infinity swimming pool, the world’s largest outdoor pool at that height
Swimming Pool of SkyPark, pics: google
Home to luxury rooftop restaurants and lounges, the Sands SkyPark will offer exclusive perks to hotel guests and a taste of the good life to lucky visitors. Whether you come for a gourmet meal, a refreshing cocktail, or to simply revel in the unsurpassed views of Singapore and the new national Gardens By The Bay, you will be forever captivated by the spellbinding Sands SkyPark. (Taken from:

Kevin : Huahh…!! So…this is… Singapore’s Universal Studio??!!
Eli : Guys! Take a photo right there! That globe is the main icon of Universal Studio!
Alexander : Eh? What's that? Candy shop? So cute!
Eli : Oh yeah! we should go there! 

Universal Studio, pics: ANTeladan
Resorts World Sentosa Private Limited is the leisure and gaming company that owns and operates Singapore’s biggest Integrated Resort, a 49-hectare development called Resorts World Sentosa. The mega resort is located on Singapore's holiday island of Sentosa. (Taken from:
You will find a lot of fun at Universal Studio! They are some zones, Hollywood, Lost Park, Far Far Away, etc. Also some areas out of Universal Studio, Festive Walk, Marine Life Park, Maritime Xperiental Museum. You will get a lot unforgettable memories after watching a lot of shows and performances there. Don’t forget to watch Voyage de La Vie! For adults, enjoy your money at the Casino! They always have big prizes for you guys!

Alexander : HUWAAA! I wanna try that want!!
Eli : Kevin, that one seems interesting! Accompany me!
Kevin : Yeah yeah! I love this!

They are playing around the Universal Studio, watching some shows, shopping indeed. They are really spending their day at Universal Studio. The time is 11.00 p.m. …

Alexander : Wuaahh! That was so amazing! I’m very happy!
Eli : Yeah! But you know my legs… ouh…
Kevin : Let’s go! I think we have to back right now. So satisfied!
Eli : Obvious! Okay! I’ll call a taxi…

Candylicious, pics: ANTeladan

They go back to the hotel and take a sleep! They still have 3 more days started from tomorrow, so they have to take a rest for the next journey! 

DAY : 01 02 03 04 05 06  

Happy New Year! Welcome 2011!

Say Goodbye and Thank You to 2010!
We welcome you, 2011!
Hope you guys will get better in all your things in 2011!
Hope ANTeladan will become bigger and success!
Hope our seniors will get their dream university!
Hope we will get better in our languages skill!
Wish All The BEST for this year!


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