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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Key reveals SHINee is in the Midst of a New Album

SHINee’s Key recently appeared on the March 29th broadcast of Love Chaser, where he dropped some surprising news – SHINee is in the midst of producing a new album!
He created a short video message for his grandmother, speaking in his native Daegu dialect. The devoted grandson cheered, “Grandmother, SHINee is preparing our new album now, so you have to critique it again.  I love you!
Check out the subbed clip below!

taken w/ full credits: Allkpop

U-Kiss awe Kpop fans on M!Countdown

Today, 7 boys of U-Kiss came back to stage with their new hit song, "0330". Opened by "EVERY DAY", U-Kiss showed their skill in both of singing and dancing. Their skills were really shown up while bringing 0330. Eli did the opening rap, followed by Hoon's wonderful voice which is wrapped by Kevin's. As usual, their dance looked so simple, but actually they did very very good at the formation. Check their performance below!

[Chef] Soto Sulung Malabar

SOTO is one of Indonesian Cuisines. Commonly, it's looked a yellow limpid soup with some cuts of cabbage and sometimes we would fine carrot as well. Indonesia is too wide to have just one variety of Soto. Almost in every region has it owns style of Soto. What I would tell is Soto Sulung which is made by Madurans (An island above Java). This is my favorite one, SOTO SULUNG MALABAR. It is soooo DELICIOUS! Actually it's a simple soto, with pieces of meat, and a boiled egg.They serve separate between the soto and the rice.

Soto Sulung Bride... :D
If you wanna try their unforgettable taste, go to Jalan Wates YOGYAKARTA, it lays on besides a plastic shop, it facing the north. For more information:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Chef] Wagyu Steak with mesh-potato by R&B Restaurant

Well, this is one of my favorites food, but I can't eat it anytime I want because I have to spend almost half of million rupiahs to get this food. Before I explain you about how the taste could kill you, I'm gonna tell you about R&B Restaurant.

R&B Grill - Indoguna Meatshop & Grocery
We provide Wagyu beef, Black Angus beef, US beef,
Australian beef, lamb chop, sausages, pasta, cold cuts, assorted cheese, seafoods, dairy products, breakfast items, organic vegetables and outside catering.
R&B Grill Reservation
Telp. (0274) 563 617
Indoguna Meatshop & Grocery
Telp. (0274) 563 617
Fax. (0274) 563 649
Jl. R.W. Monginsidi 37 Jogjakarta (

Well, R&B is not only restaurant but also meat shop. You can find various meat, vegetables, salad, and the sauces & mayonnaise. You can find a lot of import food products as well. They also sell BEN&JERRY's Ice Cream which is VERY VERY DELICIOUS!
All right, going to our main dish... WAGYU STEAK with Mesh Potato and Vegetable Salad. This is the most expensive steak you'll find on R&B. Well, I always ask them to cook it well done, but it depends on you. This steak is really special because it has no any lard which is so bad for health. It is served with potato and vegetables salad (w/ optional dresses). You also can choose the potato as usual.
No need to wait for a long time, waitress will serve it hot plate as soon as possible. While cutting the first piece, you'll get the fantasy how luscious it is!

Eating the meat will make you feel so amazing! The special extraordinary sauce will wrap your tongue and bring it to heaven of taste! Well, don't forget to eat the potatoes and salad!
If you have not try it, come to the restaurant, order, and enjoy your meal!

ANT got three new additional members!

Not only U-Kiss who got new members, so does ANT. Starting today, ANT officially announces that we got three members, which is appointed as FAKE Top, FAKE G-Dragon, and FAKE Onew. Our fake G-Dragon and fake Top are always going anywhere together, they also good at rap. Onew, this is special request from him, even it's still on debating, we have to decide as soon as possible, so we had choose him as our fake Onew. Congratulation to you, guys! Welcome to All Nation Teenagers!

U-Kiss releases their dramatic MV, 0330

After releasing their 5th Mini Album at 00.00, U-Kiss unleashed their mainstay MV, 0330.  With two new additional members, AJ and Hoon, they show up with a new concept as well. Preceded by piano's strains, it runs well with great melodies. Hoon shows up his wonderful voice which  is wrapped by Kevin's beautiful voice. Eli and AJ's rap goes well and it heard amazing, sometimes AJ's rap reminder me to Alexander. Em, Kiseop, I wish I could hear you voice, obviously. Well, stop talking about their great voices, what about their appearance?

I think there is no any problem with their face because they are idols, I mean their costumes, hairstyle and others. Hoon, well, he appears well with his currently style. AJ, I'm not sure, but I think he looks like SHINee's MinHo, maybe because of his hairstyle. Then, Eli, he comes up with such a new style, but it still great! Kevin, he looked more mature, doesn't he? Soohyun, Kiseop, and DongHo have not too much difference than before.

Now is about their choreography. I think I cannot give more comments because they have not show their full choregraphy yet, just waiting for their comeback tomorrow. Check their 0330 MV out!

cre: youtube,

1TYM's Without You versus SM*SH's I Heart You

SM*SH (Seven Man As Seven Heroes), an Indonesia booming boyband had debute with their hit song, I Heart U. A while after debuting, two opposite sides came up to support and reject them. Their fans, known as SM*SH Blast always keep support on their idol. What about ANTI-SM*SH? They always get reasons to degrade them, sometimes about plagiarism, not creative, and so on.
Well, this post just wanna show about something that our staff found (this issue actually had became trending on sites) A song just found, A Korean Group, 1TYM from YG Family, they released their song titled WITHOUT YOU in 2003. "This song is too similiar with SM*SH's I Heart U", almost all people who had heard said. They added, "From the beginning, verse, will remider us with I Heart U". What you guys think? If you have not heard it, DOWNLOAD THE SONG (1TYM's Without You) HERE (via mediafire, cre:sana), and DOWNLOAD (SM*SH's I Heart U) HERE (via 4shared, cre:bieholic) . Then give some comments!

1TYM - Without You

SM*SH - I Heart U
video cre: youtube

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[Photos+Download] U-KISS 5th Mini Album Bran New Kiss

U-Kiss 5th Mini Album - Bran New Kiss 0330
DOWNLOAD [full cre: ihoneyjoo]

They have such a nice concept for their 5th mini-album. Visit their homepage then you'll find a cute concept hahaha... Well, today, I mean they just released their 5th album... As I said above that they have a sweet concept which is really different from their 4th. Check some their photos below:







VOTE U-KISS on M!Countdown! Let them chance to be #1 !

U-Kiss' Kevin trending #BranNewKiss at 12a.m.

Today's 12a.m. KST but here I sat down is still 10p.m. U-Kiss just released their new album 0330!
Kevin are online right now on twitter! If you're KISSME, go to twitter and trending #BranNewKiss right now!
Oh, Eli just arrived and tweets about BranNewKiss!

Check their official site out! here

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bran New KISS is ready to hit world!

New U-Kiss had announced that they would comeback on 30th March. Eli and Kevin also tweeted about their 0330 teaser! Check it out guys!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

[Video] U-Kiss in Medan, Indonesia

Some videos of U-Kiss while visiting Medan for their 2nd mini-concert... Hope you enjoy! Thanks for uploader :D

Credits: dorkyKiwi + iamteeya + QQtaralover +

[Update] U-Kiss in Medan, Indonesia

Well yeah, after searching for a few times, we got new updates of them...
You know, at the banner was wrote "The 1st Korean Pop Boyband in Indonesia", what's the meaning, by the way...
I won't comment a lot, let's check it out!
cre: ukisspoland, twitter


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