Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U-Kiss releases their dramatic MV, 0330

After releasing their 5th Mini Album at 00.00, U-Kiss unleashed their mainstay MV, 0330.  With two new additional members, AJ and Hoon, they show up with a new concept as well. Preceded by piano's strains, it runs well with great melodies. Hoon shows up his wonderful voice which  is wrapped by Kevin's beautiful voice. Eli and AJ's rap goes well and it heard amazing, sometimes AJ's rap reminder me to Alexander. Em, Kiseop, I wish I could hear you voice, obviously. Well, stop talking about their great voices, what about their appearance?

I think there is no any problem with their face because they are idols, I mean their costumes, hairstyle and others. Hoon, well, he appears well with his currently style. AJ, I'm not sure, but I think he looks like SHINee's MinHo, maybe because of his hairstyle. Then, Eli, he comes up with such a new style, but it still great! Kevin, he looked more mature, doesn't he? Soohyun, Kiseop, and DongHo have not too much difference than before.

Now is about their choreography. I think I cannot give more comments because they have not show their full choregraphy yet, just waiting for their comeback tomorrow. Check their 0330 MV out!

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