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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fake Pops in Seoul is Visiting Universitas Gadjah Mada Part 2

Hi, this is Eli, reporting from Faculty of Economical and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. Universitas Gadjah Mada is one of best universities in Indonesia also the best university in Yogyakarta. The Faculty of Economical and Business also one of the best and oldest faculty in Indonesia, so they’re very experienced indeed.

We are about 60 students visited this faculty to get more information about campus life and about the faculty. Universitas Gadjah Mada is too big, so we need to ask someone to find the faculty which is actually has a wide area. In the front of the old building, they are still building a new one.

All right, we enter the audio visual room and the room is great enough. I believe they pay more for the audio visual installation. Well, after waiting for a while, Mrs. Lia and Ms. Sekar was finally coming.
Ms. Sekar is still young. She is pretty with his curly hair, but believes that she is actually not a student but a lecturer. She has double degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada and a university in England. She studied Economical.

After greetings, they showed us a video about Faculty of Economical and Business. They actually have a lot of partners through the world. The Dean, Prof. Marwan Asri, MBA, Ph.D. also gave some speech on the video. Instead, some foreign students also gave their opinion about the faculty.

After watching the video, Ms. Sekar shared her experience during her study in UGM and little bit while she was in England. She said, “To choose the right faculty you’ll enter, you should look yourself in the future”. She also said that to get A and IP 4.00 on the faculty is actually not hard at all. Well, she also said that the plus value of UGM’s student is the attitude. She asked us to count these words, ‘KNOWLEDGE’, ‘HARDWORK’, and ‘ATTITUDE’. A-Z means 1-26. Knowledge is 96, Hardwork is 98, and Attitude is 100 means that even we have a lot of knowledge and we always put a lot effort on our works, if we don’t have the attitude, it will become useless.

Well, in the midst, the vice Dean, Mr. Wihana came. He gave some speech about the faculty too. Some of our friends asked them for some questions. They asked about how to apply the faculty, the rumor between science and social student, also the benefit of graduated from economic faculty while we want to be an entrepreneur.

After an interactive seminar, they allowed to us to look around the faculty. It’s big and comfortable. But we don’t have longer time to look around, so we came back to school.
That’s all I can tell you about our visiting to Faculty of Economical and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, thanks for reading, anyway.

Fake Pops in Seoul is Visiting Universitas Gadjah Mada Part 1

Hi everyone! I’m Eli and I’m reporting live on the spot!
Today, the second generation of All Nation Teenagers will visit Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. We want to know more about campus life and also the faculties. Well, today Fake Pops in Seoul member will be separated into some faculties. I’m gonna interview others here, so follow me guys!

Eli : OuH! Finding you! Hi, Jokwon annyeong!
Jokwon : Eli! Annyeong!
Eli : Em, what faculty you’ll visit today?
Jokwon : Em, Technique
Eli : WOW! Amazing! Can I know why?
Jokwon : Yes, em, I just wanna be a architect or interior designer, you see
Eli : Wow great! OK, thank you, hyung. Guys, we’ve just interviewed Jokwon, and he gonna go to the Technique Faculty. Don’t leave me because I’ve just found another one… Hey! Nickkhun!

Nickkhun : Hey, you!
Eli : Yo! Sawadikaapp~ hehehe. Well, what faculty you’ll visit today?
Nickkhun : Em… Medicine
Eli : HOWOOW! So, you’re gonna be a doctor?
Nickkhun : E.. you’ll see in the future..
Eli : Hehe, Okay! Ah! Alexander and Kevin! Chotto matte kudasai!
Kevin : Hi, Eli!
Alexander : Hey, you! What’s up?!
Eli : Hi you two! Hey, anyway, what faculty you’ll visit today?
Kevin : Pharmacy!
Alexander : Medicine…
Eli : WOOW! Great!
Jokwon : Eh, so what bout you?
Eli : I’m gonan visit the Economic and Business Faculty… that’s my 3rd choice actually, but I think I’ll enjoy it… Anyway, where’s Isak?
Alexander : Don’t know..
Eli : Hwa.. do you know what faculty she’s goin to visit?
Kevin : Same with me…
Eli : Hoo.. Great! So friends, have a nice time!
All : You too…

Well, readers, besides them, there’s Fake Megan Fox who’ll visit Destistry. I’ll continue my report later from the faculty of Economic and Business. Stay tune on ANTeladan TV!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

[110605] Fake Pops in Seoul - Fake JYP Held a Solo Concert in Jogja?!

Fake Kevin: Reading Fake Pops in Seoul without Fake U-Kiss, like meatballs without salt, like an avocado juice without choco milk…
Fake Eli : And Fake U-Kiss without Fake Eli!!
All : Euhh…
Fake Alexander : O hisashiburidane minna-san!
Fake Isak : Hi, everyone! I’m coming for today’s Fake Pops in Seoul! Well guys, does anyone wanna say something before I start this program?
All : No no…

Fake Isak : Okay, Well! Hi guys! We’re very sorry because we’ve not appeared for a long time! We’re really busy after holding a competition then we need to prepare our semester exams which hold starting tomorrow. And, our Fake Kevin is preparing for his upcoming Olympiad of Astronomy.
All : Huwoow… (applause)
Fake Isak : Well, today’s topic is actually … em.. little bit confusing. I don’t know why I have to post this as an episode of Fake Pops in Seoul?
Fake Eli : Me too…
Fake Alexander : Yeah…
Fake Kevin : What topic is that?
Fake Isak : You know, We finally found a Fake JYP! He even hold a solo concert in our school last Saturday!
Fake Alexander : AHHH!! I see! That man!

Fake Isak : Yeah! Guys, last Saturday, we went to school without any book we brought because there wasn’t any school time. Teachers asked us to go to the auditorium and attended a seminar about how to prepare ourselves for upcoming exams for entering a university. Suddenly! We heard a man sang a song! Then he sudden appeared from a side door with a star quality performance!
Fake Alexander : Yeah! I thought that he‘s looked like JYP! So I just told Jokwon!
Fake Eli : Yeah! I heard that and absolutely agree! Then we just said, “JYP!!”
Fake Kevin : Ah, I didn’t at that place… I need to prepare for astronomy…
Fake Isak : Poor you Kevin! Our Eli tried to take a photo of him, but he failed to get a better one, because he just used a mobile phone’s camera…
Fake Eli : Yeah… But I’ll share this photo…
Fake Isak : Hehehe.. I think it’s enough! We need study Indonesian and Pkn for tomorrow’s test! Good bye everyone~

Fake Alexander : Ah, before leaving, guys, thanks for supporting us and we hope that you will support us to continue to update this Fake Pops in Seoul program, also please pray for us so we can pass our semester exams well, and we'll get our best score~
Fake Eli : Yes, everyone please support and pray for us... and for you who will face exams too, Let's face the exams with our all burning passion!!~ hehe... see ya!

Kpop Artists -Super Junior, Girls' Day, The Boss, X5, Park Jung Min- Pound Indonesia!

LAST NIGHT! Indonesia, focused JAKARTA was shaken by SUPER JUNIOR, GIRL’s DAY, THE BOSS, X5, and PARK JUNG MIN! Organized by WProduction, Indonesian Kpop fans’ whishes have been granted!

On KIMCHI, KOREAN IDOLS MUSIC CONCERT HOSTED IN INDONESIA, some Kpop artists made Indonesian fans feel ecstatic! On a swarm’ shouts, they showed their best performance.
The concert was so rousing from the beginning until it was ended.

I think Indonesian E.L.F. were the most exuberant because they’ve felt so regret after knowing some news that Super Junior had several time failed to come to Indonesia and last night, finally they came! They brings some their hits song with 2 more members from SUJU M. Unfortunately, Shiwon couldn’t come to Indonesia because of his drama schedule. But he sent a video message to Indonesian fans that he loves them all, even he said that in Indonesian. Check this video out!

Shiwon also sent a message to Agnes Monica and asked her to tell Indonesia fans that actually he really wanted to come to Indonesia.

Super Junior brought some hit song, such as Bonamana, Perfection, No Other, etc.
Indeed, Super Junior is the one who made Indonesian fans became hot and hot… but the others performances also so amazing! Photos are taken from with FULL CREDIT, also the videos are taken from youtube.

SHIWON's Video Message for Indonesian ELF

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U-Kiss met up JD Relic!!!

Today’s we’re gonna discuss about JD Relic who met U-Kiss about 3 weeks ago!
Well, this is actually a late post because it happened almost 3 weeks ago, I’m sorry guys, but I cannot stop my desire to tell you guys (who haven’t known about this) that JD Relic actually visited South Korea and he met some Kpop artists including U-KISS!

Maybe some of you will ask about who JD Relic is. Well, JD Relic is a fame songwriter and singer comes up from Youtube. He covered some Kpop songs in English and his voice is really really wonderful. Check his covering songs below.

He worked with a asian girl, Ashilia (I think she is Korean, and maybe they’re a couple) covering some Kpop songs. THEN! In May, he visited South Korea and he met some artists such as U-Kiss. They were actually in a same studio, even he uploaded some his photos with U-Kiss members on his facebook.

JD Relic, who comes from California, accompanied by Kevin, Eli, and AJ on the studio and I think they’re become closer. You know, even after JD Relic went back to the U.S., Eli tweeted that he cannot forget him~
Well, these days JD Relic is becoming fame and fame and I think, if you haven’t seen any videos of him, don’t wait too long! Just click the videos below and hear his wonderful voice!

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U-Kiss' Kevin tweeted, "SELAMAT PAGI"

Hi, guys! Long time no see!
I'm fake Eli and i'm back reporting a news about Kpop artists!
Yesterday, U-Kiss' Kevin tweeted something on his twiiter, he said, "Selamat Pagi" (which means: Good Morning)

"Good morning to you, Kevin!" although you type "Selemat Pagi" before correcting it! hehe~
God Bless You from Indonesia and ANTeladan!

credit: Kevinwoo91


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