Sunday, June 5, 2011

U-Kiss met up JD Relic!!!

Today’s we’re gonna discuss about JD Relic who met U-Kiss about 3 weeks ago!
Well, this is actually a late post because it happened almost 3 weeks ago, I’m sorry guys, but I cannot stop my desire to tell you guys (who haven’t known about this) that JD Relic actually visited South Korea and he met some Kpop artists including U-KISS!

Maybe some of you will ask about who JD Relic is. Well, JD Relic is a fame songwriter and singer comes up from Youtube. He covered some Kpop songs in English and his voice is really really wonderful. Check his covering songs below.

He worked with a asian girl, Ashilia (I think she is Korean, and maybe they’re a couple) covering some Kpop songs. THEN! In May, he visited South Korea and he met some artists such as U-Kiss. They were actually in a same studio, even he uploaded some his photos with U-Kiss members on his facebook.

JD Relic, who comes from California, accompanied by Kevin, Eli, and AJ on the studio and I think they’re become closer. You know, even after JD Relic went back to the U.S., Eli tweeted that he cannot forget him~
Well, these days JD Relic is becoming fame and fame and I think, if you haven’t seen any videos of him, don’t wait too long! Just click the videos below and hear his wonderful voice!

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