Sunday, June 5, 2011

[110605] Fake Pops in Seoul - Fake JYP Held a Solo Concert in Jogja?!

Fake Kevin: Reading Fake Pops in Seoul without Fake U-Kiss, like meatballs without salt, like an avocado juice without choco milk…
Fake Eli : And Fake U-Kiss without Fake Eli!!
All : Euhh…
Fake Alexander : O hisashiburidane minna-san!
Fake Isak : Hi, everyone! I’m coming for today’s Fake Pops in Seoul! Well guys, does anyone wanna say something before I start this program?
All : No no…

Fake Isak : Okay, Well! Hi guys! We’re very sorry because we’ve not appeared for a long time! We’re really busy after holding a competition then we need to prepare our semester exams which hold starting tomorrow. And, our Fake Kevin is preparing for his upcoming Olympiad of Astronomy.
All : Huwoow… (applause)
Fake Isak : Well, today’s topic is actually … em.. little bit confusing. I don’t know why I have to post this as an episode of Fake Pops in Seoul?
Fake Eli : Me too…
Fake Alexander : Yeah…
Fake Kevin : What topic is that?
Fake Isak : You know, We finally found a Fake JYP! He even hold a solo concert in our school last Saturday!
Fake Alexander : AHHH!! I see! That man!

Fake Isak : Yeah! Guys, last Saturday, we went to school without any book we brought because there wasn’t any school time. Teachers asked us to go to the auditorium and attended a seminar about how to prepare ourselves for upcoming exams for entering a university. Suddenly! We heard a man sang a song! Then he sudden appeared from a side door with a star quality performance!
Fake Alexander : Yeah! I thought that he‘s looked like JYP! So I just told Jokwon!
Fake Eli : Yeah! I heard that and absolutely agree! Then we just said, “JYP!!”
Fake Kevin : Ah, I didn’t at that place… I need to prepare for astronomy…
Fake Isak : Poor you Kevin! Our Eli tried to take a photo of him, but he failed to get a better one, because he just used a mobile phone’s camera…
Fake Eli : Yeah… But I’ll share this photo…
Fake Isak : Hehehe.. I think it’s enough! We need study Indonesian and Pkn for tomorrow’s test! Good bye everyone~

Fake Alexander : Ah, before leaving, guys, thanks for supporting us and we hope that you will support us to continue to update this Fake Pops in Seoul program, also please pray for us so we can pass our semester exams well, and we'll get our best score~
Fake Eli : Yes, everyone please support and pray for us... and for you who will face exams too, Let's face the exams with our all burning passion!!~ hehe... see ya!


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