Saturday, November 20, 2010

About Us

ANT [All Nations Teenagers] is a multi-languages club in Yogyakarta Teladan High School. We learn about other languages, cultures, life-styles, and many more. ANT was debuted under Sekbid V of OSIS BTB. In this new generation, we have two sub-groups, they are English Debate Club and Azayaka which playing around Japan and Korea.
ANT has three main programs and four weekly programs.

Our main purpose is not just having fun, but to get achievements. In fact, during our operation time, we had took some awards and chalices in Japanese and English. Also we have some achievement in K-pop singing and dancing.

These days, ANT has already have about 70 members. We will work harder in this year, so please support us!

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  1. Study Outside
    • Members are going to practice their English, Japanese, or Korean during their task to interview some foreign tourists in public places (Malioboro, Borobudur, etc).
  2. Film Festival
    • ANT will open a small cinema in school. This program is opened for public. We hope Teladan's students can improve their speaking skill and also get more knowledge.
  3. Asian Day Festival
    • Japan, Korea, China festival. There will be any stands for bazaar and also some performances from Azayaka and external groups.
  1. English Debate Meeting
    • Routine meeting for practice.
  2. Japan-Korea Meeting
    • Routine meeting for practice.
  3. Joining English Debate Competition
  4. Joining Japan-Korea Competition 

We also have a mascot idol, U-KISS!
We chose U-Kiss for our mascot idol because they are a Ubiquitous Idol. They speak in over than 6 languages! They can communicate with their overseas fans easily. Our staff also learn a lot from them. We watch their variety shows (which a lot English there) also try to imitate them.


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