Wednesday, November 24, 2010

U-Kiss' Members are Love their parents

Well, just a post reveal about what u-kiss' members will do for their parents in a "Parents' Day". Check this out, guys!

“I want to go to Macau and buy them delicious food” – Alexander
“A house! In the future, wouldn’t they be happy if I buy them a nice house as a present?” – Kevin
“I want buy them a house as a present too” – Eli
“Money! It might be too realistic, but wouldn’t it be better that they can buy whatever they want?” – Kibum
“I’m a realistic person so I want to give them money as a present” – Soohyun
“Eating delicious meal with my parents on Parent’s Day, and give them the money that I’ve earned. I think that they’ll be proud” – Dongho
“My saving book and card! It contains all my efforts and very precious” – Kiseop

Credits: KISSHOLIC (Source) + Su Gyeong (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng Trans) + Mimi@contiukiss (Eng trans for Alexander’s part) + CherylWoo@UkissmeAsia


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