Monday, November 22, 2010

[101122] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - The Date Palm Tree

[November 22nd, 2010] Grand Opening of Teladan’s ANT Official Blog and THE DATE PALM TREE

Hello, we are Cookies Alexander, Chocolate Kevin, and Cheese Eli!
We are... U-KISS!!! We are... FAKE!!!

Our today's topic is... THE DATE PALM TREE!!!

Eli : "Hi guys, today's main MC is me!! yay! So, what's happened with THE DATE PALM TREE??!!"

Kevin : "Hmmmm...... I think it's delicious when you it the fruit with ice cream!"

Alexander : "There's no any relation between the sun gives energy to living things and the date tree is called teh queen of trees because of its many uses"

Eli : "Wait, guys. I think our viewers don't understand what we just chat! Well, today we have an English class w/ our lovely teacher, Mrs. Nanik. She just gave us some sentences and a thesis. We have to make a paragraph with the thesis and all the sentences using analytical words as well. But, there is a problem, the thesis and the reasons don't have any relation at all. It will be awkward! We think we have to make some new sentences to make this paragraph better! Anyways, the topic of the paragraph is DATE PALM TREE. So guys, please continue your argument".

To be continued...


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