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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Special INBOX Live in Korea

T-ara w/ Bo Peep Bo Peep
 I was shocked by Isak’s text… “ Go watch S*TV right now, they’re in Korea”. I said, “What? Where? Korea? But I just watched D’ Masiv”

Hehehe…actually, they’re live in Korea. Well, sponsored and supported by a Korean Home Shopping company, INBOX was held in Korea invited Indonesians who live in Korea. Some Indonesian artists gave their max performances, including Iis Dahlia, Yuni Shara, Syahrini, and D’Masiv. But not just Indonesian, they showed us two Korean girl bands, T-ara and 4Minute! Also a duo group.. em I forget their group name. Well, the antusiasm of the viewers there was good. Syahrini also taught them a new trend language, “SESUATU” (say it with all our sexy charisma)…

INBOX’s MC also were taught some Korean words like “Annyeonghaseyo, kwenacana yo, gomapsumnida, arumdawayo… etc” Well, they said this special live concert was held to support Indonesians who work at Korea, because during these time, they’ve made a good work. Isak and I found something wrong here, "Why Indonesian boybands didn't appear in this show??"

pic cre: Anteladan

Farewell Party for Mr. Andar

Mr. Andar is one of favorite teachers in Teladan. He taught civil and he is very talented speaker and so funny, indeed (We was impressed by his speak). He always gave us great motivations to become better and better. After years teaching in Teladan, he asked to become a headmaster in a private high school. As his students and children, we held a farewell party for him. In the party, he said to us that we’re sibling and never be apart. He said to become salt and light of the world. We will be together forever because we’re sibling and best friends at the same time. Mr. Andar also said that some his students tear for his leaving, but he promised he will work harder in his new work place but we must also work harder for our study. Thanks to Mr. Pur who leaded us to pray.
We took some pictures with Mr. Andar and other teachers who came. Actually I don’t have the others, but I have this one. Congrats to Mr. Andar, thanks for your all goodness, have a good work at your new place, God will always blesses you ever…

Fasting Month is Coming, so Let Him Throws Our Sins Away

Hi everyone! I’m Fake Eli. I was just felt as a XII grade student and it’s an amazing challenge. We must study more and more and we need to change some habits like watching anime and dorama everyday… yes, we’re no longer do that, just in the weekend.

But today, actually is a holiday because Moslems are preparing to enter a holy month or fasting month or Ramadhan which is really really important month before Aidil Fitri. Moslems believe that if we fast in that month, God will give more and more reward or desert, yeah well, the point is… Ramadhan is a really really important month.

Well, not only the holiday we got in early of fasting month, but we’ll come home early too! Hehehe, but it’s just not the shorter time of school, but yeah, I understand how hard doing the fast, so Ganbatte! Especially for our fake Jokwon, fake Isak, fake Alexander, Fake Nichkkun, Fake Kevin, Fake GD, Fake TOP, and all members of ANT! Also for our sensei! (eh, I heard that she’s pregnant anyway)

pic cre: google

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Online Registration

Selamat datang di ANT Official Blog. 

Petunjuk pendaftaran online:
1. Download file formulir DI SINI atau kopi form (paling bawah) ke notepad atau Ms word anda.
2. Isilah sesuai dengan ketentuan yang tertera di sana.
3. Kirim file tersebut ke:
4. Kami akan segera mengkonfirmasi form yang anda apply.
5. Pendaftaran dibuka mulai 3 Agustus 2011-20 Agustus 2011.
6. Technical Meeting akan dilakukan pada 22 AGUSTUS 2011.

Jangan lupa VISIT ANT's page on Facebook : HERE


Nama Lengkap:
No. Absen:
No. HP:

MAJOR (boleh lebih dari satu):
-hapus major yang tidak ingin anda apply-
Alasan bergabung:

Alasan bergabung:
Anime/manga favorit:
Jdorama favorit:
Jpop/Jrock artist favorit:
Pernah belajar bahasa Jepang: (Pernah/Belum)

Alasan bergabung:
Kdrama favorit:
Pernah belajar bahasa Korea: (Pernah/Belum)

Paper Registration

Selamat datang di ANT Official Blog. 

Petunjuk pendaftaran:
1. Formulir dapat diambil di MARINI (XI IPA 8).
2. Isilah sesuai dengan ketentuan yang tertera di sana.
3. Kembalikan formulir kepada MARINI (XI IPA 8).
4. Pendaftaran dibuka mulai 3 Agustus 2011-20 Agustus 2011.
5. Technical Meeting akan dilakukan pada 22 AGUSTUS 2011.

Jangan lupa VISIT ANT's page on Facebook : HERE



Do you like KPOP? K-DRAMA? 
No more thinking! Come and Join Us! AZAYAKA KOREA!

Lead by Elsa D. Dilla R. a.k.a. Fake Alexander (2010/2011). We have routine meetings every Monday. Guided by Dita-sunbae, we’ve got a lot of knowledge about Korean. Materials provided on Korean language and a variety of additional materials about Korean culture. Last 10 minutes is a special time to exchange information on the latest update of entertainment such as the Korean Kpop, K-Drama, etc.. We also have several visits to various festivals and exhibitions of Korean culture.

We held a Korean festival in mid 2009 collaborate with a Korean Foundation to build "A BRIDGE OF CULTURE"! We held a festival even AIKEI KPOP came to our festival to perform their amazing moves!

Here we are : (click to enlarge)

pic credits: Hye-lin Kim, azayaka
For more information :



Wanna improve your English skill? Debating skill?

It’s the right place!

We’re built in early 2006 and we’ve got a lot of achievements in ENGLISH DEBATE COMPETITION.
We have routine meeting for practicing once a week with a special experienced teacher.

Lead by Atika Safitri (2010/2011), ANT's English Debate doing exercises every Saturday. The frequency of exercises will be added ahead of the competition. This department is not only teaches the English language in common as they are received during a school lesson, but it opens your mind to be a member of the events happening around the world who can be a matter of debate.

“Having these time together have brought a lot of special experiences in a part of life”

English Debate’s mascot is BLACK BUTLER since their story’s based in England.

For more information :


“Senpai, anime suki da-yo!”
“Senpai, manga ga suki desu yo!”
“Senpai, nihon-go o benkyou~”

Do you like MANGA? ANIME? DORAMA? J-POP? J-ROCK? VISUAL KEY? Well it’s all about Japan!
Azayaka Japan was built in 2009 under a underground otaku group in SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta, but we’ve shown our presence successfully in 2010 and become a part of All Nation Teenagers.

Lead by a Tennou, Futikhatun R. a.k.a. Fake Kevin (2010/2011). We have routine meetings every Tuesday. Guided by Prima-sensei (Japanese teacher of SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta), the members will have more special times to learn Japanese.  Materials provided aims to deepen the material during the lesson interspersed with additional materials on Japanese culture. Last 10 minutes is a special time to exchange information on latest updates Japanese entertainment such as anime, manga, Jpop, Jrock,  JDorama, Cosplay, etc. We also have several visits to various festivals and exhibitions of Japanese culture as one of our programs.

We did cosplay in a Japanese festival, we've won a lot of  trophies from Japanese competitions, we've held some fantastic festivals and many more we can do together here!

Vampire Knight Cosu

Vampire Knight dancing Abracadabra

For more information :

Monday, July 25, 2011

[English] 5th Semester - Gerund, Sentence Patterns, Clauses, Tenses

These are materials for studying English from Mr. Suyudi (English teacher of SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta). These are supposed to be uploaded at Arjuna’s Blog since I can’t remember the pass…
Don’t take these things while you feel exuberant, you’ll be brought into a deep depression…
(Don't forget to leave some comments ya! Tell us soon if you find a broken link)

For English materials, we'll use Kuroshitsuji as the mascot or sometimes we'd change to Code Geass since their story is based in England. "Ladies and gentlemen... Let's welcome to... Earl Ciel Phantomhive and Butler Sebastian Michaelis!"

Download Links:
GERUND - Download here
Sentence Patterns - Download here
-Ing and -Ed Clauses - Download here
Relation of Tenses - Download Here

Mirror (Special Package):

5th Semester - Package 01 - Download Here (via mediafire)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[Chef] Carrot and Potatoes soup by K-Meal

You need a healthy soup? Here it is! Let me introduce a soup made by K-Meal! It's very very delicious. The taste isn't strong since it's a healthy soup. Both of potatoes and carrots turn into such a great soup.

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Ice Lemon Tea by a Jakarta's Restaurant

Sadly, I still cannot remember where it is and what the name of the restaurant. But I like the lemon tea. But I think, they didn't make it, they used an instant lemon tea... The unique one is the glass they used...

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Mozzarella Fettuchine

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PASTA! This even much much better than I've tried before. But sorry guys, I bought this in a same restaurant which I cannot remember the name -HERE-. The cheese are falling like snow in winter time, then it melts on a plate, then a long long fettuccine is suddenly falling down and turning around gently on a same plate, OOOooOOO no one can help you to not eat it~

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Chinese Noodle

WEUW! This is Chinese Noodle with roasted beef! It's very very delicious. Yeah, but you can found this one in Jakarta (sorry I cannot remember the restaurant) definite inside of Mall Taman Anggrek, eh??! Plaza Senayan??! (AKH! Forget about it) Sorry, I think you've to found by yourself, use your own tongue to find your favorite chinese noodle :D

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Banana Spilt by K-Meal

Banana is one of my favorite desserts!! Eum, this was made by K-Meal and they have such a delicious banana. Yes, this is good, but I think you can't eat it alone moreover you've ate alots.

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Ice Lemon Tea by Gadjah Wong

Eu... like I said before, I love Ice Lemon Tea! Almost in every dinning time in a restaurant, I'll order ice lemon tea. I've post about lemon tea before, but it was made by K-Meal, then this one was made by Gadjah Wong Restauant. Hem..Gadjah Wong is one of luxury restaurants in Yogyakarta, because the price isn't cheap AT ALL!!
But, you'll get a number one cuisine too... Great, the ice lemon tea is so fresh too!

Ah, this one. You know, in Western style, we'll get this during waiting time for our ordered food (I think you've known about this-___-'')

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Indonesian Style of Bulgogi

Bulgogi, one of Korean traditional cuisine, made from beef with very very delicious sauce and ate with the leaves (AKHH!! is it leaf?? Don't know the name!! What's it called?? lettuce?? It has no any specific taste but it make us feel fresh). Commonly, Koreans cut the beef into layers. Since this one is homemade (by Indonesian) so the form will be different, but don't worry, it still so so delicious! Ou, Don't forget to choose a number one beef  to improve the beautiful feel while eating it.

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Masakan Padang - Fried Fish

While having Masakan Padang for your lunch (better), you can choose your own side dish, you can choose fish, chicken, egg, and many more. This one isn't mine actually, but you know, the taste isn't bad at all. It even delicious and the most important one... CHEAP!

by: Fake Eli

Monday, July 4, 2011

[Chef] Ice Lemon Tea by K-Meal

I love ice lemon tea. Almost every having dinner and lunch in restaurant, I will order ice lemon tea. It's fresh! It's sweet! It's sour! And the taste is mixed into a word, "EXELLENT!"
While eating pasta or pizza, you'll have a lots milk, cheese and others, and it'll be make you feel something weird on you throat, then... I recomended you to order ICE LEMON TEA. K-Meal has a very very good taste of Ice Lemon Tea, that's why I almost never order others...

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] K-Meal's Small Cup of Coffee

Ou, I like coffee and this is one of my favorites... Find them at K-Meal Restaurant...

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Milk Cheese Lasagna by Dixie

Still from Dixie, the house of pasta, lays on Jalan Gejayan, Yogyakarta.
Well, this is the runner up of lasagna in Yogyakarta. It wrapped by a tender mix. Find a super delicious milk and cheese inside on your first bite!

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Snowflake of Fettuchini by Dixie

Gyehehe... this is a Indonesian style of pasta actually, but you know, this is my favorite food in Dixie.. Since I like cheese, so I would enjoy so much eating this pasta. This is the feeling while you taste it:
Your background will be changed into a 19th century of Rome while a lot master and misstres are dancing elegantly behind you~ (euh, what did I typed?)

by: Fake Eli

[Chef] Grillled Ribs by Dixie

Em..although Dixie is a house pasta, but they also offer another style of food such as grilled ribs. Yum, it's delicious. Moreover putting the sauce will be melted your tongue just in second after tasting it... hahaha
Well, actually I don't like the dressing of the salad... not to compare... I think it would be better if they put a steak's salad style~

by : Fake Eli

[Chef] Tuna Steak of Dixie

I won't give a detail information, guys.. because actually I wasn't the one who ordered this food. Moreover, I'll prefer beef than fish. Well, hope you can imagine how the taste is... hehehe... or you can try it yourself. It's from a house of pasta, known as Dixie. You can find it on Jalan Gejayan, Yogyakarta...

by: Fake Eli


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