Saturday, July 30, 2011

Special INBOX Live in Korea

T-ara w/ Bo Peep Bo Peep
 I was shocked by Isak’s text… “ Go watch S*TV right now, they’re in Korea”. I said, “What? Where? Korea? But I just watched D’ Masiv”

Hehehe…actually, they’re live in Korea. Well, sponsored and supported by a Korean Home Shopping company, INBOX was held in Korea invited Indonesians who live in Korea. Some Indonesian artists gave their max performances, including Iis Dahlia, Yuni Shara, Syahrini, and D’Masiv. But not just Indonesian, they showed us two Korean girl bands, T-ara and 4Minute! Also a duo group.. em I forget their group name. Well, the antusiasm of the viewers there was good. Syahrini also taught them a new trend language, “SESUATU” (say it with all our sexy charisma)…

INBOX’s MC also were taught some Korean words like “Annyeonghaseyo, kwenacana yo, gomapsumnida, arumdawayo… etc” Well, they said this special live concert was held to support Indonesians who work at Korea, because during these time, they’ve made a good work. Isak and I found something wrong here, "Why Indonesian boybands didn't appear in this show??"

pic cre: Anteladan


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