Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fasting Month is Coming, so Let Him Throws Our Sins Away

Hi everyone! I’m Fake Eli. I was just felt as a XII grade student and it’s an amazing challenge. We must study more and more and we need to change some habits like watching anime and dorama everyday… yes, we’re no longer do that, just in the weekend.

But today, actually is a holiday because Moslems are preparing to enter a holy month or fasting month or Ramadhan which is really really important month before Aidil Fitri. Moslems believe that if we fast in that month, God will give more and more reward or desert, yeah well, the point is… Ramadhan is a really really important month.

Well, not only the holiday we got in early of fasting month, but we’ll come home early too! Hehehe, but it’s just not the shorter time of school, but yeah, I understand how hard doing the fast, so Ganbatte! Especially for our fake Jokwon, fake Isak, fake Alexander, Fake Nichkkun, Fake Kevin, Fake GD, Fake TOP, and all members of ANT! Also for our sensei! (eh, I heard that she’s pregnant anyway)

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