Saturday, January 1, 2011


ANTRAVEL - Hey World! We are coming!
ANTRAVEL is a new segment of ANTeladan TV at ANTeladan!

We’re traveling around the world! We want to learn about the languages indeed, the cultures, cuisine, clothes, traditional dance, lifestyle, and many more! Hosted by Fake Alexander, Eli, and Kevin!

Don’t forget to join us!

Episode 01
Singapore [6D5N]

Special Episode
Indonesia-Yogyakarta [3D2N]

Episode 02
Malaysia [3D2N] - Coming soon!

Episode 03
Indonesia [Jakarta]

Episode 04
Thailand [Bangkok-Pattaya]

Episode 05
China [Hongkong-Macao-Shenzhen]

Episode 06
China [Winter in Beijing and Tianjin]

Episode 07
Australia [Brisbane-Gold Coast-Melbourne]

Episode 08
Australia [Sidney Special Backpacker Tour]

Episode 09
Eternity Travelling [Holy Land includes Jordan, Israel, Palestine -Christian&Catholic-]


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