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ANTRAVEL - Ep. 01 - Singapore Day 01

Kevin : Hello everyone! This is a new segment in ANTeladan TV! It’s “ANTRAVEL” !!!
Alexander : So guys, what we gonna do in this segment?
Eli : Well, we’ll bring you a lot of experience!
Kevin : Not only about languages!
Alexander : But also cultures, entertainment, lifestyle, and many many more!
Eli : Yes, we’re gonna take you around the world! And it’s glad to meet you again, we are…
All : U…U…U……Fake Sound…Fake Sound!!
Kevin : Well, viewers, right now we’re standing in front of Adisucipto International Airport of Yogyakarta! Guys, where we gonna go?
Alexander : Today, we’re gonna go to SINGAPORE!
Eli : YAY! Anyway, Alexander, do real Alexander have cousin there?
Alexander : Yes, you’re right. He also has some cousins in Jakarta actually, he said that his family is more multi-international than U-Kiss, hahaha
Kevin : Wekeke…great! So, we have no any tour guide?
Eli : Nope. No problem guys, Singapore is very safe and it’s so easy to find a way home while we lost, hehe
Alexander : Are you sure, Eli? You’ll take responsible! Poor of my mom if she lose me..
Eli : Hey, I don’t think so she will remember you, hyung!
Kevin : C’mon guys, we’ve to check in! Boarding call will be heard soon!

They are entering the gate and doing some check in. Right now, there are sitting sweet in the waiting room…

Alexander : Euh, International waiting room is so small…
Eli : Well yeah, also we just have two countries to go…I think there isn’t too many people wanna go abroad
Kevin : How long, I mean the time we will spend in plane?
Eli : About 2 hours, I will take a sleep. We’re using AirAsia, there is no any free food… but you know, I like this flight, because it’s so cheap and not too bad. Is there anyone know about Singapore’s history?
Alexander : I know! I’ve read that! I’ll explain to you, listen me well! 

Merlion at Esplanade
Singapore is a small country in the center of South East Asia. Even though it is a small country, it has a big role as a transit place for International Markets, especially Asia. Cities in Singapore have millions colors with an amazing dynamic, includes various cultures, races, and also languages. And they live peacefully with that all pluralism in their modern city which is growing every time!
Pu-Luo-Chung is a word of Chinese, means Island in the top of Penisula. This is a word of the initial formation of the name of Singapore.
In the 14th century, Singapore is a part of Sriwijaya Kingdom which was so big and ruling. Those times, Singapore was known as Temasek. A prince of Sriwijaya visited Temasek and saw an animal similar of lion and since that time, people known Temasek as Singa Pura, means The City of Lions.
In the 18th century, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles from England built a modern city named Singapore as an international market station which is rapidly growing till these days.
While in the World War II, Singapore was under-powered of Japan. After the war, Singapore became a commonwealth country of England, but finally Singapore got its independent on August 9th, 1965.

“Passengers who are gonna leave for Singapore…”

Alexander : Hey, that’s our flight! Let’s go!

They spend about 2 hours in the plane and finally! SINGAPORE!

Alexander : Euh! This airport is so big! So beautiful!
Kevin : So different, right?
Eli : Hhaha..What you mean Kevin?
Alexander : Amazing! Wonderful! Fabulous!  What’s the name? This airport?
Eli : Chang-Ie International Airport. Well, actually we can use subway to reach the city, but our luggage are too much, we’re gonna ride a taxi
Kevin : What hotel we’re gonna stay?
Eli : Em…Orchard Parade Hotel, in Orchard Road
Alexander : WOW! Aha! I know, Orchard Road is really famous than!
Kevin : Yes! Exactly. If you go to Singapore and you have not make any step in this road, which means you haven’t go to Singapore yet! 

Orchard Road
Orchard Road
 Orchard Road is a road in Singapore that is the retail and entertainment hub of the city-state. It is regularly frequented by the local population as well as being a major tourist attraction. Often the surrounding area is known simply as Orchard.
The immediate vicinity of Orchard Road, Orchard Planning Area is one of 55 urban planning areas as specified by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and is a commercial district. It is part of the Central Region, and Singapore's central business district, the Central Area.
During the National Day Rally Speech 2005, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that he would create more landmark buildings to create more fun in the district, partly to keep up with vibrant cities around the region. Orchard Road underwent a $40 million revamp in 2009, with the addition of new street lamps, planter boxes, urban green rooms, street tiling, and flower totem poles. (Taken from:, pics : Anteladan_FakeEli)

They ride a taxi and put their entire luggage in the room and then go out of the hotel for taking some walk…

Eli : Yay! Today’s plan is… observing all malls in Orchard Road!
Alexander : Are you crazy??!! So many malls here!
Eli : Yeah, I’m crazy! Hahaha… okay, just some of them…
Kevin : Guys, how if we go to ION MALL ?
Eli : Great Idea, Kevin! That’s a new mall, although older that Marina Sands Bay
Alexander : What is Marina Sands Bay?
Eli : I think a new huge Mall, I don’t know either, we should go there tomorrow! 

ION Orchard
ION Orchard
ION Orchard has become the "center of gravity" in the retail scene, with spectacular frontage and cutting edge designs and concepts. It brings together the world’s best loved brands for their flagship; concept and lifestyle stores within one development, with over eight levels of intelligently designed shopping space – four levels above ground and four levels below – totaling 66,000 square meters of retail space at the prime site of Singapore’s commercial and shopping artery. 
Inimitable Shopping Experience
Visitors are treated to a unique shopping experience at over 300 retail, F&B and entertainment stores, which will include six of the world’s top luxury brands building their signature flagships in duplex units fronting Orchard Road, international brands and popular high street fashion and lifestyle stores carefully selected for their strong branding and innovative retailing concepts. In addition to the extensive stable of brands, an extensive food hall will offer visitors a myriad of food choices ranging from local favorites to international cuisine. (Taken from:, pics : ANTeladan_FakeEli)

Eli : Yeah! It was great! Amazing! Such as great architecture!
Alexander : Yeah! I think I’ll become a mall-boy! Hahahaha
Kevin : WOW! It was so great! But also expensive!
Eli : Because we’re from Indonesia and using Rupiah!
Alexander : Actually the prices are similar in Jakarta
Kevin : I think so, you mean like… Plaza Indonesia? Or another part of Grand Indonesia?
Alexander : Yeah…
Eli : Well guys, what mall after this?
Alexander : What about… Plaza Singapura? There are some anime, game, manga, and Korean shop! I heard that is a major shopping center in Orchard Road.
Kevin : Great! C’mon! 

Plaza Singapura
Plaza Singapura is a popular contemporary one-stop urban mall with emphasis on fashion, entertainment and food for families and young adults. Located in the heart of Orchard Road, its retail outlets are spread over nine floors with each floor having its own theme.
Plaza Singapura enjoys tremendous traffic with its direct linkage to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT interchange and the North-East MRT line, as well as the proposed LRT line to the downtown Civic and Business District. (Taken from:,pics: wiki)

Alexander : Wuhaa!! I bought SIMS3 orginal version, also some SHINee’s posters!
Eli : I bought Code Geass’ action figure and some mangas!
Kevin : I bought some Kuroshitsuji’s posters! And you know, I saw some posters of us!
Alexander : Yeah! Also some merchandises!
Eli : Ehem…real U-Kiss you guys mean!
Kevin : Ah..yaya…sorry, I mean the real one, not us!
Alexander : Hahaha…yeah! Look likes U-Kiss has become a star in Singapore!
Eli : Well yeah, a month ago, they were specially invited here. I think they have a lot of fans here…
Kevin : Hem…then…right now… I recommended visiting Ngee Ann City!
Eli : Great Kevin! There is a big book store, Takashimaya! I always wanna go there!
Alexander : All right! Okay! Let’s go! 

NGEE ANN CITY is a shopping and commercial centre located on Orchard Road, Singapore. The S$520 million building was officially opened on 21 September 1993 by then Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong. Many Singaporeans refer to Ngee Ann City as "Taka", a slang-abbreviation of the anchor tenant's name, Takashimaya. In fact, this name is now probably more commonly-used in everyday conversation than the building's original name.
Ngee Ann City is a commercial and civic project, the result of collaboration between Ngee Ann Development Pte Ltd (NAD) and Orchard Square Development Corporation Pte Ltd (OSDC). The complex emphasizes the continuous philanthropic concern of  Ngee Ann Kongsi  in its efforts to work for the future of Singapore and the Teochew community. It enables the Kongsi to continue with its support of welfare, education and culture.
An architectural wonder standing prominently at the heart of Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City is a city-within-a-city that showcases 7 levels of 110,450 square metres of sheer shopping and gastronomical adventure. Its unmistakably Oriental façade complements its Western interior to create a unique cosmopolitan shopping ambience. This building of polished granite and marble makes a majestic statement along Orchard Road and ranks as a must-visit for every resident and visitor. (Taken from: and

Alexander : Whuaaa!! That’s so great! I like the big screen inside of it!
Eli : Well yeah! They are using HITACHI! Hahahahaha!

Kevin : AH! You’re doing promotion again! But I like TAKA! I bought some books! Heheh..
Eli : Me too! But all of the books are expensive!
Alexander : Yeah, but in Indonesia mangas also becoming expensive
Eli : You’re right! WHAA! What will happen to me if mangas’ price will be so expensive??!!
Kevin : Don’t buy them! Easy!
Eli : Euh! Let’s continue our journey!

They are visiting a lot of malls such as Wisma Atria, Lucky Plaza, Fast East Plaza, Orchard Central (Singapore's first tallest vertical mall), Orchard Towers (which was known as John Little before it was taken over in 2007), The Paragon, Tang Plaza, The Centerpoint, and many more!

Sitting… in front of ION…
Eli : I think my legs are broken!
Kevin : HEY! I’m really tired!
Alexander : How far we’ve walked???!! Oh, God… my legs…!!
Eli : Let’s back to hotel!
Alexander : Hey! What’s that?
Eli : Em.. cream! It’s so delicious, come and try guys!
Kevin : seems like…es potong? Wew! It’s only S$ 1 !!
Eli : Yeah! You can eat with bread or wafer! Ouh guys, beware of your litter! No littering here! You’ll get penalty.

Ice Cream Sandwich (from:google)

They are coming back to hotel… taking rest for the next journey in the second day!

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