Saturday, December 25, 2010

[We Got Married] Goguma aka Yongseo - Episode 36

Well, this is about Goguma Couple aka Yongseo in their 36th episode in MBC We Got Married! Hehe, I don't know I just like this episode.
This is the review...
They just came back from their Goguma land to harvest their 2 lines of goguma.
They packed that gogumas and give them to their friends and they just got the last one... so small goguma...
Suddenly, the mission arrived. They had to compose their couple song. Actually Yonghwa had make the melody with some of the lyrics, but they have to make it perfect, so they decided to go to CN Blue's dorm, because Yonghwa's assets are in his room (hahahaha)
While making the song, Yonghwa (as the producer...o__0) made some 'strange' effects which made me laugh alots!

Download the episode : RDRSubs


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