Thursday, December 16, 2010

[101216] Fake Pops in Seoul - Teladan's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Teladan!
Welcome to HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY MUSIC STATION! We are U..U..U..U-KISS e..! Fake Sound Fake Sound!

Kevin : Annyeong! I’m Kevina from San Fransisco, eh, Kevin, and I’m your main MC today! Yay! This day is a special day and we get also a special program in our All about You! Because… TODAY IS TELADAN HIGH SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY!! YAY! Happy Birthday our Teladan! And today we will have a lot of activities!
Eli : Kevin!! Come here come here!
Alexander : Here here!
Isak : Hi! Kevin!!
Kevin : Whoa! Those are my hyungs and noona! I’m coming!
Jokwon : Hi! Long time no see! Whoa, you are not change at all, energetic and prettier that flower!
Kevin : Jokwon-hyung! Long time no see! Anyway, what will have today?
Eli : Euh, we have to join the ceremony, look, they’ve prepared all the things!
Alexander : Yo, and it is so crowded!
Eli : I’m taking some rest time from the chorus, so I’m here!
Isak : Yeah, the ceremony will be start soon, take your place guys!

(Indonesia, tanah airku, tanah tumpah darahku…)

Jokwon : Hooaa, finally it’s ended!
Kevin : So, Jokwon, I know that you are a committee, what will we have after this?
Jokwon : Well, yeah, em, we’ll get a TUMPENG Competition at 10am and also fabric painting at noon!
Isak : Whoa, okay, I think I was casted (whaat??) as one of tumpeng team, so I gotta go!
Alexander, Kevin : Hey, me too!
Eli : What? What about me! I have to wait until the noon? Hey, guys but you’ve to help the fabric painting team later!
Alexander : yeah, I will think that first…

(They are going somewhere….while jokwon is really busy)
Eli is walking to rohkat and he’s finding Isak!

Eli : Isak! Whoa, fighting for decorating!
Kevin : Eli! Isak! Hey, guys!

Eli : Hi, Changmin! How are you! Wha, you are so cool today as a chef!
Changmin : Thanks!
Eli : So, what will you make today?
Changmin : Tumpeng of course
Eli : euh..okay..haha…(picking up a black peas) what is this?
Changmin : Eum..jjajangmyun~
Eli : e…jjajangmyun??? Anyway, Kevin, Alexander, Isak, do have any beautiful words for our painting theme?
Alexander : Em, I don’t know…
Eli and Alexander : Whoa! Great great! Okay!

Eli : Em, I can’t do any help, I think that’s enough…they’ve been five
Alexander : Yeah, how do we watch something?

(They are going to rohkat and watching REAL POPS IN SEOUL, ALL ABOUT YOU with REAL U-KISS)

Isak : Euh, real Eli is becoming more girly than Kevin!
Alexander : I think so…
Kevin : Hihiihihi…yeah…
Jokwon : Guys, come on! The painting competition will be started soon!

(While Eli and Kevin are busy painting the fabric, we don’t know what do Isak and Alexander do)

Kevin : Finally, it was ended!
Eli : Whoa…a lot of paints in my hands!
Kevin : You got this too!
Eli : NOOO!! Get away!
Alexander : Eli, this is for you!!
Eli : You know, my hands are dirtier that yours!
Kevin : WHOOAOA!! You’re right! Ahhh~
Isak : Jokwon, jokwon, he has not dirty at all!
Kevin : Jokwon!! Come here!
Jokwon : NOOO!! NOOO!!
Alexander : Saengil Chukka Hamnida…

(singing together, and making Jokwon screams)


Eli : Okay! That’s enough! I’m tired! Peace!
Alexander : hahahahahaha me too!
Isak : hahaha! Eli, you know, yesterday we’re sang and danced! And suddenly there was a head of a boy in the window, and we’re so embarrassing!
Eli : GYAHAHAH!! Really! I know you guys are so embarrassed! Ahahahahahaha!!!!

(Eli gets his phone with some awkward movement…)

Kevin : HYAAHH!! Eli! You’re like a girl!
Alexander : HAHAHAHA! What did you do!???
Jokwon : (imitating) like this like this..
Eli : hey, it’s because my hands are dirty!
(all is laughing)


Hahahahahhaahhaha……(then singing some songs)
A committee: excuse me, if you’ve done, please come out this room, because we’ll see you painting!
Jokwon : wha…okay, guys…come on

(Besides the auditorium)

Alexander : Eli…. Come here!
Kevin : Yeah, come here!
Eli : NO NO NO!!! Don’t approach me! GO GO!!!
Alexander and Kevin : no no…not the paint again…
Eli : your face so foxy! I don’t believe you!
Alexander : Hi, beautiful…
Kevin : Hi, Pretty…
Eli : EUHH!! What is that???!! (shock) Hey, don’t do that in this place, come on, find the right place…
Isak : whahahaha…you’re so bad!
Eli : hahahahahahahahaha….

(they are singing Be Quiet)

Eli and Kevin : Cause your Life, Cause your Mind, Naeapeseo (jebal sarajyeo) sarajyeo (Eli and Alexander is imitating the MV)


Eli : whoa..I gotta go! Bye everyone!
Alexander, Isak, Kevin, Jokwon : Byee, annyeong!
Kevin : Whoa, this segment is going to end, btw, thanks for watching, and we got U-Kiss ft. Hit5 (pengyou) for our video, and Kimi ni todoke for our music today! Take care everyone! Annyeong!


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