Saturday, December 25, 2010

U-Kiss' Eli is a Cassanova??

U-KISS’s Eli made netizens think of “Cassanova” because of how casual his physical affection was on MBC’s ‘We Are Dating‘.
During the filming of the episode that is set to air on December 24th, Eli and Girl’s Day Jihae enjoyed a romantic date at a skating rink. The two had decided to go  to a skating rink for their second date in order to make up for the awkwardness from their first date.
On this date, Eli proved himself to be both considerate and manly as he: 1) presented Jihae with hot packs because she was cold, and 2) shared his gloves with her. The two were also able to casually get close and have some physical interaction when Eli stepped up to teach Jihae how to skate.
Having been touched by Eli’s action during their skating rink, Jihae returned the favor later that day by presenting a surprise Christmas event for him at the karaoke bar.

Source: TV Daily via Nate + allkpop

Well, just like what I've said in a Fake Pops in Seoul episode, here, Eli is expert in dating since he has dated 10 girls while he was in United States. After watching the 2nd episode of We Are Dating... actually he isn't that good in caring a girl, Soohyun and Alexander are better... or... maybe because Eli doesn't like his new girl friend?? He's to rough while dating Jihae... or maybe because Jihae is older than him? But I think Eli likes an older woman... Personally, I recommends him to date with someone like VJ Isak...hahaha...  -___-''''


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