Thursday, December 9, 2010

[J-Dorama Talk] Team Medical Dragon 3

Hi everyone! I’m your host for this program! I’m sorry because I can’t reveal my real name right now! It will be a surprise!

Crew: Well, today from ANTELADANTV is… J-Dorama Talk! For the second time… next to me… there is boy that ..em, did you get some sleep last night?

Mr.X: Euh…I think just 3 hours… I watched this Dorama…then I couldn’t stop! Really curious about what will happen in the next episode!

Crew: Wow… viewers, I think this dorama is such awesome! Okay, Eli! Can you tell us about what dorama you watched last night?

Eli: Yeah! Actually I watched Team Medical Dragon 3! You know, I love TMD (Iryu), I’ve watched all of the episodes, and I was really happy when I knew about the third! A week ago, I wanna download the episodes, but I had to prepare for the tests. And now..!!! WHUAAAA *crazy*

Crew: Ya Ya! Okay okay! So, please tell us about the story!

Eli: Ah~! Your expression is so common! I think you have not watched Iryu!

Crew: Hehe…yeah. So please tell the story!

Eli: Allright! Actually the main theme is same as before, medical and especially about cardiac surgeon, and the main character, ASADA RYUTARO, is a man who brings a miracle, he can change 1% to 100% of any possibilities. In IRYU 2, Noguchi (evil!!), he failed to make his program work, he was sent to US and got an accident. Also, Team Dragon was separated…

In Iryu 3, Kito-sensei (from ER) becomes President Director of Meishin, she wanna change Meshin. She calls back Team Dragon, includes Asada, Arase, Fujiyoshi, Kato, and Ijyuin. With this team, Kito plans to make Meishin better. But, suddenly, Noguchi (seed you! Go away!) comes from US! He also brings a catheter specialist, Kuroki-sensei. He wanna destroy Team Dragon! And…Yeah…!! You have to watch this by yourself!

Crew: Wah~ Okay, because the time is going to end,  I have to say good bye, but this interview will be continued! Don’t miss the next episode! Take care everyone!


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