Sunday, January 16, 2011

[January 16, 2010] ANTRAVEL - Special Report


Narrator: Hi! This is ANTravel’s narrator but today I’m going to be your MC. This is ANTravel Special Report! Well, ANTravel was made for giving infos to travel somewhere. We made this after we get the travel experience. Almost all the countries we write about have been visited by our members. You know, a week ago, our Fake Eli traveled to an Asia’s country… so Eli didn’t post any post for a week. Where did actually he go? We have Fake Eli sitting next to me right now… So, Eli… Where did you go last week?
Eli : Em, I went to China
Narrator : OU! China! Real Eli lived in China before
Eli : Yes…
Narrator : Did you traveled all the cities?
Eli : No… I didn’t. I just went to Beijing and Tianjin
Narrator : Hou! Have you go to China before this?
Eli : Yes, I have. I went to Shenzen in 2008. I’ve also visited Hongkong and Macau
Narrator : Okay, well, this time in China is winter, right? Were you okay?
Eli : Well, actually I like winter, but you know, I got allergy because the weather was too cold…
Narrator : Ou! Really?
Eli : Yeah, But it’s okay now! Since I was back… hehe
Narrator : Well, will you share your experience?
Eli : Indeed. I would be the writer for ANTravel’s China Episode… You know, I met DongHo in China
Narrator : Wah! Really?!
Eli : Yes, and this episode’s MC would be me and DongHo…
Narrator : Great! Can you tell us little bit about your experience? Just like a spoiler alert
Eli : Well, okay… yeah you know, China has got a revolution. If you got to China about 10 years ago, it will be so different from now. China has become a modern country. It’s economic also growing rapidly. But I think they don’t like US so much, I don’t know why, but maybe it is a politic way…
Narrator : Interesting… Well, thank you for coming here
Eli : You’re welcome
Narrator : Well, guys. That was some infos from Eli. He is going to share his experience in ANTravel as soon as possible… Thank you for reading this special report and bye bye!


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