Sunday, January 16, 2011

Isak leaves Pops in Seoul?? Why?

Hi guys, we shocked after hearing this. Last week Real Isak wrote in her twitter about leaving Pops in Seoul.
But she also said that she still stayed become a host for Arirang's Midday Break. How it can be? This is the news:

Isak, real name Ida Simmons, told fans that she was taping her last episode for Arirang’s Pops in Seoul on January 10th via her Twitter. Isak is part of SM Entertainment and used to be in a duo group with Lina from CSJH The Grace in 2002. Since the hiatus state of their group, Isak N Jiyeon, Isak has been active as a DJ for the radio show Midday Break and as a VJ on Pops in Seoul for Arirang. As she is still part of SM, she has also participated in SM Town albums released in the past.

Isak has been the VJ for Pops in Seoul for four years and she is now departing the show. She expressed on her Twitter, “Off to get ready for my last taping of pops in seoul…4yrs of hosting comes to an end today…:( very sad to leave…”
To show their gratitude and to bid her farewell, fans trended #ThanksIsak on Twitter. Isak thanked her fans for trending #ThanksIsak and reminded them that she will still be hosting her radio show Midday Break at Arirang.
Are you a fan of Isak on Pops in Seoul? Hopefully, we’ll see Isak back in the music industry and on stage someday.
Source: @realIsak and Koreaboo
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We tried so search more acticles about this... We found a lot of speculations from her fans...
Someone asked, "Does anyone know why Isak is leaving Pops in Seoul?"
There are some speculations, one of them is "Isak gets pregnat" "She gained lot of weight" and bla bla bla...
Ee..poor you Isak, you just got a new rumor hahahaha
But she might be still stay in Korea since she said that she still hosts Middaybreak...
Well, as your fans, we just hope the best for you Isak-noona... GBU~


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