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[Anime] Letter Bee-Tegami Bachi-

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Tegami Bachi (テガミバチ Letter Bee, Tegamibachi) is a shōnen manga series by Hiroyuki Asada. The series was first serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump for ten chapters, and is currently serialized in the new monthly magazine Jump SQ.

The story takes place in Amber Ground, a place where we even cannot see sun and people live in an endless darkness. The brightest at the place are stars before the people made an artificial sun which cannot make a real bright world though. It was placed near Akatsuki, the capital city so not all citizens can feel and get the advantages of the artificial sun. To enter Akatsuki, they must have a special permission –looked like a passport- to make a gap between rich and poor citizens. The country has a special department which entrusted to deliver letters and packages. Those aren’t a simple letters because they bring heart of the writer. The department is known as Bee Hive and they have some Letter Bees who entrusted to deliver letters.

Back to the story, there was a Letter Bee named Gauche Suede who was working really hard to become a head bee in Akatsuki so he can move his little sister to akatsuki then heal her legs. He found a child known as Lag Seeing who delivered as a package to Yodaka. Lag’s mom was taken away to Akatsuki by someone. Gauche, who was a great letter bee, he even risked his life for delivering the letter, message of love no exception Lag Seeing. In the journey to Yodaka, they met a lot of Gaichuu –deadliest armored insect monsters- which want to take “heart” contained in messages. The only way to kill Gaichuus is shot the monsters with Shindan –special gun contains Amber Spirit- but in every single shot, a part of heart also will be taken away, so while someone using it too much, not impossible someday he will lose his memories.

Since that time, Lag was working so hard to become a great Letter Bee just like Gauche did. He wants to go to Akatsuki and met again with his mom and Gauche. Lag who lived with his aunt, Sabrina finally was picked up to attend Letter bee’s interview. In the journey, he met his dingo, Niche who known as Maka’s child and her pet ‘Steak’ –a big rat with a huge mouth-

Lag finally finds Sylvette Suede –Gauche’s little sister- but he also finds that Gauche is no longer as a Bee and went away somewhere. Bringing a hope to bring Gauche home, as a Bee, Lag determines to be a great bee and become a Head Bee just like Gauche. Knowing that Lag is knowing that much about Gauche, Aria Link –Sub-master, the only friend of Gauche, girl who was loved by Gauche- tells Lag about Gauche’s past, even when he was lost a part of his heart in the day of flicker.

Will Lag become a great bee like Gauche? Can he bring Gauche back? What will happen to Sylvette, Aria, and others?

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