Sunday, August 14, 2011

[English] 5th Semester - Gerund Part 2 + V-ing table

These are materials for studying English from Mr. Suyudi (English teacher of SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta). These are supposed to be uploaded at Arjuna’s Blog since I can’t remember the pass…
Don’t take these things while you feel exuberant, you’ll be brought into a deep depression…
(Don't forget to leave some comments ya! Tell us soon if you find a broken link)

For English materials, we'll use Kuroshitsuji as the mascot or sometimes we'd change to Code Geass since their story is based in England. "Ladies and gentlemen... Let's welcome to... Earl Ciel Phantomhive and Butler Sebastian Michaelis!"

Download Links:
V-Ing Table - DOWNLOAD

You haven't have the previous materials? CLICK HERE

pics cre: cosplayers at deviantart


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