Tuesday, August 2, 2011

[SIMS3] House Design 01

Hi, guys. Since Fake Eli and Fake Jokwon love designing and SIMS3 (because they can build each design of house they want), we want to share some their design of house by SIMS3 PC Game. This page would be Eli's 1st house...(click to enlarge)

Fake Eli speaks:
"Annyeong! Minna-san! Thanks for reading this page! Thanks for the page gave to me too! I love design and I love Sims3. Actually this is my 1st design using SIMS3 since I designed just after I installed the game. What I use is just the master and I can call this my first experiment. Have fun! If you have anymore designs, please share to us so we can inspire each others."

Working room
Working Room
Gallery (for collector)
Living Room
Dinning Room
Family and Entertainmen Room
Baby and toolder Room
Living Room

Pics cre: Fake Eli, SIMS3


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