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[Anime] Code Geass: Lelouch The Rebellion R2

Alternative title:
Code Geass - Lelouch de la Rebelión R2 (Spanish)
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 (Japanese)
Код Гиасс: Восстание Лелуша R2 (Russian)
コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ R2 (Japanese)
코드기어스 반역의 를르슈 R2 (Korean)

Genres: action, drama, magic, mystery, psychological, science fiction
Themes: Mecha, Military, Real Robot
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It has been one year since the defeat of the Black Knights and the supposed death of Zero. On this particular day, C.C. is at the helm of a publicity blimp flying over the Tokyo settlement. With her is Urabe Kousetsu, the one remaining free member of the Shisei-ken, and a handful of men who are ready to embark on a special operation. Meanwhile, at Ashford Academy, gym teacher Villetta was chasing Lelouch, so he was running into a chemistry storeroom and putted two chemicals together to create a smoke screen that allowed him to get away. In order to catch him, Villetta jumped out of a window and managed to land on someone she thought was Lelouch, but it turned out to be just Rivalz wearing a wig. The real Lelouch got away on a motorcycle driven by his brother Rolo. As he rode along, Lelouch thought about how it has been one year since the Black Rebellion and how things had calmed down in Area 11.

Rolo asked Lelouch about the future aspirations list that he was supposed to have filled out, but Lelouch still hasn’t decided if he wants to go to college because he was tired of being just a student. Still, he also knew that it was useless for him to enter the workforce since the major firms and aristocrats remain at the top, and he feels that he would only become part of the adult hierarchy. As the motorcycle passed by a big screen television showing Governor General Carares directing an execution and spouting Britannia propaganda, Lelouch thinks about how the Elevens lost because they didn’t have enough power. He feels that if they hadn’t acted up, then this area wouldn’t have been demoted to its correctional education status, and so he considers Zero to be a fool. Over at the main Britannia building, Carares was set to meet a Chinese Federation delegation but is more concerned about a certain strategic operation that was going on at the Babel Tower. Carares questions what the Emperor is thinking because he knew that the remnants of the Black Knights won’t do much with Zero already dead. Unbeknownst to Lelouch, his approach to the Babel Tower is being watched by a Britannian force.

Lelouch arrived with his chess set, but he wasn’t there for money, he just wanted to battle someone stronger. At least, that’s what he told to Rolo because in truth, it’s just to kill the time. Inside the tower, both of them found an arena where two Eleven brothers were fighting each other, and seeing this causes Rolo to want to go home. Lelouch used the chance point out how the Britannians were enjoying themselves while the Elevens were working, and he talked about how the Elevens were defeated twice - once with Prime Minister Kururugi and once with Zero. He then accidentally bumped into bunny-costume waitress, known as Kallen, and she immediately apologizes because she knew her place as an Eleven. Lelouch claimed that he hated holding his position as a Britannian over anyone; however Kallen said that people without power have to endure it, even if the other party is wrong. Lelouch was confused and asked her not to force her values onto him, so Kallen apologizes again, but she also reveals something between her fingers. Before she could do anything, a gambler named King grabed her by the hair because he wanted to see her face. King viewed her as merchandise and told her that people who didn’t win have no rights, and it was this arrogance that causes Lelouch to challenge him to a game of chess, despite Rolo’s objections.

Meanwhile, the captured members of the Black Knights were being held in the same prison block. Shisei-ken’s member Chiba Nagisa saw Zero as a traitor even though Tamaki still believes in him, and when Ougi suggested that there might be have been some reasons, she found it hard to believe because Zero disappeared as their leader during the final decisive battle. Toudou eventually putted an end to the discussion by saying that Zero has been dead. Back at the Babel Tower, Lelouch has just finished winning against King. Though King was shocked, he’s more concerned about his prestige if others find out, and he accuses Lelouch of cheat. However, right at the moment his men restrain Lelouch, an explosion rocks the tower, and Kallen used the chance to kick King in the face. The culprits are C.C. and the remaining Black Knights in their blimp, and in the ensuing confusion, Kallen pulled Lelouch away from everyone else who’s try to run. All of this also causes the group that was watching Lelouch, Britannia’s Secret Intelligence Agency, to start their operation.

Around the time that this is going on, Carares was greeting the Chinese Federation representative, Gaohai. When two of his men tried to confiscate the sword of Gaohai’s bodyguard Li Xingke, the swordsman responds by cut off both men’s belts in one swift motion. Before things can progress much further though, everyone’s attention was turned to the sound of explosions coming from the Babel Tower. Lelouch meanwhile has been met with Rolo again, and they two find their way to a shopping mall in the building. They stop when a custom-model Burai crashes through the ceiling in front of them. The Knightmare seems to hold its hand out to Lelouch, but several Britannian Sutherlands then entered the plaza via the windows and began firing recklessly as they tried to battle the Burai. The two brothers used the chance to escape again, and Lelouch leads them to a part of the building that’s still under construction. Lelouch noticed just in time that there’s a soldier with a gun in here too, but while he managed to save Rolo from harm, he lost his balance in the process and fell down a dark shaft.

Fortunately, Lelouch landed safely on some plastic material; however he has now too far down the shaft for Rolo to hear him and for him to got a cell phone signal. At first, Lelouch was unsure of what to do, but he quickly realizes that he has to go saved his only little brother and started make his way back up the Tower. Lelouch eventually arrived in a room that was filled with dead bodies, including King’s, and though he initially blamed the terrorists, he realized that there were dead Elevens here too. After nearly throwing up, he noticed that the Burai from earlier was hiding in the shadows in front of him, and from its cockpit emerges C.C. Saying that she’s come for him, C.C. explained that she’s his ally and that Britannia was his enemy. She then tried to remind him of their contract and how only she knew the true him, and this causes Lelouch to start to walk towards her. However, just as he got close, C.C. got shot in the chest. Lelouch managef to catch her, but he’s surprised to see that the one responsible for the bullet is part of a large group of Britannian soldiers who have just appeared. These men then begin incinerating the dead bodies and proceed to kill off anyone who’s still alive.

Lelouch is still confused, but the man felt that he didn’t have to speak to Lelouch any more and instead has his troops prepared to shoot Lelouch so that they could get rid of all witnesses. Realizing that this could be the end for him, Lelouch despairs a bit before wishing he had power. To his surprise, C.C. suddenly got back up and kissed him on the lips, causing him to experience certain visions all over again. She told him that he already has power and awakens the memories of what she called the Power of the King or Geass by releasing the seal that was on it. As his memory returned, Lelouch realizes that he’s Zero, and he recalled what Suzaku had said to him during their final confrontation. It was with his old attitude back that he now questions his opponent about if being powerless is a vice means that having power is justice.

The Secret Intelligence Agency leader didn’t take him seriously and said that there was only death for the bait, so Lelouch turned that around and, with his Geass power activated, orders all the men to die. After all the Britannian soldiers kill themselves, Lelouch thought to himself about how his previous memories had been planted, but the truth kept call to him. He thus feels that it’s not he who is wrong but rather the world and the world can change. It is at this moment that Urabe’s Gekka and Kallen’s Guren Nishiki came crashing through the ceiling, and they bow down to Lelouch who they knew was Zero. Accepting them, Lelouch acknowleds himself as Zero and declares him to be the one who will destroy and create the world. Meanwhile, somewhere in Britannia, the Emperor meets with Anzu, Zino, and Suzaku, the latter of whom said that he didn’t intend to give up the right to anyone he would personally kill Zero.
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Lelouch tried to betray his sister. Lelouch became an really bad Emperor. All people in the world hate him. All people in the world wanted Lelouch die. But, they can’t rebel to Lelouch, because Lelouch had a Power of The King. Eventually, Lelouch and Suzaku made a promise. Lelouch requested to Suzaku to kill him. Lelouch around to introduce himself to Japanese as a strong Emperor, Suzaku as Zero kills Lelouch. Before Lelouch died in Nunnally hand, he said that he has been destroying the world and he has been making a new one world too. He remembered all his friends have been died. Lelouch died as a bad Emperor, but he died with his smile. All people in the world were very happy when Lelouch died. After Lelouch died, C.C. that immortal girl went to a village. Kallen still studied in Ashford Academy and Nunally became an Empress and leaded Britannia. She gave a freedom to Japan under lead of Ohgi. The world has become happiness as Lelouch’s hope.

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