Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Welcome back to the happy happy happy music station!!!
Meeting us again, your energetic U-Kiss' trio, Alexander, Kevin, and Eli!
We are... U-Kiss and we're FAKE...!

Today's main MC is... ALEXANDER-hyung! yay! (applause for about 5 minutes)
and our topic for today is... ALAY!
Okay, let us tell you what 'alay' is...
According to the experts:

Koentjara Ningrat:
"Alay adalah gejala yang dialami pemuda-pemudi Indonesia, yang ingin diakui statusnya diantara teman-temannya. Gejala ini akan mengubah gaya tulisan, dan gaya berpakain, sekaligus meningkatkan kenarsisan, yang cukup mengganggu masyarakat dunia maya (baca: Pengguna internet sejati, kayak blogger dan kaskuser). Diharapkan Sifat ini segera hilang, jika tidak akan mengganggu masyarakat sekitar"

"Alay is a symptom experienced by Indonesian youth, who want to be recognized among his friends. This phenomenon will change the writing style, and style of dress, while enhancing "kenarsisan" -love to take picture by him/herself with his/her own style- sometimes it will be look disgusting if it's excessive), which is quite disturbing public cyberspace (read: True Internet Users, Kaskuser bloggers and kaskuser). This character is expected soon disappear, because it can disturb the surrounding community "

Selo Soemaridjan:
"Alay adalah perilaku remaja Indonesia, yang membuat dirinya merasa keren, cantik, hebat diantara yang lain. Hal ini bertentangan dengan sifat Rakyat Indonesia yang sopan, santun, dan ramah. Faktor yang menyebabkan bisa melalui media TV (sinetron), dan musisi dengan dandanan
seperti itu."

"Alay is Indonesian teens behavior, which makes them feel cool, beautiful, and also great among others. This character is contrary to the character of the Indonesian which are polite, courteous, and friendly. Factors that cause through the medium of TV (soap operas), and musicians".


Eli : "Euh, little bit hard if we talk about 'alay' in english, guys. But you know, I think we have an example, an alay people, yes, exactly, Alexander-hyung! kekekekeke!"

Today, Isak and Alexander were sit in same desk, again. During the lesson today, they made something like... poll? Right, that's all about 'alay'. Even they asked Eli about this, "Is Alay is one of creativity?"
Such a hard question. Not all 'alay' is creativity. But sometimes, it can be creativity. Well, as long as not excessive, it will be creativity.

Hoho, then... I heard this from Isak. After school, Eli had to join a meeting of school organization, and... what did Xander, Isak, and Kevin + Jokwon do???
Actually they were in 211, and did something crazy (w/ some screams) without didn't know that a lot people were standing near 211. While Isak left for home, she said that she was really shy because all people stared at her! HAHAHAHAHA! You're really crazy, guys!

Today's music : U-Kiss' Be Quiet!
Today's videos : Kevin as San Fransisco's Jessica at Star King, U-Kiss' Be Quiet at Singapore King of Freedom Concert.

pic's source: ikkikata


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