Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[101130] FAKE POPS IN SEOUL - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

 Annyeonghaseyo! We're coming for musics and the latest K-pop news, and this is Fake Pops in Seoul!
And... meeting us, Fake U-KISS!!, and this is ...

Eli : Allright guys, it's good to be back here...
Kevin : Yeah, yesterday you just comin' when this segment was ended! What actually you did yesterday?
Eli : You've left me alone! Yeah, I was in a place... not really far actually, but there was someone between us, so it was so hard to chat with you guys. I had gotta prepare a lot of things for our coming up debut!
Kevin : You and Alexander, actually.
Eli : Yeah... Allright so, I'm the main MC today, and today's topic is ... TRIPLE R!!
Alexander : Whats? Triple S is better..
Eli : No! Its a fansgroup of SS501, triple R are Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse!
Alexander : Great! I, Isak, and Kevin would have a presentation about that!
Kevin : Okay, let me tell you about this. We have to control our trash with this system. To save our earth actually...
Isak : Yeah, and we also can make a lot of creative things for this...
Alexander : It will good for our earth if... we can control our trash. First, we have to reduce for using the energy, all of them... let me give some examples. Turn your TV off while you're not watching it, or others electronics, or lamps as well.
Isak : Right, the second one is Recycle. Every household will have a lot of trash, most of them are plastics, bottles, and so on that really hard to decomposed by nature. So, the best action is recycle them  to be another thing.
Kevin : Then, we also can do Reuse! Glass bottle, it will be decomposed by nature, so we can use for others aim.
Eli : Em, so, what do you think about.. you know, these days, there are some companies that also doing Recycle and Reuse. And they produce a lot of things from trash, and get money from it. If, we also doing this 2R, what about them? It will be decrease their production because we got their raw materials and will decrease the salary of the workers as well. So, what about this, guys?
Kevin : Well, actually most of the companies are using machine to do this (using much of energy), and we just something like help, trash are really in a huge amount, I think they will not deficient for the raw materials. We are helping the earth and we try to give a beautiful future for our children and grandchildren, so, I think this one cannot be a problem
Eli : Okay, all right, that's all about Triple R, and we're gonna have some musics, check this out guys! Don't change the channel!

Today's music :  T-ara - Why Are You Being Like This

Eli : Yey, and this is the end our segment today in ALL ABOUT YOU! We're gonna meet again next week, or maybe saturday this week, because we're gonna have the final test starts from tomorrow, so guys please support us for this, so we can do all the tests well, and get the best mark! Thanks for watching! (reading actually), See you next time! Take care everyone!
Kevin, Isak, Alexander : Good bye!!!



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