Monday, November 22, 2010

Fake Pops in Seoul

Fake Pops in Seoul as known as Pops in School is a music program in Teladan's ANT. This program is imitated from Arirang's Pops in Seoul which stared by VJ Isak, U-Kiss' Alexander, Kevin and Eli. If Pops in Seoul has four idols, Fake Pops in Seoul either. This program has ‘fake’ Eli_kim, Alexander_choi, Kevin_Woo, and Visak as MCs. It also has some added idols, such as Jokwon_koe, 2am_changmin., and Nickkun. Fake Pops in Seoul is aired everyday except school holiday.
The story were made in Fake Pops in Seoul is not FanFics, it was happened and experienced by all our Fake VJs.

What we have in Fake Pops in Seoul?
We are giving information about Kpop and Jpop, Korean and Japanese movies as well. We are also doing interview. Moreover, we are giving comment for Kpop and Jpop idols about their clothes, performances, make up, and many more.
In “I Feel Like” or “All about You” session, you can share your story and feeling. We will give you some suggestions to help you out of your problems, no matter where you are from, Indonesian and overseas viewers.

We don't care ... who you are...where you're from... what you did... as long as you join us!

Stay tune @ Fake Pops in Seoul! Don’t change the channel!

What’s coming up:
LiSanGu (Eli-Alexander featuring Jowkon) Hot Debut is coming soon.

Latest Update:


I'm waiting for LiSanGu's hot debut. LOL.

Yes, we're waiting for you coming debut!!!!

Heh no? I'm waiting for LiSanGu's hot debut, since i'm their big fan. Wow. they are so awesome, have already gained fans although they even aren't debuted yet. XDD. I love LiSanGu so much. What's their fan name by the way?

Either do I. As the author, I'll do my best to give up2date infos about LiSanGu and also supporting them always. That's all what I can do for them as their big fan. I'm really curious about their debut! ouh! Anyway, do you know when the teaser will be come out?

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