Friday, February 11, 2011

[December Special] Fake Pops in Seoul - Reporting from Pangandaran Part 3

Eli:” Morning everyone!!! This the second day in Pangandaran and welcome back to a happy happy music program Fake Pops In Seoul and we talk all about You….u-u-u-u-kiss eh…fake sound….fake sound….jungle…jungle…jungle… we will go to water fall !!!!”
Isak:” should I wear a skirt?”
Kevin:” No. it’ll make you slower.”
Alexander:” I’ll not join you all…..”
Kevin:” C’mon… it will be find. Hehehe ….waterfall which directly faces the open ocean… ahhh beautiful.”
Eli:”let’s go! But well, I have to think twice for join or not... I'm afraid of monkeys! Then, are you sure that the way would be safe and peace? But If don't join, I would not appear on our class photos... little bit confusing me, but okay... I'll join... God, please save me....”

(darararararararararap…… cling….)

Isak:” Here it is the gate. Owwww…..there are so many monkeys here and all of them isn’t tame!”
Kevin:”Don’t worry! Here… hold my hand and stay beside me. Everything will be all right.” ( wow! A brave Kevin)
Eli:”Xander-hyung! Please protect me!”
Kevin:”What happened with our strong Eli?”(puzzled)
Isaak:”I don’t know….”
Guide 1:”OK. If you guys want to go to the waterfall, then follow me. Be careful with your pocket or bag because the monkeys are strangely interested with your belonging.”
Guide 2:” Everyone….come over here! Before we start, let’s pray for safety.. pray…. Begin!”

The journey begin….
First , we walked to a very wide field called buffalo field… and it is really a place for buffalo…hiiiyy!

Kevin:”Take a picture…..Xander-hyung….the camera….”
Alexander:”Here it is!!!”

After, took some picture,we walked again…  This time the road extremely like in the middle of jungle…..rough, slippery, and narrow…..

Kevin:”I love this journey….”
Isak:”Oh my…. My sandal stuck in the mud!”
Eli:”Tired….tired…” (Starting to protest even just reached a half way)
Kevin:”Sorry…Mr.Tree… I use you as holding hand!”(extremely happy)
Our friend:”How long it will take to reach the waterfall?”
Guide 1:”About 15 minutes walking to reach the waterfall from here.” ( really calm)

15 minutes later

Our Friend 2:” How long remain to reach the waterfall?”
Guide:”15 minutes.”
All:”Why do you say 15 minutes remain the whole time?!”( shouting mode on)
Isak:”Let me wash my sandal!!!!”( pleased)
Eli:”Let me drink some water!!!!”
Alexander:”From the stream?”(extremely losing his mind)
Eli:”Of course not!!! I drink water from my bottled water.”
Kevin:”We’re closer. Here it is the most fantastic road!!!”(fired up)
Isak,Eli, Alexander:”You  don’t need to be so fired up, Kevin…. Here it is the worst!”
Eli:”Huuuuaaaaaaa”( he slipped and fell)
Alexander:”Huuuuua”(just a minute later Xander-hyung slipped and fell)
Isak:” hua…lucky!!!”(She slipped but not fell)
Eli:” I don’t want to walk properly.” (Starting to slide down slowly)
Alexander:” Me too!”
Kevin:”Come on, guys! It’s not that bad. Furthermore ……….you two block the way!!!”
Eli & Alexander:” It’s hard enough to come down although we slide down!!!”
Isak:”Look! We can see the sea!”
Kevin:”I can hear the sound of falling down water!!!”
Eli & Alexander:” Finally…..”

Finally song ; Kevin feat Brave Brothers began to ring

(They sat down and do nothing to enjoy the very beautiful scenery of waterfall which directly faces the open ocean of Hindia!)
Kevin and Isak:” let’s take pictures!!!!!!!!”

They  stayed there for two hours….and then the way back was the same as the beginning of this journey….
Eli&Alexander:”OH… NO!!!

Eli and Alexander hope there will be a helicopter coming to help them to comeback without walking on the same way...They're just sitting on a stone and lamenting the fate of grumbling...

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