Friday, February 11, 2011

[On The Spot] Fake Eli is doing something weird TODAY

What is actually happening? What does Fake Eli do?
Annyeong, this is a accidental report special on ANTeladan TV with me, your favorite secret MC.
Today, I've just got a news about our Fake Eli who's doing something weird...

There is no any special day...As usual, he will go to school tommorow, but he will stay in S**tika Hotel this night! That's his city, and actually his house isn't too far from there. Even his house is nearer to his school than from the hotel...

"Well, hi, yeah, I feel something weird as well about this. I came to check in wearing my uniform and tommorow I'll have breakfast and check out wears my uniform as well..hahaha.. My mom is in her bussiness trip right now and my dad asked me to stay in hotel for this night and tommorow we'll back to our lovely house. He said that he just didn't want to wash the dishes and worked on housework", Fake Eli said.

Well, this is a weird thing experienced by Fake Eli. Maybe this is all what I can report to you guys. Have a great days, Take care everyone!


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