Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NH Media's statement regarding withdrawal of Alexander and Kibum

About this case, NH media (U-Kiss' agency) has made their statement, here it is... (taken from Allkpop)

U-KISS’s agency, NH Media, recently came out with an official statement regarding the withdrawal of two members, Alexander and Kim Kibum.
NH Media issued a press release on February 23rd which read, “We felt infinite happiness during the time we spent together with U-KISS, however, after a long time of worrying, we made this difficult decision because we genuinely felt that the team needed member replacements.”

“With Kim Kibum’s case, we made a mutual agreement to terminate his exclusive contract recently. With Alexander’s case, he may be leaving U-KISS, but after a very long discussion, we decided that he will be remaining with the agency to fulfill his personal, overseas activities.”

“We think very importantly of the time we spent together with the two members, and we’re thankful for the time we sweated together. Even though we have ended his exclusive contract, we hope that we can maintain a good relationship with Kibum, who is still a family member in our hearts. Also, as his former agency, we hope to help him in a variety of ways in the future.”

“Through these happenings, U-KISS will reborn as a more mature and developed team. There will be two new members of U-KISS who will reinforce the group’s comeback next month, and they are currently working hard with the other members. We will be revealing the new members to the fans soon.”

NH Media concluded, “We thank you again for showing interest in U-KISS, and we apologize for causing concerns.”
Well, so next month U-Kiss will comeback and they will comeback with 2 new members? Fighting for U-Kiss! Hope the 2 new members who replace Xander and Kibum would great as them...


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