Friday, February 18, 2011


Today is the first debut of SM*SH as actors. They got roles in a sitcom, titled "Cinta Cenat Cenut"
Well, I'll tell you little bit about the story...
Here we go!

Putri Indriani, who got a scholarship and just moved into SMU Harapan, one of favorite schools in Jakarta. On her first day, she met SM*SH, a really really famous boyband, they are Rafael, Morgan, Bisma, Rangga, Reza, Dicky, and Ilham. They are also sons of Indonesia top 5 successful businessmen which is incorporated in TORO Group.

Putri hates them (SM*SH) because they are too arrogant and sucks! Hating them too much, Putri challanged Rafael Rusdiantoro (the oldest and richest, leader as well). Rafael got angry because it was his first time meeting a girl who dare to challange him. Other members dare Rafael to date Putri, if he fail, he had to give his car to them, but if he success, Morgan would give his car to Rafael.
Since that time, Rafael began to act kind to Putri and it made Putri fell in love...

Allright, just little bit because I was playing SIMS3 while watching (don't want to see their face hahahaha!). Well, watching the first episode, the beginning, just felt something, um.. I think I've watched this drama before... it was so familiar... ISsthat ... Boys Before Flowers?
Goo Jun Pyo and friends? Well yeah, I think that's right! What do you think guys??

Ah, before watching Cinta Cenat Cenut, there were a celebrity program in the same TV station and they reported special for SM*SH! Euh~  hahaha

You know, see one's way... Rafael looked same with BEAST's Yoseob? EUH?Or my eyes were on their blind spot??! -__-'''  Really, we cannot give more opinion, just watch by yourself and give comments, okay?

SM*SH Rafael



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