Friday, February 11, 2011

ANT will hold an Internal Language and Culture Competition in early March!

All Nation Teenagers, the multi-languages club in Teladan was asked to hold an internal competition as a part of SBI programs.

SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta is a International Standart School which has mission to supply their students with a lot of knowledges including Languages and Cultures.
In a way to realize this program for students, Mr. Subadiyana, as the vice principal who has full of responsibility on students asked ANT, as the multi-languages club to hold an Internal Event.

Our Fake Pops in Seoul, including Eli, Jokwon, Alexander, Kevin, Isak, Nickkun, and Changmin had designed the event about a week ago. After talking more the the schedule that we have and also school's have, the date has been decided, and it would hold in March 2nd, 2011.

"I don't know what we have to do while in the first time heard the date, because it's too near and we have to prepare all in such a short time, besides we have a lot of homeworks and paperworks anyway... But, I think this is a change for us as ANT to bring our name out, so we'll be known as a one of real club in Teladan. We'll do our best for this, so please keep support us and we also invite you as participants on the upcoming event!", Eli said.

In a week, our Fake Pops in Seoul has decided the name for this event, Teladan Ubiquitous Competition or TEBICO. They chose word of "ubiquitous" because this event's purpose is to make Teladan's students become global and survive everywhere they will live on, but they still keep staying on their own local language and culture.

"As we know, U-Kiss is our mascot, we took their first word and hope that Teladan's student would become people like U-Kiss which can speak a lot of languages and doing global socialize without any problem in the future", Alexander said.

That's also the reason why they also chose others out of ANT as the comitte, so all of Teladan's students can participate in this event.

They have not reveal about the details yet and what competition would be hold, but they promise they will reveal it as soon as possible.



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