Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indonesian SM*SH is booming?!

Well, these days, Indonesia has a new boyband group which made them "Cenat Cenut", sorry I really don't know how to say it in English, maybe something like heartbeat?
Actually, after Indonesia was touched by Korean Wave, this group is the first boyband with a simial concept of Korean's.

Being known with their debut song "I Heart You", SM*SH is starting to be more and more famous. They've did some performances in TV, did a commercial as well.

The emergence of this group actually bring out a lot of opinions, a lot people love them, their song as well, but there are a lot of people think that they are really not good.
First, they did plagiarism, their first MV is too familiar. If you're an ELF or Shawol, maybe you would think that they did something same with No Other and Hello. The second one, Why did they choose that name? I mean, SM*SH, because that name and the same way to write has been used by a Korean boyband, and they used it since their first debut about 2-3 years ago.
Korean SM*SH
Third, a lot of people think that the RAP is really not good! While they sing in a live performance, their voice would be mess! This is an opinion, we can't give more comment.

Well, that's maybe some reasons why do some people hate them. Besides, a lot of Indonesian love them!
Check this comments from Yahoo!

They even call them as a Kpop fans. Not "Minho-oppa!!" but "Bisma, Morgan-oppa!!" Gyehehehehehe!
(My fingers are stopped a while after writing those...)

Eheheehe..All right, Should we look some of their photos ? Here we GO!

Wekekeke...SM*SH VS U-KISS! What would happened??!! 0________o

SM*SH and Super Junior during their performance!

 SM*SH and 2AM are in their makeup room ~
 SM*SH and SHINee's pose during performace!
 SM*SH and U-Kiss are in Freestyle POSE!

SM*SH and 2PM!!! Daebak!

Kekekekeke...you know, maybe we should appreciate them for this. SM*SH debuted with their own song and choreography and in fact, they are so famous (in Indonesia) right now...

This post is written in peace :D


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