Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fake Pops in Seoul will be changed to be Fake Radio School?

After celebrating New Year 2011, Arirang's Pops in Seoul, which has a special segment for U-Kiss changed their segment name, All about you became Radio School.
All Nation Teenagers which made U-Kiss and Pops in Seoul as their mascot for learning English will not change their segment's name.

Fake Kevin said, "Arirang just changed the name of the segment, but the what we watch every Monday to Friday is still Pops in Seoul, so we don't need to change our segment's name."

"In addition, the new program's format would be not too match with ours, we still like the previous one. We also wanna apologize because this segment has no any update for a long time, we still have a lot activities, school's tasks and many more. We've try to add more contributors, so keep update!", Fake Eli said.

Arirang also changed their promotional pictures of U-Kiss' segment, check out below:


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